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  1. Vendar

    Not sure what to do.

    I think you should also consider applying to UBC and McGill as well. UBC will only look at 90 credit I believe, so your lowest year should be dropped! McGill's conversion system benefits some people as both an A and A+ in some universities are considered a 4.0 for McGill. You can always give McGill a letter to explain your performance in the first two years of your undergrad and talk about the positive trend seen in your last years.
  2. Vendar

    MMI practice?

    No you're not
  3. From the way things are going, it will probably go up. My guess around~3.9-3.91 this year for IP, probably 3.98-4.0(most likely) for OOP I feel that the only way it can go down is they value CASPER more like Mac or add another component to the CV, like the essays from 2 years ago
  4. Ahhh exciting! I hope I get to see many of you on the week of Feb 19!!!
  5. Vendar

    Interview dates

    Yeah I think this is true!
  6. Vendar

    Interview dates

    Yeah refreshing is the best but it takes quite some time because it is done manually (9am to 3pm) then rejections and waitlists
  7. Vendar

    Interview dates

    Should be out by next week! Maybe Tuesday like last year! Wishing everyone luck Hope to see you on the week of Feb 19!
  8. Mis read info should be correct. Sorry
  9. I agree with what has been said above. Each school has a different take on the MMI, some schools are more discussion based (where you talk to the interviewer) while others are more focused on acting/problem solving. There are some MMI books out there are as well and I feel that those would offer the same amount of knowledge like a course. Practice with friends or people who have gone through an MMI so you have a realistic view on things!
  10. Vendar

    MMI practice?

    Here is the link to the one that has been used for a couple years now : https://www.facebook.com/groups/342661112756694/
  11. Vendar

    MMI practice?

    Look out for the facebook group to be created soon as well
  12. Vendar

    McGill vs UBC

    Hi Victor, First apply and see where you get in - the decision can be made for you. During interviews, each school talks about their curriculum. McGill is very block based (i.e. each system in the body is studied for about 3-6 weeks). While UBC, I believe has a spiral curriculum where you revisit concepts throughout your first two years. Class size is roughly the same and both programs have "small groups" where you work on patient cases with a group leader. Both schools have a good reputation. McGill is located downtown, so there is always something happened. UBC is not in downtown, but you can easily get there in under 20 minutes. I can't speak about funding, but both have good facilities and graduates come out knowing a lot. Other things to consider is where your family is, the cost of tuition (McGill is cheaper both for living and tuition cost), weather (McGill has snow, UBC has rain), and any language barriers (In McGill you will see some patients that speak French). This is just a very small overview - but if you ever hard to make the choice - you cannot go wrong with either one! Best of luck to you!
  13. Vendar

    DMD application 2019

    I would say definitely apply if it is your dream! Every year admission averages change. This year I am not sure the exact average was, but I heard 24 got off the wait list, which is quite significant compared to the year before (11). Also, since CASPER is looked at now, GPA is even looked at less - and I do think you have a fair shot at an interview as long as your CV and Casper are decent!!
  14. The application is not too long anyways, just your workbook then just prep for casper
  15. Not sure if this is the same one, as there are other scholarships based on your MMI performance and GPA, etc. If I get more info I will let you know!