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    klamar reacted to NLengr in Jobs in Orthopaedic Surgery   
    Job market is shit. Will likely be shit for many years to come. You have dozens, if not hundreds of overqualified, underemployed ortho surgeons in the country. Then you will likely see the government reducing OR times and positions in the future (we can't afford our healthcare system anymore).
    You should be prepared to:
    1. Do at least 1 fellowship. Every ortho I know has done 2 in recent years.
    2. Take ANY community job in the country, no matter how undesirable the location or the hospital itself is. Rural Newfoundland, Northern Ontario, Northern Alberta, Rural Saskatchewan? Terrible hospital admin, too much call, bullying coworkers? Family and friends nowhere near you? That's the type of job you have to prepare yourself for if you are determined to stay in Canada. You would be lucky to get a shit job.
    3. Move to the US. Lots of jobs, you are in demand (aka probably will be treated well) and they pay well too. 
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    klamar reacted to hamham in Robert Chu--Unmatched Doctor Commits Suicide   
    And yet we continue to admit so many IMGs to our residency programs. I've said it before and I shall say it again: there is absolutely no valid reason for an IMG to match at the expense of a CMG, especially in less competitive fields like FM. Period.
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    klamar reacted to rmorelan in What's On Your Mind?   
    73 straight hours of call and I haven't left the hospital in 3 full days. 
    about to walk out - one of those Shawshank style moments. 
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    klamar reacted to Arztin in Would You Pursue Your Med Dream If The Salary..   
    No, absolutely not. For all the years of training and studying, and the debt I'm accumulating, it's a simple no, even less so if I was in another province, where my debt would be way higher.
    A large proportion of premeds would probably say yes in a heart beat, but IMO, very few people after only a few months of clerkship would say yes.
    I am simply being realistic here.
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    klamar reacted to Edict in Prejudice And Faith Based Goups   
    Honestly, I think its not going to be a big deal at all. I'm going out on a limb here and assuming you are a Muslim here, even if there was a bias there would be very little extra bias towards a Muslim vs a Muslim who is part of the Muslim Students Association. In addition, 99% of reviewers will have no bias against Muslims and in fact you might have a Muslim reviewer who might think of it even more positively (much more likely than someone with a bias). 
    Judging by the number of students of Muslim faith in med schools across Canada i'm pretty sure there isn't any significant or serious bias. 
    To a neutral reviewer its another EC that you put a lot of time and effort in, and that outweighs the risk of a biased reviewer (which is very small). Remember, it really is a special kind of person to feel that being a Muslim or being part of a Muslim Students Association, hinders you from being a doctor. Unfortunately, you will find people out there, even in academia who will have negative views towards Muslims, but few of those people will look at a Muslim applicant and consciously discriminate. Unconscious discrimination likely won't be affected by you being part of the MSA. 
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    klamar reacted to Birdy in Health Ministry Ordered To Disclose Names On Ohip Billings: Oma Plans To Appeal   
    PEI reports billings, but not with names attached. There's a chart that ends up published which lists the physician's specialty, salary if they receive one, contract billings, benefits, and billings all in separate columns. The way the media always ends up reporting it is 'doctors are making $200k more than their salary!!!!' with general hysteria from the public about greedy doctors. But at least there aren't names attached, and specialties with 3 or fewer providers aren't named (just says 'Specialty #') to protect privacy. 
    I think the general lack of understanding around physician remuneration makes the publishing of these lists little more than an attempt by governments to rile up the public against physicians to try to use public pressure to reduce any bargaining power of physicians. It's different than publishing straight salaries of public employees; they don't have upwards of 40% overhead as some physicians do. They aren't paying a staff out of those salaries, or buying supplies or equipment. But this is never explained, of course. It's a pretty transparent move by the government in this case.
    I'm actually not entirely sure how I feel about the concept. Government procurement contracts are generally publicly available. It's pretty easy to find out who's paid how much for what service. Physicians are usually, essentially, independent businesspeople who bill the government under the terms of a particular agreement. As a service provider being paid out of public funds, it does kind of make sense that the amounts paid are disclosed. But, companies that bill the government aren't usually one person who has incorporated, so there's not usually that personal income element (though sometimes that's the case as with some consultants.) So it's hard to know.
