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  1. Thanks IMislove. What if I take more courses before I finish my PhD? Would that help? Or they mostly look at undergrad? (If so, would a second undergrad work?)
  2. My Bad here. I meant 3.43 out of 4. My apologies.
  3. Not yet. Based on WES webpage (suggested by some universities for conversion of foreign transcripts) my GPA will be around 3.34. Some people say, universities like UofC put more weight on research and professional backgrounds and universities like McMaster give extra points for having a PhD. But as I said I'm not sure if that would put me in good place to apply!!!
  4. Thanks for reply Fresh fry. My home country is Iran.
  5. Hello everyone, Sorry if it has been already discussed but I really need your comments on this: I've done my undergrad in Physiotherapy back in my home country. My converted GPA will be (I guess) around 3.34/4. After 3 years of practice as a physio I went to Belgium where I did my Masters on internal disorders rehabilitation. And now I'm finishing my PhD on exercise physiology and biochemistry of diabetes here in university of Alberta. I really want to apply for MD program next year and I'm not sure if this low GPA and rather broad professional and research background would give me any chances to get in a Canadian school?! What do you think? Thanks for your kind reply in advance.
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