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  1. Complete package 10th edition - $125 101 Passages CARS - $45 101 Passages Chemistry - $45 Located in Nova Scotia
  2. Doing Right 3rd edition - $40 Case Files Medical Ethics and Professionalism - $30 Located in Nova Scotia
  3. You put the date of the test you have yet to take, and then when scores are out you have to go in and send them to Dal through the AAMC website. Leave the part where you can enter scores for each section blank.
  4. Your MCAT will hold you back from Dal as OOP, you'd have a halfway decent shot if you moved to become IP.
  5. The minimum score to apply increased, decreased and then increased again over those years so how many points they gave depended on that. This year the minimum was increased compared to last year, and as a result I somehow lost 2 points.
  6. That may be, although over the last 5-6 years the MCAT requirement has changed so the difference in score could be based on that too. I applied last year and this year with the same GPA/MCAT but got an academic score that differed by 2 points because of the MCAT change.
  7. If you're going to look at past threads make sure you pay attention to which pool people got in from, I think historically people from NB have gotten off the NB waitlist with scores lower than the NS pool. Some people say "IP" and you think NS, but technically NB is IP too.
  8. This is fairly typical for the NS waitlist I think, was hoping this year would be different but maybe not.
  9. Oh I totally agree they should fill them. If, for example though, some of the seats were allocated for low income or Indigenous applicants and they didn't have any applicants who fit those criteria they'd have to leave them unfilled. I never saw more about the new seats after they announced them last year, maybe someone else saw more?
  10. I could be wrong, but I thought they'd only fill those 16 new seats if they had applicants who fit the criteria, and as far as I saw they never really explicitly said what the criteria was? (i.e. what do they define as "rural"?)
  11. I've seen people with lower scores get chosen off the waitlist over others, however their score was less than 0.5 lower (i.e. someone with a 71.0 got chosen over someone with say a 71.25). You wouldn't see someone with say a 71.0 get chosen over someone with even a 72 or higher though I don't think.
  12. Who really knows what will happen, other schools doing online interviews/file reviews to select applicants may change things up too.
  13. I could be wrong, but when filling out Step 1 of the application didn't it say you had to list all post secondary experience, completed or not? I started my second year of my undergrad at UNB but withdrew for medical reasons and in the now 4 times I've applied I always found it annoying that I had to pay for a transcript that just said "withdrew". I would say maybe I misinterpreted this however I did ask if it needed to be included and admissions said yes?
  14. No, but you're eligible as a resident in NS. Part of the application is giving a detailed history of where you have lived since you graduated from high school, so not having changed over your IDs etc doesn't matter.
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