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  1. Chels1267

    Repeating Courses

    Depends on the school, I know Dalhousie uses the first grade.
  2. You can always check with MUN to see if they have a deadline for completion. The only downside to doing the MPH partway is that I'm fairly certain you wouldn't be able to use any of the grades from your coursework in your GPA calculation without officially completing the program, so leaving it unfinished would be kind of a waste of time in that sense.
  3. MPH do not provide any research experience. The practicum experience could be beneficial to you, but do not expect a MPH to boost your GPA significantly/at all. Also keep in mind that some schools absolutely require that you finish your graduate program before beginning med, so depending on your finishing date you could end up missing an application cycle. Considering you're IP for MUN, and depending on your MCAT, I would go with the job.
  4. No. Most schools require you live in a province for x number of years as a non-student after completing a degree of any kind.
  5. Do you qualify for NB status at Dal or are you considering OOP for some reason? Your stats, if in province for NB, guarantee you an interview at least between 2012 and last year's cycle (don't know how you did on CASPer obviously).
  6. Check out UWO's 1 year course-based MSc in Biochem. Courses during the regular semesters, research during the summer. Gives you research experience (and plenty of opportunities for poster presentations during the summer) plus time to do other extracurriculars/volunteering.
  7. Dalhousie has a program specifically looking to accept students from Saudi Arabia. As mentioned before though, your GPA is not high enough to get you in. A second undergrad is your only option now, a Masters will not raise your GPA high enough to get into medical school in Canada.
  8. Blessed to be from NB haha, jealous Nova Scotian here.
  9. I think the significance was that CASPer can only be done once per year, so if you wanted to try for Dal you had to do it in August whereas you could wait until October for other Canadian med schools. Just a busy time of year for people I guess.
  10. Definitely better odds than the other applicant pools for sure.
  11. We'll see when they post the stats, but I believe the number of applicants in general was down this past cycle. I do agree with people saying this was likely due to the introduction of CASPer.
  12. I believe each section on the supplemental is worth 5 points total. I suppose it's up to you to decide if you want to start volunteering. Keep in mind though, the decision to accept an applicant is based on z-scores that we never see, not just your score out of 100. You might think that missing only 5/100 points seems insignificant, but do you really want to chance it? Most applicants do have at least some volunteer experience, so I personally think going in with nothing would look just as bad, if not worse, than starting it now.
  13. While this is true, I wouldn't bank on it happening again. Generally, there is less competition in NB than say the NS/OOP pool, but with the exception of this past cycle I wouldn't really classify it as "extremely low".
  14. You definitely need some volunteer experience. There's an entire section on the supplemental portion that you won't get a single point for without volunteer experience.
  15. Chels1267

    2019 Application

    Have you registered for the MCAT yet? You'll need to have it written by August 10th and registration is already open for the summer dates.