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    ilikecake reacted to Jaeger in RBC vs Scotiabank for LOC   
    Thanks for the information @frenchpress  
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    ilikecake reacted to frenchpress in RBC vs Scotiabank for LOC   
    My advisor said the platinum vs. infinite eligibility difference is income. The platinum requires no minimum income, whereas the infinite requires a 60k minimum income at time of application (or 100k household).  The two cards are nearly identical in terms of features, except that the infinite adds emergency medical insurance for travel. 
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    ilikecake got a reaction from reptangle in RBC vs Scotiabank for LOC   
    I was an existing customer at RBC and last year I got the Infinite Avion + VIP package + all fees waived until residency. Just recently got my interest rate reduced to prime - 0.25%. been pretty happy with them so far!
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    ilikecake reacted to caribou in Mcgill Vs. Mcmaster   
    I can't speak to the issues encountered beyond first year, but unlike Arztin, I don't find that we have absolutely no time at all - it certainly felt that way until winter break, but over time you find your groove and learn to cut corners where it best suits you. The week before an exam will be very busy, but that's no surprise. The curriculum is pass/fail for a reason; you're encouraged to do things outside of med, and not expected to know everything. I'm not particularly organized, I certainly don't spend all my time studying, and so far I'm doing just fine.
    As for the curriculum more generally, I have nothing to compare it to so it's hard to comment... Some blocks are definitely disorganized, which can be frustrating for sure, but my impression has been that the faculty is receptive to change and welcomes feedback from students. We had a couple blocks this year in which the block leaders switched up the order of the lectures based on feedback from last year's class. I agree that some lectures could be done away with, and don't add very much to your knowledge, but that's also a byproduct of having a series of individual lecturers (mostly all working clinicians) give the lectures... some are not going to be very good teachers. 
    Regarding your concerns about probation, what I have heard (albeit from an alum) is that many medical schools in Canada have been on probation at various points in time, and this does not necessarily reflect on the quality of that institution's education. I think it's likely this probation thing was blown out of proportion precisely because of McGill's "amazing reputation."  My understanding is it was a byproduct of their curriculum change in 2013 and the disorganization that ensued (particularly during clerkship), leading some students to have sub-par experiences. I am not an official source, so there may be more to it than that. In terms of negativity and condescension from preceptors, our class has been told of this happening occasionally. The "WELL" office has briefed us several times about procedures that are in place to prevent it from happening, and resources to turn to in the event that you are legitimately mistreated. I haven't had to use them, so no idea how effective they are. 
    There are plenty of students who don't speak French in the class - you will be required to know a "functional" amount of French (not sure what that threshold is) by the time you get to the wards. They are understanding and try to accommodate students during pre-clerkship (ie, for longitudinal family medicine experience [where you're paired with a family physician and shadow their practice throughout the year], if you tell the admin you don't speak French, they will try to place you in a clinic that serves a primarily English-speaking population). 
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    ilikecake reacted to rmorelan in Good Luck Tomorrow!   
    Always hard to put into words what it is like the day before the results come out - tomorrow some people will have their hopes fulfilled, others have them delayed from a wait list or possibly have to reapply, and some will reach the end of the amount of time/effort they want to expend on this.
    Regardless you are all exceptionally hard working students, and no matter what will go on to do amazing things. For those that do get in congratulations on reaching the next phase! For others with interviews if you are reapplying remember people often do have make more than one attempt, and if you are getting interviews then you are close to the mark.
    I wish you all the best! The moderators - myself included - will be watching with anticipation. 
    Good luck now, and in all things!
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    ilikecake got a reaction from ItsBeenReal in Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors   
    For Research Fundamentals we were put in groups of 6-8 with a researcher leading the team (we got to rank who we wanted to be with, some are also clinicians and some are pure researchers). We had to meet 4 times, and there was some variation in terms of the course structure for each group. In mine, we each picked a paper in the researcher's area of interest (aka also ours since we chose the researcher we wanted to be with) and then evaluated it, followed by proposing our own research question/methodology to fill in the gaps of the paper and then presenting this to the group. 
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    ilikecake reacted to Arztin in Medical Equipment   
    Seriously, unless if you go in cardiology, it doesn't make too much of a difference. No need for an electronic one unless if you have a hearing peoblem. Otherwise, a cheaper SE 2 or classic 2 would do. I bet most people will end up buying the cardiology 4 anyways.
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    ilikecake reacted to bigshoes89 in Oop Waitlist Positivity And Discussion   
    My proof is that I was rank #13 and I was admitted. Unless the AFMC has changed their definition of what a successful applicant was (used to be any offer whether accepted, deferred, or declined) then their calculation yields a different success% than mine.
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    ilikecake reacted to forensicmed in Any Thoughts On This Article Re: Entitlement In Medicine   
    Summarized my feelings exactly. Never knew about the backpacks until I got into med and now that I am in med its a nice convo starter when travelling places and seeing fellow meds. 
    Ppl need to chill....
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    ilikecake reacted to ellorie in Any Thoughts On This Article Re: Entitlement In Medicine   
    I have no idea what this insane shitstorm is with the backpacks.  Almost NOBODY knows what they are.  I had no idea they even EXISTED until I started using this forum when I applied to medical school.  It really bugs me.  I like my backpack because then I can identify other med students/residents and talk to them.  Because I think that's fun.  Literally nobody other than another med student or physician has EVER approached me on the basis of my backpack.  Well maybe one.  In six years.
