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  1. I am in considering applying for an elective in diagnostic radiology. All of my other electives are in surgery and I'd like to do surgery but I think radiology would be helpful for learning. In general, what is the day-to-day of a clerk on a diagnostic radiology elective? Do you read images and write a report to submit to your preceptor, or do you sit beside your preceptor and interpret together, or is it more of an observership style experience? Thank you
  2. Selling nine verbal reasoning books (see picture) for cheap in the GTA. They are verbal reasoning books, which is the old name for the CARS test. These are old books but they have no highlighting or markup and are in pretty good condition. $50 for the pictured stack.
  3. where did you find info about gender ratio? i couldnt find anything about queens and was curious
  4. this was my hunch too; just a red flag could be wrong of course
  5. was an email sent to applicants last year about what to expect for the MMI? I have no idea what to expect either in terms of probing questions, timing, types of questions, etc.
  6. yea its from another part of their website. the deans report states how many swomen are interviewed and admitted each year. so this is just based off of past years, i dont know anything about what their plans are with swomen interviewees this year https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/about/deans_office/reports.html
  7. it is a post interview boost. i looked at the deans reports last year and I remember swomen interviewees have a ~75% chance of admission
  8. hey give Mac a chance maybe they have big plans for May 10
  9. are we even 100% sure that today is the day? Has Queen's said somewhere that invitations will be sent by the end of January?
  10. subject was University of Toronto Medicine: Interview Invitations
  11. no I am not in med school. looking for peer to peer practice
  12. If anyone would like to practice for the MPI interview in London, pm me or comment here!
  13. i am in the same boat as you. i had two letter writers mail in just over two weeks ago. still currently outstanding on omsas i am not sure what to do
  14. at the bottom, under transcripts received, is McMaster listed there? if so, i think that is ok. I believe what happens is you fill out the TRF in OMSAS in August/early september, but the form is not actually submitted until you submit payment and submit your app on omsas. you may want to call omsas to double-check. i had to call the other day they don't make it too much of a hassle
  15. stupid question here but what does everyone mean by postmarked? do you mean how omsas stamps the date on the letter once it arrives at the office?
  16. nevermind make sure you search ontario... woops
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