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  1. FYI, I withdrew from Dal a week or two ago (OOP). Perhaps the spot will go to one of you, if it hasn't gone out already
  2. I just declined my Hamilton offer (OOP). Good luck to all waitlisted!!!
  3. Accepted - Hamilton Time Stamp: 8:12 AM EST GPA: 3.77 VR: 12 CASPer: I felt very good about it. Interview: Thought it went really well, with the exception of one station. OOP ECs: Ensemble musician, varsity athlete, hospital research, other stuff I feel really fortunate to have been accepted at Mac! Congratulations to everyone else!!!
  4. Accepted, OOP applicant GPA: 3.8/4.0 (American undergrad) MCAT: 33 Interview: With the exception of one station, I felt it went very well. I've been working in the US for a couple years since college, and I didn't know if I'd ever have the chance to come back to Canada...so, I'm really excited! Many congratulations to all accepted and good luck to those waitlisted.
  5. Reviving this thread post-McMaster invites to actually ask the original question that was posed. I'll be interviewing at McMaster on April 10, and I live outside of Canada....which means that, in the extremely unlikely scenario that I get an interview from U of T (my GPA is abysmally low for them), I may actually have the conflict described in this thread. Do you think I should preemptively contact U of T to inform them that I have a conflict April 10, explaining something like, "I read your website and saw that you plan to interview candidates from outside the region on that late date, so I wanted to let you know that I am unavailable"? Thanks so much for the advice and sorry if this question seems redundant! EDIT: I went ahead and emailed U of T about my conflict (obviously prior to them sending out their interview invitations). They were very, very receptive. I called their admissions office to ask them what to do and they said "don't worry at all about seeming presumptuous - information about availability is always helpful for us."
  6. Time stamp: 11:41 am EST Invite/Reject/Waitlist: Invite GPA: 3.77 (US undergrad) Verbal: 12 Casper: I thought it was pretty straightforward. Didn't overthink it and typed quickly. Felt comfortable throughout, although I thought the questions (and my answers) were pretty repetitive. Geography: OOP Graduated?: Class of 2014 I'm really excited!!!!!!
  7. Time stamp:12:49pm EST Result:Invite wGPA: 3.8 MCAT: 33 EC's: Fairly varied & long-term - research, varsity athlete, ensemble musician & soloist, cyclist, youth mentor, etc. Essay: Personal narrative of the development of my interest in medicine Maritime connection: Strong - lived in NS until university Year: Graduated 2014 IP/OOP: OOP I'm really excited to interview at Dal. If it's helpful to anyone else (who either did not receive an invite or is applying in the future), I was told earlier in the process by somebody in the admission's office that I was an 'ideal out-of-province candidate', as I was born & raised in NS.
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