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  1. I agree the lawyers do not have it any better. And yes, opthalmologists and cardiologists definitely have it pretty sweet. But consultants are not in a different city every week. Investment bankers make more than 150k. An MBA will not cost you 100k. I am not saying medicine is not worth it but the day-to-day can be stressful because mistakes are costly. As well medicine has no pension, no benefits, no parental leave. For some people this presents pretty significant challenges.
  2. I disagree with the assertion above that these non-physician high-earners have got there by grinding their way through a PhD. Physicians spend more time in school and graduate with a ton of debt. Tuition is now 25k at many schools. This is after-tax money that is difficult to pay off. Residents and many staff physicians also work a lot of hours between 1am-5am, which is detrimental to both their health and quality of life. I think is overlooked as well.
  3. jobs in corporate, financial, and technology sectors
  4. I don't know your financial situation of course but fundamentally there is no real difference between 1. taking money from a LOC to invest in equities and 2. choosing not to pay off LOC with earned cash, and instead investing that earned cash in to equities
  5. The Queen's anesthesiologists are nice people but the problem in my opinion is with the program director here
  6. I am in considering applying for an elective in diagnostic radiology. In general, what is the day-to-day of a clerk on a diagnostic radiology elective? Do you read images and write a report to submit to your preceptor, or do you sit beside your preceptor and interpret together, or is it more of an observership style experience? Thank you
  7. Selling nine verbal reasoning books (see picture) for cheap These are old books but they have no highlighting or markup and are in pretty good condition. $50 for the pictured stack.
  8. where did you find info about gender ratio? i couldnt find anything about queens and was curious
  9. this was my hunch too; just a red flag could be wrong of course
  10. was an email sent to applicants last year about what to expect for the MMI? I have no idea what to expect either in terms of probing questions, timing, types of questions, etc.
  11. yea its from another part of their website. the deans report states how many swomen are interviewed and admitted each year. so this is just based off of past years, i dont know anything about what their plans are with swomen interviewees this year https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/about/deans_office/reports.html
  12. it is a post interview boost. i looked at the deans reports last year and I remember swomen interviewees have a ~75% chance of admission
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