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    What Are My Chances?

    Hey guys, So after getting no interviews from Ontario, I am finally considering applying to US for MD. My stats are: Canadian 4th-year undergrad student cGPA: 4.0 sGPA: 4.0 OMSAS cGPA: 3.93 MCAT (most recent and third one written): 518 (97%): 131 (physics), 126 (CARS), 132 (bio), 129 (psych) Second written: 513(129;124;130;130), This was two weeks before the third one and I only had two hours of sleep, so I knew going into it that it was not going to be a good day. First written: 512;129;125;130;128 ECs: average I believe but with many long-term commitments (hospital volunteering, athlete, exec of an NFP club, NSERC-USRA, Big Brothers mentor, research assistant, abstracts published with a big paper on the way, some doctor shadowing, speak 4 languages, and other small things) I don't know if re-writing the MCAT would be a good idea since I had already written it three times and my CARs is not changing at all. Here is my school list: Boston Case Western Reserve Michigan Rosalind Emory Dartmouth George Washington Loma Linda Louisiana State Mayo Meharry Wayne State Michigan State University College of human medicine New York Medical College Northwestern Oakland Beaumount Saint Louis Stony Brook Maryland
  2. Hey guys, I scored: Total = 512 (87%) Chem = 129 (93%) CARS = 125 (58%) Bio = 130 (97%) Psych = 128 (86%) My cGPA is 3.91. So, should I rewrite the MCAT if I am planning to apply in Canada? Thank you