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  1. I've gotta ask, what is it about plastics that makes people willing to go to these lengths? Less rounding, labs and social work than other surgical specialties?
  2. How do we know they are all CMGs? That number appears to be CMGs and Fifth Pathway combined.
  3. OP, where are you getting this info on spots left empty? Any link to source?
  4. Do you do anything at all in your spare time? What extracurricular activities did you write on your medical school application? Nearly anything you do for fun, personal interest, or professional development is an EC, whether formally organized or not...
  5. Why does the guidance counsellor recommend that you not take physics? What is their reasoning?
  6. 1. Can anyone clarify the meaning of MCCQE Part 1 and 2, and LMCC? My understanding is that MCCQE Part 1 and 2 are exams, and Licenciate of the Medical Council of Canada is the title you get when you pass them both. Is that correct? I've heard some people referring to one or both of these as "the LMCC exam" which is confusing, and does not seem to match what is actually on the various websites the relevant information is spread across (MCC.ca, physiciansapply, prometric, etc) 2. Should we be studying histology slides in preparation for this exam? 3. Are images on the exam?
  7. This is bad behaviour by the medical school. Best thing to do is show up in person and negotiate with a dean- or assistant dean-level person. And please, once you have matched, name and shame this institution.
  8. The forum should probably have standards for this sort of thing, otherwise it's just spam. Standards like: - Location - Name of individual and organization - Financial details of the project (reasons for low/no pay, and what will be provided in lieu of this)
  9. I'm not sure what to make of the Star's data to be honest. Somehow I doubt the median billing for Emergency Medicine is $30,000 a year. Unless most EM docs are compensated primarily from non-OHIP sources, which would be news to me.
  10. How do you "check the Toronto Star" given the paywall? Or do you access it by some other means?
  11. Well the good news, OP, is that prerequisites have fallen out of favour at most (almost all?) Canadian medical schools. So you won't need to do a bunch of bio or life science courses if you don't want to. All you need to do show you've learned some basics in reading comprehension, physical sciences, and psychology, by achieving an acceptable MCAT score. How you go about learning those basics is up to you. As for your GPA, I think the only school in Canada which will never let you escape the grades from your first degree no matter how long ago it was or how much you've achieved academically since, is MUN. All the others are attainable I think, with varying amounts of work to make yourself a competitive applicant for each.
  12. Some med students were pharmacists before starting med school so they continue to work at a pharmacy. I think it pays way better than any research job they're likely to get as a student.
  13. I'm not on the admissions committee so I don't know for sure. My personal opinion/speculation is: The committee will notice if your work is in a journal that is read and respected by academic clinicians, and this will be valued much more than a publication in a low journal they have never heard of. So there's likely a correlation with impact factor, but that's not the only factor. A top specialty journal may be impact factor of 3 but extremely difficult to get into and is a major accomplishment for senior residents to publish there because it is the best in the specialty. And a generalist journal like CMAJ (7) which is not a top journal in general medicine may carry more weight than it should because of name recognition in Canada. Also, I doubt any of this applies to getting into the top journal of plankton, or entomology, or whatever non-medicine journals premeds are publishing in these days since most people in admissions haven't heard of them. My .02
  14. Out of curiosity, what makes you think all journals below Nature/Lancet/NEJM would be treated equal? I would not think a publication in something like Annals of Internal Medicine or Circulation would be looked at the same as a publication in Canadian Medical Education Journal. Nor would CMAJ or other middling journals that the admissions committee has heard of possibly reviews for, publishes in, or at least occasionally reads. At my institution at least, the dean of admissions is open about the fact that impact factors matter to them when they are looking at applicants' publications.
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