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  1. Hi Everyone, Interview prep has been on my mind this week so I thought I'd throw out a link to the group I made last year for people to connect. https://www.facebook.com/groups/247340792798598/
  2. Do things you enjoy, not because you think it'll increase your chances.
  3. You can change your distribution list, you can only do CASPer once for Canadian schools per application cycle.
  4. Honestly it really does make me sad to see how many people talk more about finding shortcuts and ways to "cheat the system" than just working hard to gain acceptance. Really makes you question their integrity.
  5. There wasn't an option likely because they'll use the same system they did last year where we schedule our own interview date maybe?
  6. You do not need to "release" CASPer scores if you already selected Dalhousie (see below for what it should look like)
  7. I was also in the same boat (grad) and included things from my undergrad that were within the last 5 years, unless there was something started earlier in my undergrad that continued into that 5 year period. I did drop all of the scholarships I got for the first 2 years of undergrad from the Awards section, not sure if they would have counted those? I did the same thing when I applied last cycle and scored above the average for the Supplemental section so I would assume they counted what I had put on, otherwise I wouldn't likely have scored so high.
  8. Same happened to me, I called the Registrar and they said it was fine. I think a day later it showed up on my DalOnline list so you're good.
  9. Did you notify them of that change? Might want to do that.
  10. Dal used to include a definition for "medical related" activities, not sure why they don't have it on there anymore? It used to say something was medically related when you had direct patient contact or something to that effect.
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