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  1. oh yeah? didn't know that, guess CHEM 213 should work for CHEM 2220
  2. CHEM 203 and CHEM 213 only transfer for CHEM 2210, you need CHEM 204 or CHEM 214 for CHEM2220
  3. physics 1420 is A+ doable, it's extremely dumbed-down compared to other universities, like previous posters said it overlaps with orgochem times which honestly sucks so much (took it 2 years ago). I can't recommend matt geogre enough, even students who did poorly/not as well as they liked recognized the quality of his teaching biochem 1 with mark bayfield is extremely easy and also dumbed down in the summer(took 2 years ago), memorize slides and it's an easy a+ adv biochem is fricken bs so many mechanisms, I spent 10hrs a day for 2 weeks and got an A, also destroyed my GPA for other courses psyc electives (health and abnormal) I crammed in a day and got As, easy with effort. Physio I/II (in kine) are easy, exercise physio is also a joke A+ w effort
  4. I noticed that there wasn't an acceptance thread for UofM
  5. evanli78evanli

    The slow decay of dentistry

    Well most of the members commenting on this thread are discussing the harsh realities pertaining to Ontario/BC. Outside those 2 provinces, dentistry is still a stable profession. Usually, over-saturation hits the the biggest of markets first and slowly spreads out. In your link, you can see this most of ON is now considered a "fair" outlook but used to be a "good" outlook; whereas every other province is considered "good". Also, the categories for outlook that jobbank uses aren't well defined and could extremely broad terms. As others have pointed out, there's no stopping this declining trend (in outlook) as there is no 'cap/limit' to the equivalency process + rising debt for grads. Also, jobbank is probably using a simplistic formula when calculating outlook (b/c they have to do outlook for every profession) incoming immigrants ( i.e. internationals whom have completed equivalency) + school producing graduates - retirees jobbank may be using an average of the last 5 years for incoming immigrants to simply analysis rather than projecting rising amt of internationally trained dentists (i.e. using 1000 immgriants rather than 1000+200x immigrants by yr) TL;DR jobbank analysis is meant to give simplistic look and without more details, you shouldn't infer too much from their data
  6. "In order to be considered for an interview, an applicant must demonstrate a minimum DAT average (average of the Reading Comprehension, Biology, Chemistry and PAT scores), as determined by the Committee. In the past three years, the minimum DAT averages for Manitoba applicants were: 18.75 (2017) 18.667 (2016) 18.667 (2015)In the past three years, the minimum DAT averages for out of province applicants were: 22.50 (2017) 22.333 (2016) 22.00 (2015)" It's thresholds to be considered for an interview (not min. interview avg); same thing applies with gpa
  7. evanli78evanli

    Thoughts On The November 2016 Dat Exam

    chem was easy bio was challenging (loads of memory specific plant questions) RC was difficult relative to last feb's .. quite a few inferring qns + 5 author's tone qns (none of which were in last febs meaning you couldn't search-destroy and do well) PAT was easy (except pattern folding, but it was the last one I probably fatigued), finished with 10 min to spare i fcked up carving again
  8. evanli78evanli

    Opinion On Pat Scores From Bootcamp

    I averaged around 21-22 in bootcamp and got 20 on the real test
  9. It seems as though fellow/head in McGill's OMFS program graduated from a Saudi school and would have a large say in the decision.
  10. Hey everybody, does anyone know which 4th yr Kine courses have recordings? Thank you!
  11. Is exercise physio and organic chem I doable (in same sem)?
  12. evanli78evanli

    How Is This Carving?

    https://www.datsoapcarving.ca/# seems sketchy.. checked its info on https://www.whois.net/ and it says the site registered on 20/02/16. Meaning that the reviews are fake because they registered on on Feb.20th and there hasn't been a test since its release. Also, its youtube video has 20K views and 57 likes lol so obviously the person outsourced for those stats.
  13. hey Mike_BC only UofA uses Manual dexterity for their admission process (only one). No other dental school uses MDT anymore. UofM recently announced they will not being using it for the upcoming cycle (http://umanitoba.ca/student/admissions/application/programs/dentistry-application.html). So if your best chance is at UofA, by all means, closely follow the advice above (i.e. practice tons). If not, I suggest focusing on other sections of the DAT as preping for carving can be time consuming.
  14. if you buy http://www.adea.org/officialguide/ it costs about $15 and tells you which dental schools use Canadian DAT. All of the private institutions allow you to use your Can DAT (i.e. UPenn, NYU, Columbia, etc.) when applying. In terms of general difficulty, I think Can DAT is slightly easier.
  15. You're competitive for uoft as well for OOP. They require 90credits but they won't look at the marks in the year you apply. So you have a solid chance of getting in there. Btw uoft doesn't differentiate between OOP and IP. UBC is OOP friendly too and so are other schools. Check other schools breakdown. Uofa uses 50% for GPA, some schools use upto 65%. Don't sell yourself short, you're definitely competitive for OOP schools as well. Don't restrict yourself to one when you can apply to seven English dental schools. Aside from schulich and mcgill (which require u to complete your degree), you'd probably get a couple interviews with those stats. Secondly, if you don't feel confident in your abilities to get a ~4.0, I still recommend taking 5 courses your first semester. If in fact you don't get a 4.0 and get 3.7 instead (for example), dont take any courses the next sem and it won't be counted against your Uofa GPA calculation bc you need to take 6 courses full year in order for it to count. With the semester off, you can prep forMMI. This is worst case scenario however... Your almost gurantuued to get an interview, one of the first people to post their stats for 2020 had 4/66/36 with 33ish being average so don't fret Lastly, I wanna address abt you taking a job on. Tbh, this is absolutely counterproductive from academic stand point ( as there's a a large contrast from school life) and from preparing to improve your DAT/MMI. Without question, work is as time consuming as full time study. I don't know anything abt your financial background. But if on your list of priorities admissions next yr is higher than your financials. I highly recommend you sacrifice the income you would make. Again I don't anything abt ur background. But it's been proven that work 10+ hrs is academically detrimental.. So in your case it would detrimental to your prep YMMV. From an academic stand point, your first 2 yrs will course intensive, so if you're taking a yr off, it might come back to bite you if you want to specialize Wrote this on iPhone so sorry for spelling mistakes