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  1. Hi all! I'm at a US medical school hoping to match back to Canada for family med. I've noticed that most Canadian med schools have 1~2 weeks of required anesthesiology rotation within their curriculum, but my institution doesn't. Would not having anesthesiology as part of our curriculum hurt me in CARMs, or should I think about pursuing an elective somewhere to make up the curriculum difference? Our only anesthesiology elective is one month long, and I don't think I necessarily need a month of it.
  2. I cancelled mine. Hope it goes to one of those waiting!!
  3. Could anyone who has interviewed please give me an overview of what the schedule is like on interview day? On my invitation email it says that interview day lasts from 7:30am to 6:00pm. Am I required to be there throughout the entire day even if I'm in the afternoon round? Still debating whether I should attend, and logistics on that day will help me arrive at a decision.
  4. Invited for interview (April 9th). Debating whether I should attend. Will fill in my stats and information later. Submitted my application day before deadline.
  5. Are you an in-province student? If so, I would work on your NAQ. Changing the way you write about NAQ (focus on the tasks accomplished or responsibilities assigned) could go a long way. Finally, try to include everything in your extracurricular sketch, even if it's something you think they might not be interested (passion for art/travel, immigration experience, study abroad, entrepreneurial venture, overcoming adversity/obstacles, etc).
  6. Time Stamp: Thur, 10:42am PST Interview Invite: Invited Early/Regular Deadline: Early Interview Date: Tearfully declined (see below) GPA: ~88.3% AGPA: ~90.2% MCAT: 128/128/129/126 (511 total) ECs: non-traditional with 18,000+ hours of research experience; significant, long-term leadership experiences, community involvement, and clinical exposure; multiple publications and presentations (has omitted some important extracurricular activities and accomplishments for the time being - will update this post once cycle is over) Year: PhD Geography: IP NAQ (if applicable): N/A AQ (if applicable): N/A Grateful for this opportunity to visit UBC. Unfortunately, I'll be declining my invitation. Hope someone on the waitlist get my spot! Congratulations to everyone who has received an interview invitation. To those declined, you are incredibly conscientious and talented. UBC's inability to offer you an opportunity to interview is a loss for the institution. If medicine is where your passion lies, please don't give up!
  7. They're probably giving OOP first dips to allow for more flexibility in making travel arrangements. I will be declining my interview invitation regardless.
  8. Does anyone know when they'll release the MCAT cutoffs (section and total)?
  9. UofT says it's up to me. They don't seem to mind so I think I'll go ahead and explain the curriculum at my undergrad. Thanks y'all! Now back to essay-writing!
  10. @robclem21: This is not about my grades. I will contact the admissions office. But based on what I'm reading below, I'm inclined to provide more information about my program. Will let y'all know when I get a response; UofT normally responds to queries pretty quickly! Side note: UBC thinks one aspect about my program is sufficiently rare (#3) to warrant additional information. I had to provide a full list of courses with laboratory components and made sure their syllabi are available upon request. When schools such as UBC or UofT take a holistic view of your application, I think it's probably best that I provide them with as much information as possible.
  11. I have great grades (3.96 weighted GPA) so they are not of any concern. However, I went to an American school where... - every course is worth 1 unit (appearing as 100 on our transcript, which according to the back of our credit is equivalent to 3.33 semester credits) - we do not have 300- or 400-level courses (all courses are 100- or 200-level) - science courses have combined lectures and labs, but our transcript makes no such designation (i.e. no way to tell that an organic chemistry has lab) - has a liberal arts curriculum where we are encouraged to explore different subjects (we often take introductory courses even in third or fourth years) Do you think it's worthwhile to use the space to explain my school's system or do you think Toronto will know about it?
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