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  1. PH2Med

    Dal Online Checklist

    My submitted MCAT score has changed approximately 7 times (that I have noticed) since it was originally received back in August.
  2. PH2Med

    Dal Online Checklist

    I am having the same issue. I think it must be an error in their system. I checked yesterday and it was working fine.
  3. PH2Med

    Mcat Score Release

    It took about a week for mine to show as received. I believe it is one person who manually enters in the date they receive documents for applications so it is likely she just hasn't been able to upload your date yet.
  4. Mine are not either. About a week ago both transcripts had a date attached to the received field, indicating that they had been received but now the date in the received field has been removed making it look like the transcripts were not received. Perhaps it is a technical glitch? I am going to re-send the transcripts just in case today and give the school a call tomorrow.
  5. Hi everyone, Sorry for another one of these threads but I was just wondering your take on the new MCAT 2015 and how it is going to be looked upon at MUN. I'm a New Brunswick resident and just got my score back today.. 123 (Chem/Phys- ugh, I know), 125 (CARS), 125 (Biological), 129 (Psych/Soc). Are my chances pretty much in the garbage given this poor Chem/Phys score? Thanks guys!