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  1. Vendar

    DMD 2019 Waitlist Movement

    Looks like the OP is actually moving quite fast. Usually 6-7th are contacted around June and early July. Expect more OOP movement in May once all Med results are out. Looks like the list will be in the double digits for sure, perhaps even reach 15th or higher. IP movement will happen starting May for sure. You have all other other schools to release both their med and dent results. However, I do see that there is not much overlap between med and dent this year. I think the biggest thing to start is def your immunization if you are between 1-20 on both waitlist. That July 31st deadline is quite firm and you don't want something to happen just because of this.
  2. Vendar

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    I don't think your choice of campus will ever impact your applications. Many schools including UBC and UofT make you choose a campus and they only look at your preference once you have been accepted. If you are accepted and are in the lower ranks or have no preferences, chances are you will get Gatineau (which actually looks quite amazing!). Either way, it is an acceptance and you should run with it
  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CdnMedschoolElectives/
  4. Vendar

    DDS or keep applying to MD?

    One thing to remember is that when you are re-applying for MD, you will be most likely asked of why you are switching, so be prepared! But it is very doable (transferred from DMD to MD)
  5. No, but it depends when they take their lunch break. It is usually 1-2 people updating the Minerva profiles on the day of. Last year I think everything was done by 2pm because I was at the office at 3PM and the lady had just said she was just finished updating.
  6. Vendar

    DMD mcgill

    Also keep in mind that I do believe the Dean personally calls all the applicants that were accepted before Minerva changes!
  7. Your acceptance with Dal will have zero impact regarding other school decisions. A similar case happens in McGill as offers are also sent out in March, but OMSAS comes out in May, and I had zero problems last year. However, you cannot hold two acceptances at once, and schools do communicate that.
  8. Vendar

    Which program?

    Really depends what type of learner you are. Do you like didactic learning (big lecture halls and lots of students and studying on your own) or do you like a more collaborative, small group program? If you like small group and a program that has a lot of graduates in Medicine, McMaster BHSc is the way to go (if admitted). I am surprised you didn't apply to McMaster Life Sciences, as you are given a second shot for BHSc and switch in second year. You can still apply from other schools as well for it, but generally I seen Mac Life Sciences succeed really well in second year. I have heard UofT is really hard to get a high GPA, but it is 100 percent doable if you are able to self study well. Western is some sort of middle ground between Mac and UofT - but I am not too familiar with the programs. If you are okay living in a smaller town and just focusing on academics with some small group work, then Western is the way to go. If you like socializing and being in a downtown area, UofT is your choice. I don't know anything about Alberta!
  9. Vendar

    French Language Proficiency

    Hi MGN, I think given your case, I am sure they will be somewhat understanding of your case. I feel that as long as you give them an good plan on how you plan to improve your french over the next one year before you start clerkship, you should be fine! I think you will be fine for TCP, and don't forget it starts in January. So I do believe you will have about more than 6 months to start practicing and learning french!
  10. Hi there - I am posting on behalf of a high school applicant. I am not too familiar about Calgary's Health Sciences program. I had a brief look at it and it seemed somewhat comparable to Mac's Health Sciences. Since I do not know much about Calgary's program, I was hoping someone would could offer their opinion about the program. Do you think it is similar to Mac's Health Sciences program or no? Does it prepare and provide you with decent chances of attending a professional school? McMaster has stats that about 50-60% of their grads do go into Medicine, is this comparable at Calgary? Are their any advantages of attending this program versus another life sciences program like at McGill, UofT, Mac or UBC? Thank you for the help!!! Much appreciated!
  11. Vendar

    McGill Dent interviews

    OOP usually about 30, IP about 80-90
  12. Vendar

    Post-interview impressions

    Don't stress guys! You may think you did poorly, but you have no idea what they are looking for. I remember some people coming out of the interview last year saying that they nailed it, but never got admitted. While others said they bombed half the interview and got admitted right away. No one knows how these things work! It is still such an amazing accomplishment to get an interview and it was great seeing some of you this week!
  13. Vendar

    Not sure what to do.

    I think you should also consider applying to UBC and McGill as well. UBC will only look at 90 credit I believe, so your lowest year should be dropped! McGill's conversion system benefits some people as both an A and A+ in some universities are considered a 4.0 for McGill. You can always give McGill a letter to explain your performance in the first two years of your undergrad and talk about the positive trend seen in your last years.
  14. Vendar

    MMI practice?

    No you're not
  15. From the way things are going, it will probably go up. My guess around~3.9-3.91 this year for IP, probably 3.98-4.0(most likely) for OOP I feel that the only way it can go down is they value CASPER more like Mac or add another component to the CV, like the essays from 2 years ago