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    klamar reacted to rmorelan in Carms 2016 Match Data Out   
    well don't take this as complaints as I really do obviously like radiology and don't regret my choice. That being said radiology in most places is not or soon will not be a lifestyle specialty or far from it. In the community where most radiologists work call has been increasing workload wise just like in academic centres - however there are no residents there to shield anyone. Some places are 1-4 to 1-6 call with late nights (quite common - plus overnight calls, and you just have to work the next day). The daily work volume has exploded - it is extremely long and busy days (for instance some of our grads report back that they are starting working 8-9pm days plus coming in over the weekend just to keep up with what is considered a "typical week".
    Basically now no one in the hospital can move it seems without imaging. There is a never ending pile of work - truly at times it is hard to get across exactly how busy radiology is. Something like 250 plain films a day, or 50 cross sectional studies - all with intense concentration to avoid a mistake or missing some subtle finding (easily twice what it was a relatively short time ago). On top of that is the procedures you are asked to do all in the same day.  
    and yet the fees have been slashed and continue to do so. There are questions that on a per hour basis whether it is that much better than other fields (and if it isn't then what will it be moving forward). The field is getting trashed a bit in the media.
    Despite the work, due to projected fee cuts jobs are not easy to get in many areas or sub-specialties. Locum after locum is the norm in many places (TO for instance has roughly a 50 to 1 ratio of applicants to positions according to our last career talk - and there are now extended period of what boils down to probation before you truly are working etc). Like other areas it may be possible to get hired in small centres but the thought of 70 hour weeks/call/weekends in such a place forever may not be what many people want.
    So we have a tight job market, no jobs in many popular centres at all, and massively more work for less pay. Everything is getting squeezed - and the media makes it sound like we are robbing the system blind. Many staff aren't exactly shy about pointing all of this out either. Doesn't look like it will get better anytime soon.
    Looking forward there is the possibility of shift work going 24/7 just to keep up with the emerg/inpatient demands for rapid imaging turn around. There are also some weird global cuts to imagining (say do only 3000 CTs this week) which are immediately followed by why is the waitlist for cancer workup this long! (ok for march you can do 2000 extra MRIs to catch up, but you have to do them all in March - watch everyone's schedule for March now go to hell).
    hehehehe and of course no one else really seems to know any of this is going on. Radiology just sits in the background like it should - not exactly high profile. Behind the scenes there are some big issues.
    oh and lastly the residency program itself is very demanding ha.
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    klamar reacted to Neurophilic in For All Us Waitlisters, Any Idea When First Batch Of Waitlist Invites Goes Out?   
    Oh I didn't mean to be particular in that Queen's has that ratio. It was more so from data from other schools and how there's generally been a push to move medicine away from a more male-dominated profession and move to a 50/50 distribution. Also I believe I saw something on one of their videos that showed the numbers.
    Edit: ya it was in the video "Queen's by the numbers" 
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    klamar reacted to loodogg in Different Decision Codes?   
    No one asked
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    klamar reacted to AHSTemp in Queens Interview Discussion 2016   
    Might be unfair to share that info, sorry 
    Everyone who interviewed last weekend was in the dark until 5 minutes before the interview started!
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    klamar reacted to RichardHammond in Panel Interview At Schulich, What To Expect/how To Prepare?   

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    klamar reacted to Riverpeth in Queens Interview Discussion 2016   
    Helpful tip, try your best to just distract yourself with everyday life once you've interviewed, and don't psych yourself out thinking about how you think your interview went.
    From my own personal experience, my immediate reaction after interviewing was that I thought it went really well (surprisingly so)...within a week I thought I bombed every station and could remember more things I forgot to say than things I actually said, lol.
    It ended well, but my summer was an uncomfortable mixture of anxiety and excitement.
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    klamar reacted to anxious_101 in Carms Results 2016   
    25+ unmatched students at U of T?! Seriously? The undergrad medical education team must be going bananas. They freaked out when the class of 2014 had 16 unmatched, which was the highest in years at the time. They gave my class of 2015 lots of talks about backing up and to not overestimate our desirability (which actually became the motto for our class' carms match - people even got t-shirts that had that written on there). Anyway, we had 11 unmatched in 2015. And now if it shot up to 25+ unmatched, something fishy is going on. Hmm.  
