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  1. Hey everyone, i finished my DMD last May with a terrible 3.3 gpa (i had a 3.5 but it dropped quite a lot due to not being able to finish clinical requirements due to the whole Covid thing.. which is very annoying as it wasn’t my fault at all!) i had 75 credit in my undergrad with a 4.28/4.3 gpa. if i calculated both gpa together, it gives me only 3.56/4.3 (haven’t calculated out of 4 but it will be lower). i guess my CV is strong (research, hospital dentistry, working as a dentist, lots of volunteering and ECs) what should i do to boost my chance at mcgill? I know right now even with an amazing casper i won’t even get an interview. Could the mcat help? Is there any way or should i just not bother (which is fine, i’d rather know) I will be applying all over quebec (i’m IP) but i know my chance are close to 0 AND even worst at mcgill as they do not considered programs difficulty (and i’m biased but dmd is hard and grading is super subjective) thanks a lot!
  2. hey guys, un 3.38 en medecine dentaire (220 credit, doc complété), ca donnerait combien de CRU? une petite idée? (avec bonification mettons)
  3. hey! j'étais comme toi en 1ere année (i'm guessing que t'es en premiere?) Je suis en 3e maintenant et mon opinion a totalement changé! Viens me parler en priver si tu veux
  4. Pareil. le 24 l'an passé et 34.5 moi.. donc en gros, pas mal sure d'être refusé cette année encore.
  5. l'an passé j'avais recu le email le vendredi de paque donc.. fin mars. d'autre refus a venir je crois :/
  6. haha oups, je suis sur mon telephone de merde et j'etais supposé poster ça dans une autre discussion desolé!!
  7. Est se que des gens ont recu leur CRU l'an passer et qui ont ete rejeter cette annee? Pour voir plus ou moins ils sont rendu où dans la liste..
  8. Ayoye.. j'attends mon refus aujourd'hui alors desole pour toi!
  9. Quelqu'un de Sherbrooke sait si l'université prend en compte dans le calculs les cours hors-bac de niveau cegep fait à l'UdeM ? (Année préparatoire/Bac120)
  10. the things i like about dentistry; the patient-professional relationship, being able to actually help, all my general medicine classes (anatomy, pathology, histology..). i even like my general dentistry courses. Thing i don't like in dentistry: procedures/practicals aspect. it's totally personal but i realized that i do not enjoy spending hours bend in someone's mouth to cut a few mm of a tooth. something even shadowing didn't actually show me. i'm not enjoying the art of dentistry and no one really knows if it's for them until they are actually doing it. Working with 1/2 or 1/4 of mm is not for everyone. It's not even a "it' too hard".. no, there is just no passion and i don't wanna be spending my life doing something i really don't enjoy.
  11. Hello, I'm a 2nd year dental student looking for a change as I got to realized that dentistry wasn't for me. I thought i could finish my DMD but i just don't enjoy dentistry in general (and med school was my second choice back then). Will my D school grades count as much as my undergrad grades when I apply to med school? They are clearly not as good as my undergrads given the program is way harder (and subjective with all the practicals exams) than any undergrad degree. I'm guessing they will but just hoping not haha Thanks
  12. pareil. 4.26 en psycho 60 credit, 3.8 en med dentaire 15ish credit.
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