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  1. This process is highly subjective and long. Keep your head up. I don't think there is a right answer here as it's hard to know what the schools are looking for. I was on the U of C waitlist in 2017 and didn't even get an interview in 2018 and 2019. I was just accepted to U of A. I wrote my MCAT a few times. I scored a 493 (that's the 25% percentile lol), an then in the low 500s. If you really think you are going to do better, then go for it. I think writing the MCAT also shows how bad you want this...that's just my opinion. I also think there is a lot of merit in good EC's. I have a low GPA and MCAT score and have had an interview three years in a row. Most of my activities were long term like coaching, volunteering with youth and sports! I m not sure how much this helps, but I think no matter what you choose, it will be the right one for you.
  2. Result: Accepted Geography: IP GPA: Less than 3.5 (undergrad) ....I know right!  MCAT: 506 Degree: BSc and MSc E.C: Volunteer with youth, sports and coach and lifeguarding. Last year, I also got an interview. Interview: This was my second interview at U of A, after being on the waitlist for U of C in 2017 (no subsequent interviews there)! Last year, I was likely low on the list as I was offered an interview after the original offers came out, so I was already lacking confidence going into it. This year, I just went in and was myself. I approached it with the attitude that if they don't like me, I m not going to fit in here. During the interview, it felt really good and afterward I remember second guessing everything I said. Seriously, this process is so subjective and long! Keep your chin up and surround yourself with encouraging friends. Good luck everyone and I can't wait to meet everyone in August!
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