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  1. I agree with this, but again I raise my initial point: are the hospitals that they would keep actually equipped to deal with this? I live in Truro, we have this grand new hospital that I would assume (probably?) would be one of the ones whose ER is kept open. From my experience even just volunteering there, it basically functions as patch and/or stabilize and then send off to Halifax for the more serious cases. Our hospital has a grand total of 2 ORs. Without actually taking the money and/or resources to expand the kind of services the ER in Truro can offer, we're almost as useless as the small ERs that they'd close.
  2. Chels1267

    Casper/Interview/General Discussion Group

    Some people already did CASPer yesterday, wonder how it went?
  3. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/one-possible-fix-for-nova-scotia-s-er-closure-problem-fewer-ers-1.4777265 I'd really like to hear people's opinion on this idea. I've spent a significant amount of time volunteering in the ER at the Truro hospital, and my honest gut reaction to this is that I get the logic, but disagree. I don't think the hospitals that they'd likely keep are organized to deal with this, but I'd love to hear the opinion of people who're more involved than just a volunteer. What do you think?
  4. Chels1267

    question about mcat? ^_^

    If you find yourself feeling hungry then yes. What have you been doing when you do full lengths, if you're that far in your prep?
  5. Chels1267

    question about mcat? ^_^

    The timer will keep going when the breaks are up and automatically take you to the next section.
  6. Chels1267

    Only writing CARS for Calgary

    Ah well there you go, sounds like you have options.
  7. Chels1267

    Only writing CARS for Calgary

    Why do a Masters when you could just rewrite and actually attempt the other sections though?
  8. When I first looked at mine it listed that I needed to send Dal a transcript FROM Dal. If it doesn't correct itself by next week (it gets updated weekly) I'd shoot admissions an email.
  9. Chels1267

    Repeating Courses

    Depends on the school, I know Dalhousie uses the first grade.
  10. You can always check with MUN to see if they have a deadline for completion. The only downside to doing the MPH partway is that I'm fairly certain you wouldn't be able to use any of the grades from your coursework in your GPA calculation without officially completing the program, so leaving it unfinished would be kind of a waste of time in that sense.
  11. MPH do not provide any research experience. The practicum experience could be beneficial to you, but do not expect a MPH to boost your GPA significantly/at all. Also keep in mind that some schools absolutely require that you finish your graduate program before beginning med, so depending on your finishing date you could end up missing an application cycle. Considering you're IP for MUN, and depending on your MCAT, I would go with the job.
  12. No. Most schools require you live in a province for x number of years as a non-student after completing a degree of any kind.
  13. Do you qualify for NB status at Dal or are you considering OOP for some reason? Your stats, if in province for NB, guarantee you an interview at least between 2012 and last year's cycle (don't know how you did on CASPer obviously).
  14. Check out UWO's 1 year course-based MSc in Biochem. Courses during the regular semesters, research during the summer. Gives you research experience (and plenty of opportunities for poster presentations during the summer) plus time to do other extracurriculars/volunteering.