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  1. School interviewing at: McGill Specialty: OBGYN Current interview date: February 4th Date would like to switch to: February 5th School interviewing at: Western Specialty: OBGYN Current interview date: February 5th Date would like to switch to: February 4th Any additional notes: Thank you!
  2. School interviewing at: Western Specialty: OBGYN current date: feb 5 date to switch to: feb 4
  3. School interviewing at: Calgary Specialty: OBGYN Current interview date: Jan 21 Date would like to switch to: Jan 22nd or 23rd
  4. I just knew one of my friends got that same deal at a different branch so I told them, either I can get it here or ill go get it there (this was in Ottawa). My options were either their basic Signature Visa or Infinite Avion though, Platinum never came up in conversation. Not sure what the difference between Platinum and Infinite Avion is tbh...
  5. I was an existing customer at RBC and last year I got the Infinite Avion + VIP package + all fees waived until residency. Just recently got my interest rate reduced to prime - 0.25%. been pretty happy with them so far!
  6. Two different companies came to present their products to us, and each provided a catalog to chose products from. You can pick whichever stethoscope you prefer, from the most basic model to Cardiology IV, depending on budget/preference. That being said, many people bought their own stethoscopes online, you don't have to order as a group. Hope this helps!
  7. last year the calls started going out on the Friday after the deadline. it can take up to 2 business days for OMSAS to forward responses to the schools. hope this helps!
  8. Result: Waitlisted GPA: 94% (I think) MCAT: 9 in verbal ECs: lots of research in Canada/abroad, volunteering, community and leadership awards, intramurals,etc Year: Graduated in June 2015 Geography: OOP Will be removing myself from the waitlist in favour of another school
  9. Result: Accepted to MAM Time Stamp: 9:19 AM wGPA: 3.98 MCAT: met all cutoffs ECs/Essays: worked on them for a week max Interview: 2 stations went well, 2 were meh Year: Finished UG in June 2015
  10. Accepted Time: 7:48 AM wGPA: 3.97 Stream: English Geography: IP Current Year: Finished UG in June 2015 Interview: Felt comfortable, I think it went okay. I started doubting my answers after though
  11. I couldn't agree more with this! I feel the same way
  12. Ohh I did get that email last night! I see the letter now, thanks so much
  13. has anyone received the email yet? I had "admitted with condition", but haven't received an email
  14. One of my verifiers was contacted either the week before interview invites went out or the week right after, they couldn't remember the exact time
  15. I had a tour of the whole campus, took around 40-45 minutes. My interview time was 1:45pm and I finished at 6pm.
  16. I am looking to switch my mock to February 13th because I can't seem to be able to get the day off work. I'm currently scheduled for February 12th at 4pm. Would anyone be able to switch with me? Thanks!
  17. Has anyone received a confirmation email yet, letting you know if you are interviewing in the morning or afternoon? Thanks!
  18. TIME STAMP: 1:45 PM Interview Date: Feb 28th Result: Invite wGPA: 3.98 MCAT: 9 in verbal ECs: 4 years of volunteering, research in Canada and abroad, student groups, working as a medical assistant Essays: wrote one the day before, put a lot of time in the other 3 Year: graduated in June 2015 Geography : IP when I submitted app
  19. TIME STAMP: not sure, checked at 5pm Result: Invite wGPA: 3.98 or 3.99 MCAT: did not submit ECs: 4 years of volunteering, research in Canada and abroad, working as a medical assistant, student clubs Year: graduated with a B.Sc. in June 2015 IP Letter of EC: No
  20. TIME STAMP: 15:21 EST Interview Invite: Invite Early/Regular Deadline: Regular Interview Date: Feb 6th, 1:45PM AGPA (if applicable): 92.33% MCAT: 30 ECs: student government, research in Canada and abroad, honours thesis, 4 years of hospital volunteering, leadership and volunteering awards, 4 years of intramural sports, etc Year: Completed UG (2015), currently working full time Geography: IP/OOP: OOP NAQ (if applicable): 27.57 AQ (if applicable): 34.91 TRF (last year): 62.48 missed it by a point last year, so super excited to interview this year!
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