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  1. Hello All, I got accepted in Life science at McMaster, Health studies at Waterloo and Health Science at Western Ontario. I am aiming for Med school. My family wants me to go at McMaster or Life science, While my friends says Western Ontario. Waterloo - Health studies offers Co-Ops but not sure everyone get placed. What you guys think? Please share your opinion, Thanks in Advance. Axu
  2. Thank you all for your feedback, Much appreciated.
  3. Hello All, I am considering taking Physio for undergrad as 1st choice and Bio-chem as 2nd. I'd appreciate if you give me your feedback on this, which one would be good for med school and in terms of getting good grades? I am also considering which one would offer good job opportunity in next decade on? In case If I don't make in to med school (Back up option). Thanks in advance. AP.