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    klamar reacted to _ _ in Uoft Interview Discussion 2016   
    Look, I get this is stressful but please be considerate. There is no reason to make judgments about what kind of doctor someone would be because they tried to reinforce that there's no reason to stress over dates. The point was reassurance that you don't need 1 months preparation to do well in the interview and be accepted 
    Of course not 'everyone' will be able to rearrange everything in a few days 'because they could'. It's equally presumptuous of you to take that so literally.
    Deep breaths everyone....
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    klamar reacted to GH0ST in Looking Back: Your Biggest Mistakes In The Mmi?   
    Holy f@#$ I got some good ones from the first time I did mine
    When I interviewed at the UofC two years ago I honestly thought I did ok.... man I was so f@#$ing dumb I had no idea. My biggest series of weaknesses by far in those stations was just how superficial my answers were.... as in they barely scratched the surface of the problem and they weren't nearly as simple as I made it out to be.
    I still recall the most cringeworthy moment where they asked me about my belief in a contentious concept (unfortunately I cannot share the question to anyone)... and I said something along the lines of................. "it's ok as long as you don't hurt anyone." Like no S@#$ call Watson cause this guy is a Sherlock over here...
    For the UofA two years ago I distinctly remember every failure... I had a question where I was to communicate to the interviewer to draw something without their prior knowledge. As I went to shake the interviewer's hand.... I dropped the picture and she went "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." I felt like I got a spinal malformation because I tilted so hard afterwards that with the <7 min I had left I was very panicked and had no clue what to do. I didn't even realize at the time that drawing the picture was irrelevant to the goal of quality communication and interaction. I let myself get so frazzled that I tilted on 2 other stations before I got myself under control, but by then it was too late and I blown any chances I had.
    I knew deep down that I had the potential, but did not execute at all when it mattered. I choked on the day and let the pressure get to me. Furthermore, some of my answers showed how little I understood ... pretty much anything. It sucked when I saw many of my friends move forward while I was feeling stuck, but I realized that if I wanted to obliterate the interview the next time I gotta smarten + grow up, get some more experiences, develop some critical thinking skills + depth perception, learn more about contemporary issues (health care + humanities), and most importantly to control my composure... how was I going to be a good doctor when I choke on a question?
    Two years later I got that chance. Despite placing near bottom pre-interview, I'm here now.... and man does it feel much more rewarding this time around. I got to actually tell myself "you've grown as a person" after my second interview.... and that the hard work preparing over two years was worthwhile in making me better.
    - G
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    klamar reacted to daftypatty in Length Of Answer   
    Do these comments apply to just mmi? Or traditional interview questions too. I feel like traditional is more about getting to know the person
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    klamar reacted to freewheeler in New Written Component, A 30 Min Section That's Part Of The Interview?   
    I've already printed this out and started to practice tracing it:

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    klamar got a reaction from davisfenos in Post Interview Chances?   
    it is a post interview boost. i looked at the deans reports last year and I remember swomen interviewees have a ~75% chance of admission
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    klamar reacted to TimeZoner in Queens Interview Discussion 2016   
    At least 3. Maybe 4.
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    klamar got a reaction from Arkaidon in Queens Interview Discussion 2016   
    hey give Mac a chance maybe they have big plans for May 10
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    klamar got a reaction from sjc2 in Queens Interview Discussion 2016   
    hey give Mac a chance maybe they have big plans for May 10
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    klamar reacted to thethirdlaw in Queens Interview Discussion 2016   
    Welp this was fun, and the 2016 award for most broken admissions cycle goes to Queens. The title was with McMaster for 2014, not sure who won last year, but definitely a dubious prize to claim.
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    klamar reacted to NotASerialKiller in Queens Interview Discussion 2016   
    I got this minutes after an e-mail that said "Congratulations!" about something unrelated. Brutal.
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    klamar reacted to sdj78we9jtf2o3mgfvj298j in Any Difference?   
    I presume it's sarcasm but I do think that it'll make a difference for Toronto/Ottawa.
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    klamar reacted to Phoolc in Database For Undergraduate Research Opportunities   
    Hey y'all. Just letting you guys know updates for this cycle's research opps are starting to appear. Keep your eyes peeled and good luck!
    Also, if anyone has updates for me to post in my database, send me a PM!
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