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  1. lol so you guys are saying that if the med school becomes aware of this they won't care
  2. I know this topic is extremely taboo but it is part of life....there is this site called chaturbate which is a cam site. I was on it a few days ago and there is a girl on there with an account "------." -------------------------------. She does not revel her face in the videos but let's just say she does a lot of things...naked. I couldn't believe someone could do something so dumb, jeopardizing her life and med application, if you do not believe me check it out. She is on most of the day. It's so sad to see someone stoop so low. Oh and she makes about 200 dollars a day displaying herself in this site, its so sad. If you do not feel like visiting the site this is the direct quote from her account: '-------------------------------- I don't show my face on here because of the potential repercussions. I could possibly lose my scholarship, my job, and the such. I will be wearing mask soon. (:"
  3. If anything, going into science in university is only going to increase your interest in getting into med school when you realize how useless a BSc is, seeing grad students slave away, seeing PhD's not finding jobs, seeing people how went through an entire BSc struggle to find work cleaning test tubes for 15/hr in a lab, etc etc
  4. ^ that is the dumbest advice tbh, It's a way of coping: telling yourself that I don't want to get into the best program in Canada to get into med school (Mac Health Sci) because you know you won't get in. If you know for sure you want to get into med it does not matter what your major is. It is only when people who are iffy and not sure if they want to be a doctor then they should decide a good major as a backup.
  5. you can only apply in your third year with possible acceptance after you are done third year. It is NOT like U of A where you can apply in your second year, with possible acceptance after you are done second year.
  6. its so cute to see people who have done horrendous in school in the easiest years of university (1st and 2nd) say things like its all good I'll just get a perfect 4.0 in every course in later semesters (when later years are more difficult. cute. Look up a defence mechanism called "wishful thinking" and re evaluate your life.
  7. do you really think people want advice from someone who had to apply 8 times to get in...cringe
  8. the trick is to first be good enough to get the chance to do an MMI...you guys are making it seem it likes guaranteed for all applicants..
  9. Iv been told the only thing you can practice is timing...you don't have to come with any prior knowledge, your personality and communication abilities whatever it is will be shown
  10. sorry but unless you get close to 4.0 in literally every semester now you have no chance whatsoever in Canada...also its way easier saying "its ok I'll just get 4.0s now...". past experiences are the best predictors of future actions..
  11. I don't see how this book can be of any help...in fact it may hurt you because you will come of as too formulaic compounded by the fact that each med school's MMI is different and the big possibility that you will be stressed out come the actual interview if you forget/don't do what the book suggests..this is all come from advice that I've gotten from current med students
  12. My status is still "Being reviewed by file reviewers."
  13. a C+ and D are totally different things....for one, a C+ is enough to move on to the next course, with the D he has to retake it if he needs to take other chemistry courses which is likely if he's in a science degree...
  14. I just checked and they have changed the date where they are supposed to send interview invites from "last week of January" to "early February." Is that really significant?
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