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  1. What’re the odds they have to cancel the virtual interviews? :/
  2. Hoping for some clarification: if you get accepted at your second choice, is it still possible to be waitlisted for your first choice? does that opportunity disappear as soon as you accept an offer? thanks!
  3. Did anyone actively on here apply early so we will actually know? I did not
  4. Timestamp: 10:27 AM Interview: Yes GPA: 4.0 Context: Born and raised in rural Canada - not Ontario ECs: Super varied. lots of volunteering, teaching, mentoring, extra-curriculars. Currently in 2nd undergrad degree. non-trad: yes # of previous applications: 1 Interview location: Sudbury
  5. Invite/Reject: Invite (MD) GPA: 3.90 + Master's Degree CARS: 128 Casper: Felt pretty good, hard to know. Didn't leave any questions blank. IP, Non-trad. doing 2nd undergrad.
  6. It's here! Just received an invite for interview. Good luck everyone
  7. You will still be in province even if you move away. I had the same situation!
  8. wondering if I move out of province in september for school if I would still maintain ontario residency? I have lived in ontario for the past 6 years. thanks!
  9. this seems to be from last year: http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/90272-may-10-email-questions/
  10. Does anyone else have recurring dreams of being accepted and wake up to find out it's still April? Blah. Awful.
  11. Time Stamp: 12:20 PM Invite: No CGPA: 3.90 CARS: 126 CASPER: Felt good..until it crashed. didn't rewrite....maybe should have... IP Bachelor and Masters Degrees completed
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