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  1. My student number is 8 digits, and was confirmed by ubc med Oas portal.
  2. You just need the one eligible score. If you do worse this time, they’ll still use your old score.
  3. I might be totally off, but as far as I know non-rural and rural seats are the same. The only difference is that to get the rural seats you must be ‘rural’ and have a high rural suitability score from the application. So, as you said, 2 seats are reserved at IMP for students with rural backgrounds. Once you get the seat there should be no difference between the education of a rural seat/non-rural seat. I don’t think there is any way of knowing if you even got the rural seat.. I hope that makes sense! And feel free to correct me if I have this wrong, anyone:)
  4. Does anyone know the best platform for finding rentals?
  5. Nice to see another older applicant!! Hoping for the best for you
  6. Result: Accepted VFMP!! Geography: IP Degree: Super non-trad. Fine arts undergraduate degree & masters Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 10:55 AM GPA: unsure. 4.0 GPA - don't have the percentage on my application? EC's - Many varied ECs. Longterm involvement in the arts; TA; clinic volunteer; mentor; tutoring. DM me for details. 0 research/publications. MCAT: 517 (130/126/131/130) Interview: Thought the writing went well. One station felt awful, a couple felt quite solid. Most felt okay...Quite introverted and interviewing is not my strength. So excited to finally post here!!! 4th cycle (1st at UBC). Pretty sure my ECs and GPA carried me through an average interview. As a non-trad this has been a long road, but I am here to emphasize that it is possible!! Happy to chat about my journey...I have lurked this forum for years, so wanted to give back with my stats.
  7. Same, my palms are sweating. This never happens to me! Haha
  8. Dr P just said they’re doing it manually and it’s taking “hours”
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