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  1. Just a small heads-up for you guys expecting interviews: CHECK your Spam folder. Even with a gmail address, my friend's Queens interview invite went straight into his spam folder - just something to be aware of to prevent any additional stress
  2. My super-duper-honest opinion: Do not bank on Ottawa and Toronto. Your GPA is on the low-end for those schools and your ECs don't look like they'll compensate. Excellent chance at Mac. That 129 in CARS will carry you far. Take casper seriously and you should expect an interview here. Decent chance at Queens/Western? I can't really comment on Queen's because they aren't very transparent. Generally ECs here are what get people in. Western had a 130 CARS cut off last time but there is a chance it will go lower this cycle. If it goes down you will get an interview . Hope that helps!!
  3. Absolutely apply. That is a killer CARS score! I think the fact that you are Metis will matter more than the fact that you are OOP.
  4. Found the SSBM player, haha! I think its fairly obvious that your application is stellar if 6 schools wanted to interview you. I would take this time to explore ECs that will really facilitate your communicative skills for your next set of interviews. If I may make a suggestion, I volunteered at the Toronto Distress Center as a crisis-line responder for over a year. It taught me how to listen and empathize better, and it gave me a wealth of experiences to talk about during my interviews. I would highly recommend it .
  5. Hey guys I just had a tiny question about OSAP, I recently accepted my offer to Mac via OMSAS a few days ago, but Mac hasn't sent me my registration/deposit information just yet. As I was filling out OSAP, I noticed that they require a student number. I don't have mine yet. It stated that the processing time would be much faster if the student number is provided. Should I wait for Mac to give me my student number before filling out my OSAP? Or is it okay to proceed with my application ahead of the school providing me this info? Thanks!
  6. Yup, ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry. I accepted via SAM and e-mailed Colleen my forms on the 12th. I've also received that e-mail and am awaiting further instructions. I also e-mailed Colleen a couple of days ago to ask about when this registration/deposit info will become available to us. She said that we should tentatively expect an e-mail sometime next week
  7. Accepted - Niagara Campus Time: 8:16 AM GPA: 3.85 Verbal: 11 Interview: I felt my interview was unimprovable at the beginning, but I questioned it as time went on. IP Graduated I want to preface this by saying I am absolutely ecstatic to be accepted at Mac. One question I did have was whether it would be possible to switch campuses (Niagara -> Hamilton) by any chance? I had listed Hamilton as my top choice and was /very slightly/ disappointed to see myself accepted to Niagara. Please don't get me wrong I will happily attend either!!!
  8. Fully prepared for a triple rejection tomorrow. I'm at the point where I'm burnt-out from worry. I guess my emotions will return tomorrow. Good luck to you all
  9. I think I'm going to cry haha Invite: Nope, waitlisted Timestamp: 1:10 PM EST OOP/IP: OOP GPA: 91% MCAT: 35 (12/11/12) The e-mail said that the mcat cut-off for this cycle was 97th percentile. I was 96th ;-; . They said they'd contact me if an interview slot opens up. Does anyone know the statistics on how many people decline Saskatchewan interview invites each cycle?
  10. During the interview, do Ottawa interviewers only have access to the ABS items that you listed under your top 3 for each section? Or is it your entire ABS? Thanks!
  11. Is it full already?! Dayum! I really thought I could benefit from this, guess others thought so too!
  12. TIME STAMP: 4:17 I think Result: Reeeejection wGPA: 3.97 MCAT: 12/11/12 ECs: I honestly thought I had decent ECs. They weren't traditional at all -- but I didn't think they were weak! A bit of a rain on my parade but I definitely could use this dose of humility to help me prep for my other interviews harder. Current Year: Graduated
  13. Invite Date Stamp: 28/01/2016 - 10:07 AM Location: IP, OOO Stream: English wGPA: 3.94 Current year: Graduated ECs: I was really surprised that I got an interview. I did not feel that my ECs were that strong. Pleasant surprise. I believe my CASPer may have been the difference-maker for this invite.
  14. Time Stamp: 1:37 PM Invite: Yep IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN: Nope 2YRGPA: 3.97 MCAT: 12 PS/11 VR /12 BS I considered Western my "guarantee" so it was a huge relief that I got it, haha.
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