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  1. I honestly cannot remember where I saw this, but I believe verifiers are contacted at random and just for the purpose of keeping people honest? As in, your verifiers could be randomly picked to be contacted so don't lie lol. Still trying to find where I read this.
  2. Can confirm this is possible in various regions throughout the Maritimes.
  3. Chels1267

    excuse my ignorance

    Those test dates will open up in February.
  4. Chels1267

    Interviews 2019

    That's really strange, are you sure your application/fee actually went through?
  5. Chels1267

    Admission/Rejection Invitation Date

    It's the very first link in this section at the top
  6. Not all schools count MSc grades as mentioned above. Also, they don't usually make a huge difference, my GPA didn't increase at all after my MSc. Definitely would recommend another Bachelors.
  7. Chels1267

    Advice and opinions wanted: Masters degree - Pharmacology

    Keep in mind that course-based MSc are not equivalent to thesis-based ones, so their value for certain things (applying for residency/jobs) isn't always as high. I know people who completed a one year course-based MSc in biochem from UWO who were told when trying to apply for PhDs at schools other than UWO that their MSc was invalid and they'd have to complete at least 1 year of a thesis-based MSc before even being eligible to transfer to a PhD program. You mentioned not leaving your current job until med, how would you complete even a course-based MSc while working? Are you only part time at your job?
  8. You'd need to live in NS after completing graduate studies for at least a year though, Dal doesn't consider time spent in the province for school for gaining IP status.
  9. Chels1267

    Looking for interview buddy

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/247340792798598/ Group specific for interview practice if you don't find anyone on here.
  10. Most definitely haha. He did, but he made sure to make a big deal out of doing so lol.
  11. Chels1267

    Interview Prep

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/247340792798598/ ^Link to the group
  12. Chels1267

    Interview Prep

    "Dal Med 2019/2020 Interview Prep" for anyone who wants to join the Facebook group!
  13. Reminds me so much of my first ever Tinder date lol. Told him I wanted med to give back to my community who desperately needs FM physicians and he told me it was a waste of time and that I should go into consulting because $$$$.