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  1. Keep in mind though that we need to make up for lost core time through July, August, and September, leaving only October and part of November for away rotations. Some institutions will likely reserve spots for their own students (I know my school is doing this). It's possible that quite a few medical students won't have any away rotations at all.
  2. In addition to Toronto, UBC has cancelled all electives until September 27th and Western until August 23rd. Looks like fall electives are effectively cancelled.
  3. U of T has cancelled all visiting electives up to September 25th. Looks like they don't anticipate this being over for a long time. I honestly think away electives will play less of a role in this upcoming cycle. They can't penalize students for not having as many (or any) away electives or else they're not going to have many students to choose from. Everyone's in the same boat here.
  4. Isn't Albert Einstein also out? I mean they are at the heart of it right?
  5. Everyone will have positive and negative comments on their MSPR. I doubt this will make or break your application.
  6. July!? I doubt the status quo would last that long. This really messes up everyone's schedule. Some of us might end up not having any electives at all prior to CaRMS!
  7. Here is a consensus statement issued by the Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine in the U.S. regarding away rotation requirements and standardized letters -- a glimpse of what to expect in this upcoming match.
  8. How about for less competitive specialties like family medicine? Do you think they'll be lenient when it comes to electives in this upcoming CaRMS cycle? I know some programs really desire students who have done electives there but some programs don't really care.
  9. Compiling a list of elective cancellations at different institutions: Ottawa - cancellations of all electives (CMG and IMG) until June 30th Toronto - cancellation of all electives (CMG and IMG) until June 28th UBC - cancellation of all electives (CMG and IMG) until July 5th Dalhousie - cancellation of all confirmed electives and pending applications (IMG only) Western - cancellation of all electives (CMG and IMG) until further notice McMaster - cancellation of all electives (IMG only) until August 31st Queen's - cancellation of all electives (IMG only) until May 1st Northern Ontario - cancellation of all electives (IMG only) until further notice Manitoba - not accepting applications from IMG at this time Saskatchewan - suspension of all learners from emergency department Alberta - cancellation of electives (IMG only), all electives outside Alberta have been cancelled (CMG and IMG) MUN - cancellation of electives (IMG only) until further notice, CMG electives subject to change What a mess!
  10. University of Pennsylvania has temporarily suspended clerkships and electives for all students. "Consistent with Penn Medicine's plans for COVID-19 that were disseminated this morning, we have decided to temporarily suspend all medical student clinical rotations effective today, March 13, 2020 noon, after safe transition of patients. This includes all clerkships, sub-internships and electives. Your education and training are very important, but we must balance the learning environment with patient safety as well as your safety. We are at a critical junction with COVID-19..."
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