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  1. I was waitlisted my first time applying too - I tried and tried to find out where I was on the waitlist and it didn't work!! There are a lot of current students who got in off of the waitlist, though!
  2. I've done a rotation on the South Shore (Bridgewater/Lunenburg/Liverpool) and it was amazing!
  3. So do reference letters and ECs not play a role in selection then??
  4. I'm not sure if there's a specified order, but I've input mine so that most recent is at the top!
  5. I've been putting "MM YY-Present" for my ongoing activities!
  6. I released my MCAT score and ordered my transcript about 3 weeks ago, but neither my transcript or my MCAT score are showing up as 'received' on DalOnline. Is anyone else's not showing up as received?
  7. Has anyone heard of any movement over the past couple of weeks?
  8. Would you mind sharing your score breakdown??
  9. Congrats! Would you mind sharing what your application score was?
  10. Your post on the U of T page about being accepted says IP too... Just wondering how were you allowed to apply as IP for both U of T and DAL?
  11. Does anyone know if anyone has been accepted off of the IP waitlist yet?
  12. I'm also curious about this. The masters program I have been accepted into as a back up plan only requires 4 courses in the first semester, so I am wondering if I will need to pick up another course. Also, it is only 16 months in duration, not a full "2 year" program... Will this be problematic when reapplying if I don't get off the waitlist this year?
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