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  1. The OOP pool is fairly competitive, however the waitlist moves a lot so it compensates a bit. The last two years they started combining scores for all pools so it's difficult to say what the averages for the OOP has bee recently.
  2. Keep in mind that the final GPA is dependent upon credit hours, so MSc grades do not get weighted equally with undergrad years because they're usually for fewer credit hours.
  3. It takes a few days for them to process payments, whereas the emails that remind you are sent automatically I believe. If you have proof of payment you can wait a few days to see if the payment status updates.
  4. I want to say the Maritime essay is just used for interview decisions but don't quote me on that, I'm IP so I'm not sure.
  5. Maintaining a permanent address doesn't mean anything, you have to physically be here to claim IP status. The whole being back but in school thing is a little confusing so I feel like you're going to have to ask admin.
  6. MCAT is not assessed competitively for interview for IP students. OP do you think you could do better if a date before the cut-off was available? I'd still apply with a 503 at Dal but I completely see what you're saying about a higher score opening doors at other schools.
  7. I would suggest looking at the accepted/waitlisted thread to see, I know Dal used to provide average accepted stats based on the different pools to people who were waitlisted/rejected but they stopped doing that last year or the year before.
  8. The OOP pool at Dal is fairly competitive, not sure a 504 will be enough?
  9. Doing Right 3rd edition - $40 Case Files Medical Ethics and Professionalism - $30 Located in Nova Scotia
  10. You put the date of the test you have yet to take, and then when scores are out you have to go in and send them to Dal through the AAMC website. Leave the part where you can enter scores for each section blank.
  11. Your MCAT will hold you back from Dal as OOP, you'd have a halfway decent shot if you moved to become IP.
  12. The minimum score to apply increased, decreased and then increased again over those years so how many points they gave depended on that. This year the minimum was increased compared to last year, and as a result I somehow lost 2 points.
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