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  1. MedHopeful93


    I know presenting at conferences is a good way to boost your CaRMS application, and to demonstrate interest in your preferred field. However, is it worth adding conferences as an attendee? For example, if it is at a more prestigious conference in the field you are hoping to enter, does that reflect well on you?
  2. Hey Dal Med Hopefuls! For those of you submitting applications for the class of 2023, I am offering editing services for both the Essay and Supplemental form. Whether you're looking for help on a first draft, or want someone to help polish your final draft, I am here to help I can't stress enough how important having a strong Essay & Supplemental form for the Dal application. It's not just about the experiences themselves, but how you describe them to illustrate what core qualities you've strengthened and how they will make you an excellent candidate for medicine. It is arguably the easiest way to bump up your score! I will list my Kijiji page below for you to review.: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1368127891 Good luck and keep up with the grind; it will all be worth it in the end
  3. MedHopeful93


    (Med 1 here) in my year there were applications for scholarships, and a questionnaire for general scholarships and bursaries that you are considered for automatically. This includes budget, debt, expenses etc. I believe the earliest I heard for mine was like October/ November
  4. MedHopeful93

    Date Speculation?

    I really doubt it haha; that would be the earliest in history (or at least the past decade)
  5. MedHopeful93

    Date Speculation?

    I can confirm that this is not predictive at all. These groups are made by current med students and we don't know when letters are going to be released either! Based on previous years, it's quite unlikely that decisions will be out next week. I'd imagine the week of the 12th Keep on keepin on!
  6. MedHopeful93

    Supplemental and volunteering

    Yes, as long as you continued it within 5 years you can include it! For non-medically related (and even medically-related) you can still link them to the core competencies outlined by CanMEDS and Dal particularly. As an aside, I am actually providing supplemental and essay editing services this cycle! PM me for details or if you are interested
  7. MedHopeful93

    2 in 1 Laptop

    Have it, love it
  8. MedHopeful93


    Ok first of all, I completely understand how I sound right now... But, does anybody know where we can find a list of books for classes for Med1? I will probably go stir crazy this summer and want to do some pre-reading.
  9. I've been waiting for years to post this... But ACCEPTED to the Halifax campus!!!!! I still don't feel like it's real! This is my second time applying, and last year I wasn't even on the waitlist. IP (NS) GPA: 4.0 (most recent 2 years) MCAT: 510 ECs: pretty varied. Hospital volunteering, scholarships and awards, art, leadership positions, etc. Feel free to message for details! Interview: Wow I prepared sooo much for this. You can try to learn as much as possible but its the actual practicing that makes a huge difference. Last year my interview score was low but this time I just went in relaxed and felt so much more at ease talking about random subjects because I had practiced. I'm so excited to meet everyone in August!
  10. MedHopeful93

    Uoft Interview Discussion 2017

    That "metal" health thing sounds pretty bad
  11. MedHopeful93

    Uoft Interview Discussion 2017

    Seconded. Come on Toronto (and Dal) I want my life back.
  12. MedHopeful93

    How's Everyone Doing?

    Oh dear I hope not. That would be the 20th at the earliest and the latest decision every distributed from Dal...
  13. MedHopeful93

    How's Everyone Doing?

    So I knew it wouldn't be today... but that doesn't mean I am not still checking my e-mail obsessively
  14. I think there are SO many factors that cause different disadvantages in applicants that to single one out is a bit weird and fails to recognize the ways in which other factors cause injustice/disadvantages. Maybe a fair alternative for everyone would be to have a section (like the academic explanations page) where people can choose to talk about something in their life that they believe acted like a barrier or an obstacle. For some this may be race, culture, SES, living in a rural community or an environment that did not provide them with the same opportunities as most other applicants.
  15. MedHopeful93

    How's Everyone Doing?

    I think they mean the Medical School. Dal's (undergrad) reading week is February.