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  1. As long as the number of residency positions and graduating medical students stays where they are, a policy like this actually does nothing it purports to do with respect to CaRMS, everything ends up filled anyway because of supply and demand.
  2. One aspect of this proposal also put forward is to consider all surgical disciplines as one instead of for example peds ortho and ortho counting as separate electives.
  3. ~25k of which ~ 15k was in grants, 3-year school though so first two years are assessed as in school for 12 months.
  4. a7x

    LOR Question

    LOR at U of A is pass/fail as are most schools in Canada.
  5. Specific expectations for core/elective students tend to differ. In my experience, not all school's automatically put elective students on call for a rotation you may have to specifically request it by contacting the chief resident etc. (you should IMO if you are interested in a program).
  6. a7x

    LoC refused, advice??

    As previously stated assuming you are going to a Canadian school all you have to do is contact the LOC rep for a bank and they should take care of everything regardless of if you have ever set foot in one of their branches or not.
  7. a7x

    Endocrinologist Lack Of Info

    Emerg generally does not have any overhead though , and if i'm reading the same PDF as you this is fee for service (which many ED docs are not)
  8. No, and I think that once you start there will be more new opportunities with horizontals, IGs, research etc. than you will know what to do with.
  9. a7x

    GIM Salary

    Interesting mix. Out of curiosity did you do 4 year or 5 year GIM? And broadly speaking what is the community size?
  10. Pure pass/fail. No formal rankings, although on OSCEs, OSPEs, PPIs, and end of rotation exams you will get information on where you are relative to others.
  11. Yep, definitely the first week in October or even the last of September. I would recommend going more rural for post MF4s, you will get far more hands-on experience with procedures and become confident in your skills. You wouldn't be able to go to a place like say Sunnybrook for EM on a post MF4 but there are many GTA community hospitals (Newmarket/Brampton/Markham/Oakville etc.) that you could go to, are easy to set up, and will give excellent exposure – no different than if you were a clerk.
  12. Yes there are still 12-14 weeks of pre-carms clerkship electives and usually 2-6 weeks of post carms application deadline electives (still can be useful).
  13. Personally, yes, but individual mileage may vary. I was able systematically ruled in/out specialties in plenty of time. If you are systematic about it, it is not too difficult. Some horizontals are very very good at getting exposure both to the breadth and to procedures that might exist (emerg, psych, and anesthesia come to mind from my personal experiences) – especially emerg which is great for consolidating clinical skills knowledge. If you have an interest in EM I would also encourage you to also set them up at community sites for post-MF4s and horizontals as they can also be great learning experiences. You do need to be proactive though –as you would at U of A– and I would encourage you to also try and experience as many aspects of a discipline as possible – as an example, I found joining IM residents on night float to be a very good learning experience. Don't be afraid to reach out to upper years if you do decide to come to Mac for preceptor recommendations etc. everyone is very collaborative here.