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  1. Hey guys! I'm a 3rd year med student, and I am starting to think about the CaRMS application process and making sure I have a well-rounded application. I know it's a bit early, but I'm wondering if anyone can shed light on what is "includable" in the CV portion. It's my understanding that programs are different in terms of format and sections, but I'm a bit unclear on what sorts of things we can include. For example, are we expected to only list accomplishments/ extracurriculars that occurred while in med school? That are medically-related? Thanks!
  2. This refers to 2 most recent years, as far as I know, and has nothing to do with level of the class. Presumably, if you've graduated (or are on track to graduate) you will have taken the appropriate amount of courses in each level.
  3. 1. It depends. It's quality over quantity. That is, don't create a laundry list of items that should be placed together. If these truly are different publications, I would absolutely group them separately as long as you have the space to do so. If you're out of space and have a conference presentation that goes along with the same publication for instance, that could be combined. 2. No. Definitely focus on highlighting your values, strengths, and what you've gained. I doubt they care who the other authors are. 3. 100% yes. They want to see a person behind the application. Let them see who you are and what makes you unique! Hint: it's not the fact that you're interested in medicine *See my post in this forum about app editing if you'd like more specific help*
  4. Hey all! I am heading into clerkship in August and I know MCCQE is far away, but I'm considering buying the UWorld Qbank 2 year option and was hoping to have access to it up until MCCQE. When do most people take this? If July/August is the most common/ most convenient time (assume I know nothing about this exam because I really don't!) I would buy it starting clerkship to ensure access for 2 full years. Thanks!
  5. You do not need to have a concrete connection to be successful, contrary to what some think! There are people in my class who have never been here before coming for school Maritime connection isn't limited to literally having been here; there are many good reasons you may want to study and potentially even practice here. I encourage you to think hard about why you would like to study here. What about the curriculum or learning/ working environment stands out from other places in Canada? Is it the focus on primary care? Community atmosphere? Rural opportunities? Be HONEST. There are lots of BSers that will rave about the time they came to Nova Scotia when they were 5 years old and loved Peggy's Cove and lobster fishing so much they vowed to come back some day Research Dal, the Maritimes, and brainstorm honest reasons you feel it would be a good fit for you, or you for it. Again, be honest.
  6. Hi Applicants! Current Dal med student here. For the past 2 years I've been offering editing services for both the Essay and Supplemental form. Whether you're looking for help on a first draft, or want someone to help polish your final draft, I am here to help I can't stress enough how important having a strong Essay & Supplemental form for the Dal application. It's not just about the experiences themselves, but how you describe them to illustrate what core qualities you've strengthened and how they will make you an excellent candidate for medicine. It is arguably the easiest way to bump up your score! While in previous years I've worked on applications right up until the deadline, I am beginning clerkship mid-August and will only be offering these services until that time. Feel free to message me for details and pricing
  7. You "enroll" in the program after you've been accepted. It basically just means you sign up for the classes on DalOnline. There's a list of things you need to do once accepted (vaccinations, enrolling, criminal record check, paying deposit) and this is just one of those steps. Since it's not due until I think you start, it makes sense that a lot of people haven't done that yet. It's more a measure of who is being keen, not the amount of offers sent! You can also drop the offer after enrolling if you get another acceptance. So basically, this number tells you nothing unfortunately.
  8. Does anyone know how the CaRMS CV works? For example, do you create your own Microsoft Word-like document or is there an online application where you simply fill in the blanks under specific categories (like Med school applications). Also, are activities limited to things done while in med school or can you include things from before?
  9. Probably not. Carolyn is the main gal for the Admissions Office. It seems only 1 case of "possibly next week" has been reported, for what it's worth..
  10. Oh dear, I was trying to help by posting what I heard but I may have only added to the confusion! I was speaking to staff from Admissions office last week who told me it would not be the week of the 4th, that they expected to have them out by the week of 11th or 18th. However, since that conversation, others are posting here that they called and were told it could be this week, so it's entirely possible they have since changed that prediction. Only way to verify I guess would be to call and see what they tell ya!
  11. Hi, It may be a bit early (or maybe not at all) but I am fairly certain I will go for a particularly competitive specialty. I’ve heard that “gelling” with programs and making a good name for yourself is important for matching, so I’m trying to think of ways I can stand out early. Do you think it isna good idea to make your face known by regularly attending Grand Rounds/ networking? Any my other suggestions to become familiar with programs and be remembered?
  12. I spoke to Admissions last week and they felt it would be the week of the 11th or 18th, but hey, who knows! Maybe they are working overtime because of all these calls hahaha
  13. Totally fair! I just remember reading into every little variable and agonizing over speculations which did not help me at all. I just heard about it not being next week and wanted to share so you can have a little less anxiety about it. Best of luck to you all ❤️
  14. This is from Admissions, not my opinion. I’m sure they’re able to tell you the same thing if you asked. Just try to relax and worry too much about it guys!
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