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  2. jkadsjfpewklcxnlkasdjpw

    Extremely lost, What to do next?!

    I have no money, even with loans and selling my family's house I cannot afford it. Plus I heard that residency chances except for US MDs are very low as well
  3. jkadsjfpewklcxnlkasdjpw

    Working in office jobs

    Hi guys Do you guys think it's problematic for admissions if like 70-80%of my non-school extra-circulars are office-related. Like data analyst for research labs, customer service, in-office client care and administrative tasks for different non-proft organizations working like seniors and low-income individuals. However, they are office related. I'll probably try to differentiate them as much as possible but there's just so much you can do. Does it matter at all??
  4. jkadsjfpewklcxnlkasdjpw

    $500 for CASPer practice tests with evaluation?

    you shouldn't pay for 3rd party CASPER answers, it might mess up your way of thinking. Discuss your answers with your parents or friends to talk about it instead and the reasoning will come naturally. For example, If the scenario is about life or death/safety-related stuff, you should always be forceful in describing your answer, and etc.
  5. jkadsjfpewklcxnlkasdjpw

    Chances for invite

    I think I'm probably in the middle, but does anyone have any clues? Thanks!! GPA: 3.88 CARS: 127
  6. jkadsjfpewklcxnlkasdjpw


    im interested, how does it work
  7. In my university in a open room, where profs and grad students would walk by and you'd present and get judged, etc. (like a science fair)
  8. what about if you just presented a poster+abstract to members of faculty in your Department, but not a formal scientific conference? Can you place it in 2 categories as well?
  9. jkadsjfpewklcxnlkasdjpw

    FAQ: What are my chances?

  10. Hi guys I'm rewriting the MCAT this friday and I don't know how my MCAT (esp CARS) will turn out. Do you know if its okay/allowed (or works) to submit your MCAT twice, once before the score release, once after? Thanks
  11. jkadsjfpewklcxnlkasdjpw

    Casper availability?

    damn, would you say it'll be full for oct 15 and 27 if I submit my app on the deadline on oct 2?
  12. jkadsjfpewklcxnlkasdjpw

    Casper availability?

    Does anyone know if Casper have space limitations/waitlists and stuff like that? I want to reserve but unfortunately I can't do that till I actually submit OMSAS, which may take a while. Thanks!