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  1. No worries. That is fantastic to hear. Thanks, I'm looking forward to it! I've edited my post to include waitlist number, so you can gauge where the waitlist is at right now.
  2. Hey, I don't mind at all. I was #18 for UBC MOT, and they haven't gotten back yet. Based on the number of acceptance off the waitlist from previous years, I'm assuming that I did not get in. I would have loved to stay in Vancouver if I had gotten in, but I have decided to go to Queen's for PT. Hope that answers things. Cheers
  3. Applied: PT - UBC, Queens OT - UBC, Queens, Western, UofTAccepted: PT - Queens OT - UofTWaitlisted: PT - Queens (#14) OT - UBC (#18), Western (43-75, middle third)Rejected: PT - UBC (pre-interview) OT - QueenscGPA: 3.38 sGPA: 3.73 UBC: 83.6% (OT), 88.7% (PT)Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Volunteer + Employment: Volunteered with children with autism. Worked as a summer support staff for children with various physical, cognitive, and emotional disorders. Volunteered alongside PT, OT, and rehab assistants when facilitating individualized exercise programs for seniors in a residential care facility. Undergraduate research assistant in Kin lab. Shadowed PT over the summer. Essay was relatively strong and interview was ok. References I felt were strong as they both knew me personally and tailored the reference around that. This was my third time applying for PT and first time applying for OT. Roller coaster of a ride, but definitely worth.
  4. Hey, Based on what I saw on previous threads, they made offers on June 11th to those on the waitlist after the acceptances became firm on June 8th. They then had 4-5 days to respond. If you do hear anything, the earliest would probably be tomorrow or Monday. Hope that helps.
  5. From the link below, it states that it automatically becomes firm. Hope that helps. https://www.ouac.on.ca/faq/when-do-provisional-acceptances-become-firm/
  6. Oops, guess my memory was off. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. Hey HopefulPT7, The cut-off last year was 3.69. Cheers
  8. I received mine at 11:35 am. I don't know if they send them out altogether of if they do down a list. Hopefully, you won't have to wait too much longer.
  9. Hey Freda, I haven't heard anything yet. From the past, it looks like MOT has sent out their interview invites around Feb 20-23. Also, the website indicated they would be sent out late Feb. I think MPT invites were sent a week early this year. Don't fret, we will hear back soon. In regards to the actual interview itself, I also heard MOT would be implementing the MMI. However, I think this would starting next year. Otherwise, they would have indicated it on the website. Also, the interview would have been held on one day like MPT instead of three. Hope that helps.
  10. Hey PThopeful23, From what I am understanding, they will probably use those four courses via the latter method you suggested. However, you will be short two courses. So, they will probably take the average of each individual GPA of the next preceding year to make up the last two half-courses. Hope that helps. Cheers.
  11. I believe they said around April 19th, from what I remember.
  12. Hey Kenzie92, Personally, I used my grades from UBC to know my subGPA. From what I can tell, those that stated their UBC percentages without mentioning that it was estimated are most likely from UBC (i.e. the student with the 94%). Otherwise, most people use the lowest mark within the GPA range (i.e. A+ = 90-100 is converted to 90%). From what I know, there is no exact conversion since UBC does not disclose any information regarding conversion from out of province schools.
  13. I also live in Surrey. If anyone in Surrey wants to practice, I'm available in the mornings during weekdays and potentially weekends. Let me know if anyone wants to meet. Cheers
  14. Hey Kenzie92, I believe they are students that have already attended UBC. Otherwise, it would be quite difficult to estimate the GPA after conversion from the 4.0 scale. Hope that helps. Cheers
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