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  1. Any advice on good electives for FM? I m thinking urban, rural family, rural emerg, hospitalist, possibly some peds and IM? Any advice would be appreciated
  2. Thanks for your honest feedback. I do realize that this is an uphill battle. I was applying to a competitive surgical speciality and now am only aiming for family as I realized this is a better fit for me. Any advice on what I should be doing in the next few months other than more clinical work and possible research ?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I know I need to explain this, but with 1st time applicant, I m automatically considered as inferior?
  4. Unfortunately unmatched this year, will be applying for family in the upcoming cycle. Are second time applicants stigmatized ? And, what do people do in the next few months to prepare? I was going to arrange for clinical work, but obtaining a trainee license takes so long that I can't do anything clinical until pretty much August. I am planning to get involved with a research project, do some volunteering and teaching, and then maybe some clinical work. Any advice would be appreciated!
  5. family invites from western (Friday) and Calgary (Monday)
  6. Why is it so hard for western family to fill?
  7. So in the second round, would the school just not fill those FM spots, or CMG has a better chance of grabbing it?
  8. Oh really? Are they all ob/gyn programs? Cuz I ve heard from all the ones that notify everryone, whether invites or rejections.
  9. Is Calgary done sending out invite? They are apparently notifying everyone, but mailbox is quiet for me.
  10. Any one knows if this is the case for u of t ob/gyn ?
  11. Are there some schools that only interview students who have done electives there specifically ? Would like to know about ob/gyn.
  12. Just realized on the CARMS application under clinical electives, somehow the finishing date of one elective got meesed up, and because it automatically calculate the time, it turned out to be 17 weeks. All the other elective dates are right, and the CV version ones are correct as well. Screwed much?
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