    Nobody should be a snotty asshole about being a doctor.  I am well aware that there are people in the world who work more hours doing shittier jobs for less money.
    That being said, I have sacrificed a lot for this career.  I work a difficult job that requires a lot of technical skill and exposes me to shitty hours, violence, and secondary trauma.  I have a crapload of debt that I'll be paying off for years to come.  So yeah, I think I deserve some amount of respect for what I do.
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    ilikecake reacted to bigshoes89 in Mcgill Interview Format   
    From my experience, they are much more keen on having you act in specific scenarios as opposed to sitting down with a facilitator and being asked an ethical question. There will also most definitely be several critical thinking stations and also a "traditional interview" station.
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    ilikecake reacted to Bambi in What Is Your Opinion On The Help, Learn & Discover Program?   
    Help our indigenous community which will be far more valuable on so many levels.
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    ilikecake reacted to tameimpala in Pre Reqs In Time For Nov 1   
    ^ what ilikecakes said is correct. Note that the website says you need to have completed a certain number of prerequisites BEFORE November 1st, however (5/7?) but you can have a few outstanding ones by November 1st (as long as they are done Jan 1)
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    ilikecake reacted to tameimpala in What Did You Wish Someone Told You Before Starting Med School?   
    Med-1 here also: Make a list in your head to know what are things that you really treasure in life and would compromise your quality of life if you couldn't do them (be it working out, reading a book, spending an evening a week with non-med friends, etc.) and keep doing them in medical school. You will probably feel like med school is taking over your life at times but if you have other things going on that you consciously make time for, it will make your life really much more enjoyable. Obviously things will get busy while in school but remember that you cannot know everything and it's really *REALLY* not worth it to panic over the volume of material that you see, nor is it worth sacrificing your sanity just to study all the details, so having something that is important for you outside of school can give you some respite and maximize your motivation.
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    ilikecake reacted to thethirdlaw in Disappointed With Assignment To Uoft Mississauga Campus   
    Yeah I declined my UofT offer to MAM, just didn't see myself enjoying my experience over in Mississauga. I think it's totally reasonable to be disappointed, the lifestyle fit of your program can be just as important towards your success as the curriculum itself. Shaming someone for not falling in line with the back asswards medical culture of the past requiring us to be vessels of medical knowledge to be implemented wherever/however the topdogs see fit or not being cognizant of students who would "omg die to be in your shoes" is unfair.
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    ilikecake reacted to PurpleS in Disappointed With Assignment To Uoft Mississauga Campus   
    I think it's important for everyone to recognize that people have more in their lives than medical school. Yes, career is important, but family is also important. While people do move across the country for the chance to pursue medicine, it's never an easy decision and we shouldn't shame people and their partners for dreading the changes and sacrifices they have to make in their lives.
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    ilikecake got a reaction from thethirdlaw in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Waitlisted
    GPA:  94% (I think)
    MCAT: 9 in verbal
    ECs: lots of research in Canada/abroad, volunteering, community and leadership awards, intramurals,etc
    Year: Graduated in June 2015
    Geography: OOP
    Will be removing myself from the waitlist in favour of another school 
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    ilikecake got a reaction from robclem21 in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Accepted to MAM
    Time Stamp: 9:19 AM
    wGPA: 3.98 
    MCAT: met all cutoffs 
    ECs/Essays: worked on them for a week max
    Interview: 2 stations went well, 2 were meh
    Year: Finished UG in June 2015
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    ilikecake got a reaction from RedLily in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Accepted to MAM
    Time Stamp: 9:19 AM
    wGPA: 3.98 
    MCAT: met all cutoffs 
    ECs/Essays: worked on them for a week max
    Interview: 2 stations went well, 2 were meh
    Year: Finished UG in June 2015
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    ilikecake got a reaction from Selstaar in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Accepted to MAM
    Time Stamp: 9:19 AM
    wGPA: 3.98 
    MCAT: met all cutoffs 
    ECs/Essays: worked on them for a week max
    Interview: 2 stations went well, 2 were meh
    Year: Finished UG in June 2015
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    ilikecake reacted to Wee1 in May 10 Support Thread   
    I got my offer email from Queens at 8:56am.  After almost 5 years of applying... the ONE interview I got was this cycle at Queens.  I am beside myself.  There is hope!
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    ilikecake got a reaction from medicine in Verifiers Post Interview   
    I couldn't agree more with this! I feel the same way
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    ilikecake got a reaction from okidoki in Verifiers Post Interview   
    I couldn't agree more with this! I feel the same way
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    ilikecake reacted to okidoki in Verifiers Post Interview   
    Thanks for clarifying it.
    I was truthful on my application as well but the problem is that some of my verifiers might no longer remember the details of my activity and phoning them but not be the best idea since they may not be able to answer on-spot - that's what worries me to be honest.
    I also agree that the panel is meeting to make the final list since my friend got an e-mail asking for more info with regards to his application (things that could have been clarified pre-interview but were not!)
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    ilikecake got a reaction from RedLily in Different Decision Codes?   
    Ohh I did get that email last night! I see the letter now, thanks so much
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