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  1. Your guess is as good as mine as they don't reveal that sort of info. Anecdotally, I'd say if you're in the low 80's (~82%), then you'd better prepare for your other sections to be pretty bomb. On the admission statistics, they even accepted a few students in the 75-80% range. I'm assuming those people killed ALL their other sections (interview/volunteering/research/work) and/or they're non-traditional and/or they have extenuating circumstances.
  2. Yeah, that's pretty much a given. If you've heard of people getting in with a low GPA, chances are that they killed one of the other sections to make up for it. You can't be below average for everything and expect an acceptance.
  3. This post is hilarious. I like how the person thought about it like "hmm should i...? or shouldn't i...?" then was like "f*** it, yolo". Maybe you're interviewer loves Shrek? or maybe you got shrekt LOL
  4. I definitely have insight into this as I do the marking for these essays and sit on the grandmaster council of accepting master jedi... I mean master med students. What they're looking for is doctor handwriting aka. almost unintelligible scrawls. Try to find some prescription sheets and emulate that. I find the technique of shaking your hand while writing to be the most effective. If you graduate med without passing this test, you'll be a med student, but wont be granted the rank of a master doctor.
  5. Yes. My first interview was done with virtually no prep... About 1-2 hours total of just random google/youtube searching, general interview tips, and skimming Doing Right. I bombed the interview and it was the biggest waste of a chance. Did not work for me one bit.
  6. I've also noticed a trend where schools are starting to broaden topics so that they aren't directly related to medicine, but may impact health nevertheless. Topics like: - access to information (net neutrality or paying more for certain information) (false medical information online) - decrease in attention span due to overload of information (news, online, youtube, social media) - fentanyl crisis (more and more people dying of overdose, but media coverage died down after initial sensation) - wages not increasing with cost of living (or cost of healthcare)
  7. I'm a bit skeptical because historically, all of the interview regrets seem to have come out on Monday, and theres only sparse anecdotal evidence that some regrets are handed out later. Also, GlassCastle says he saw the e-mail mid-week and deleted it right away. Perhaps the e-mail itself was sent on Monday? In any case, dissecting it probably wont help your chances as the decision has been made already, but I think everybody who didn't receive an e-mail can be optimistic about their chances.
  8. IIRC for last year, it was actually Mon-rejection and Tues-silent. Typo? Since you said today (tuesday) is a silent day.
  9. Yeah, I'm unsure of the bribing part. Maybe it's happened sometime or another somewhere (hard to imagine that it's never happened before), but isn't very likely for anyone to get accepted in that manner. However, race does matter. Like others mentioned, it's important to train physicians of all cultures. It's always been an elephant in the room and I don't think anybody is arguing otherwise. However, in Canada, it's more Indigenous Canadians rather than blacks.
  10. Just piggybacking off of this thread. Does anybody know the approximate 1st semester exam schedule (what date the exams end and what day we have to be back in school)? Trying to book a trip with friends.
  11. Mr. Meeseeks, can you help me get into UBC med?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  12. Holy moly, this. My phone's e-mail notification is the same as Whatapp, so you can imagine my scare when my friend messages just once… at 9:55 AM PST
  13. I dont think writing articles for a neurological association website would constitute as a publication. What they're looking for are papers published in a scientific journal. Think Science, Nature, PNAS, American Chemistry Society, etc. Some schools require you be first or second author in order to count them. I may be wrong, so it's worth looking into the specifics in the help guide for each particular school.
  14. Just wanted to quickly share my experiences with rejection in hope that it helps you as well LFO! I remember feeling a bit numb when I got my first rejection. I thought I had a decent enough chance, but I had bombed my interview and it was bitterly disappointing. Everything seemed like those movie shots where it zooms into your face, dims the background audio and slows time down. The next few days were the worst, especially having to disappoint family and friends. My parents were somewhat similar to yours where they expressed their disappointment negatively. Obviously they supported me (physically and financially) and want me to achieve my goal, but they said some pretty hurtful things. I wont say it'll feel better soon… because you probably will feel shitty for a while. But it will go away. I know for me, hearing some motivational words wont cut it. I have to do. That is, I kept busy by finding a job, volunteering with people I enjoyed and went out partying here and there. And slowly it got better until I used my rejection as motivation for applying to the next cycle. I can promise it will get better as time moves on. I hope you find the support you need here, but I'll DM you my e-mail just in case you want to talk to someone. We can be pen-pals (or typing-pals). I loved that shit in elementary school and it was nice talking to/supporting others.
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