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  1. I stumbled across this forum and realized that invites went out 2 weeks ago but i did not receive any email from NOSM. I have checked all my email folders and i received responses from other Ontario schools through the same email. I have now contacted NOSM but i dont know if there is anything else i can do? Anyone else not receive a response yet? Does anyone know the deadline for responding? Thanks.
  2. Hello, Premed. I'm going to be starting a 2 year masters in a few days and I'm also applying to med school. Some med schools want a letter from the supervisor stating that they're aware the student is applying to med school. Apparently this letter does not need to be supportive of the candidacy (whats the point of it then?) but it makes me wonder if I should just avoid mentioning that I'm enrolled in a graduate program at all. (I don't have anything to hide, i just don't want my graduate status negatively affecting my med app). Anyone get accepted to med school as a graduate student who didn't disclose graduate status? Also, any thoughts on how to go about asking for a letter from my supervisor if i do disclose my status? Thanks.
  3. Rejected Time: 8:24am GPA: 3.87 CARS: 128 Interview: Didn't find it too terrible. Felt pretty good actually. IP 2015 Grad Was my only interview in 2 years of applying. Not a great feeling but life isn't over. Grats to those that got accepted.
  4. Will there be personal reflection questions at the Mcmaster MMI similar to how there was on casper? (Recall a time you dealt with conflict, recall a time you had to manage priorities, etc)
  5. 100 wpm is 99.99 percentile and you would need a mechanical keyboard and supreme concentration to hit that number. 160 wpm is unbelievable (literally not believable). In any case, it really is ridiculous when people claim typing speed doesn't have much of an effect on success at casper. "My friend types with 1 finger and got an interview". Ya she probably also had a 4.0 GPA and a 13VR.
  6. I didn't feel like either half was more difficult than the other in terms of content but i did feel myself tiring towards the end. Your brain and hands are constantly working as hard as they can for more than an hour, its truly exhausting.
  7. Yes but there is clearly a difference between an in-person evaluation and one conducted through words on a computer screen.
  8. Even with 50%+ of applicants being disqualified off the bat they still manage to fill their classes with 3.9+GPA's.
  9. Might as well have the outstanding one sent off again and hope the schools accept it.
  10. ^ Can't evaluate you very accurately without knowing your MCAT score. The wGPA for Ottawa probably won't cut it unless you're an aboriginal or applying to the french stream.
  11. Well my MCAT also updated but all 3 of my references are still outstanding. They were sent out after the deadline though.
  12. This is a pretty cruel way of cutting down on the number of applicants they have to evaluate with a full file review. Why not just raise the MCAT cutoffs to 127 in each section instead of disqualifying applicants for something they have very little control of.
  13. This happens every year. Either the post office workers are malicious med wannabes who sabotage competitors applications by throwing away letters addressed to OMSAS or OMSAS is just incompetent. Anything is possible.
  14. If you are already a pharmacist then just work as a pharmacist and keep applying to Alberta schools. Maybe even think of gaining IP status in a less competitive province? (Manitoba? Saskatchewan?). Anyways, we cant really give you much more helpful advice without knowing your MCAT score.
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