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  1. MedHopeful93

    CaRMS CV

    Does anyone know how the CaRMS CV works? For example, do you create your own Microsoft Word-like document or is there an online application where you simply fill in the blanks under specific categories (like Med school applications). Also, are activities limited to things done while in med school or can you include things from before?
  2. MedHopeful93

    Accepted 2019

    Probably not. Carolyn is the main gal for the Admissions Office. It seems only 1 case of "possibly next week" has been reported, for what it's worth..
  3. MedHopeful93

    Accepted 2019

    Oh dear, I was trying to help by posting what I heard but I may have only added to the confusion! I was speaking to staff from Admissions office last week who told me it would not be the week of the 4th, that they expected to have them out by the week of 11th or 18th. However, since that conversation, others are posting here that they called and were told it could be this week, so it's entirely possible they have since changed that prediction. Only way to verify I guess would be to call and see what they tell ya!
  4. MedHopeful93

    Accepted 2019

  5. Hi, It may be a bit early (or maybe not at all) but I am fairly certain I will go for a particularly competitive specialty. I’ve heard that “gelling” with programs and making a good name for yourself is important for matching, so I’m trying to think of ways I can stand out early. Do you think it isna good idea to make your face known by regularly attending Grand Rounds/ networking? Any my other suggestions to become familiar with programs and be remembered?
  6. MedHopeful93

    Accepted 2019

    I spoke to Admissions last week and they felt it would be the week of the 11th or 18th, but hey, who knows! Maybe they are working overtime because of all these calls hahaha
  7. MedHopeful93

    Accepted 2019

    Totally fair! I just remember reading into every little variable and agonizing over speculations which did not help me at all. I just heard about it not being next week and wanted to share so you can have a little less anxiety about it. Best of luck to you all ❤️
  8. MedHopeful93

    Accepted 2019

    This is from Admissions, not my opinion. I’m sure they’re able to tell you the same thing if you asked. Just try to relax and worry too much about it guys!
  9. MedHopeful93

    Accepted 2019

    Because they're not ready yet! Each year is a bit different so there's no 1 week or date they come out unfortunately.
  10. MedHopeful93

    Accepted 2019

    Won't be next week if that helps with the anxiety! Not knowing is the worst but hang in there
  11. MedHopeful93


    I know presenting at conferences is a good way to boost your CaRMS application, and to demonstrate interest in your preferred field. However, is it worth adding conferences as an attendee? For example, if it is at a more prestigious conference in the field you are hoping to enter, does that reflect well on you?
  12. Hey Dal Med Hopefuls! For those of you submitting applications for the class of 2023, I am offering editing services for both the Essay and Supplemental form. Whether you're looking for help on a first draft, or want someone to help polish your final draft, I am here to help I can't stress enough how important having a strong Essay & Supplemental form for the Dal application. It's not just about the experiences themselves, but how you describe them to illustrate what core qualities you've strengthened and how they will make you an excellent candidate for medicine. It is arguably the easiest way to bump up your score! I will list my Kijiji page below for you to review.: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1368127891 Good luck and keep up with the grind; it will all be worth it in the end
  13. MedHopeful93


    (Med 1 here) in my year there were applications for scholarships, and a questionnaire for general scholarships and bursaries that you are considered for automatically. This includes budget, debt, expenses etc. I believe the earliest I heard for mine was like October/ November
  14. MedHopeful93

    Date Speculation?

    I really doubt it haha; that would be the earliest in history (or at least the past decade)
  15. MedHopeful93

    Date Speculation?

    I can confirm that this is not predictive at all. These groups are made by current med students and we don't know when letters are going to be released either! Based on previous years, it's quite unlikely that decisions will be out next week. I'd imagine the week of the 12th Keep on keepin on!