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  1. Ohh, yes RIM is 100% mandatory I believe.
  2. The point was not that research is mandatory, it was more that doing a summer project at Dal would help get you that connection that is absolutely crucial to getting even an interview at Dal as an OOP.
  3. A friend of mine who was OOP was accepted off the waitlist last Monday, score 79.54.
  4. Last year was an anomaly with OOP going to the NB campus, I would be very surprised to see it happen again. Short answer is no, NS residents go to the Halifax campus.
  5. Chels1267

    Undergrad course load question

    This is not even an option for some people, I doubt OP would have asked if they had other options.
  6. Only thing I'd question, because I don't know anything about Nursing student's schedules, is if you had the equivalent of a full course load each semester?
  7. Is AB actually lower than MUN?
  8. I'd aim for higher than a 125 on each section of the MCAT (the OOP pool is pretty competitive) but I think your GPA is definitely competitive enough to apply. It seems like you can probably nail the Maritime connection essay.
  9. Chels1267

    Interview thank you letter?

    I believe in the US they send thank you letters for residency interviews more so than med don't they?
  10. Chels1267

    Moving to Newfoundland worth it?

    I feel like NB would be better, you'd get IP status at Dal and I believe MUN also reserves some seats for people from NB?
  11. To build on this, if you're the next on the list how long do you have to accept the seat?
  12. Chels1267

    NS Waitlist Poll

    Anyone know how they notify you that a seat has opened up and they're offering it to you? Do they call and email or just one?
  13. Right? The accepted people must be out celebrating haha
  14. Same, looks like an overall decrease in interview score this year. Last time I applied average reported was 31/40, this year 28/40.