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  1. Think someone mentioned somewhere on here before that it was after, which would make sense.
  2. I've applied in previous years and never looked at that page after the deadline so not seeing it today freaked me out a bit too, CASPer is that black box no one can predict right? You can be sure if you met MCAT/GPA cutoffs, but who knows about CASPer!
  3. Hey, can you see your dal online application? Mine isn't there anymore and I'm just wondering if i'm screwed lol

    1. Chels1267


      I actually checked and couldn't see mine today either. I have no idea what it means.

  4. Chels1267

    Meeting CASPER cutoff

    I missed the C/P of the MCAT cutoff by 1 point last year and I didn't get any email until the day they sent out interview invites. Maybe it's different for CASPer?
  5. Chels1267

    Meeting CASPER cutoff

    They won't notify you until they send out pre-interview rejection emails.
  6. Chels1267

    Casper Confirmation

    CASPer doesn't go on your applicant page.
  7. Not sure if they count them in your GPA (doubt it), but you can use IB credits for the English course requirements.
  8. Chels1267

    MCAT Received Status

    That's a bit strange. I released mine to them August 23rd and it's since been updated. Maybe email?
  9. Dal is a good option for you depending on your MCAT.
  10. Chels1267

    Issue submitting application

    When you go to the summary page for all of Step 2 does each item say complete?
  11. I think that means if one of the sections of the supplemental is blank (i.e. extracurricular, volunteer, work, rewards) then they require the explanation, there isn't a section specifically for "medically related" activities.
  12. No? Most of my activities are medically related, I volunteered in ERs, nursing homes, children's hospitals, I even provide first aid at work if someone gets injured. Those are the kinds of things that are "medically related". If you don't have any activities that are like that then you shouldn't check the box. Rahvin13 is correct too, if you do/do not check the box and your activity isn't/is medically related the committee ultimately makes the decision. I've applied before and in feedback appointments they defined "medically related" as having patient contact, not physical contact necessarily but where you interacted with them. Dal definitely puts an emphasis on having what they class as medically related activities.
  13. Dal defines medically related as activities where you had direct patient contact.
  14. I think this highly depends upon what the society did. I participated in a society that raised money for the Children's Wish Foundation so I'd count that as volunteer.
  15. I put "-Present", like 180801-Present.