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  1. Hi Folks, as I'm leaving my position to start at UBC in August, thought I might as well share the job posting. The deadline to apply is this Friday (May 30th)! Preference is given to members of the LGBTQ+ community, particularly those who identify as, or have worked with Gay/Bisexual Men in some capacity before. -- Research Coordinator -- BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS --MSM Research Program-- Please note: Only Canadian Citizens, legal residents or residents with a legal work permit will be considered. STATUS: Full time, fixed term position JOB START DATE: July 2nd, 2019 (or sooner) SALARY: Commensurate with qualifications and experience LOCATION: BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (BC-CfE), Vancouver, BC JOB: Working under the Principal Investigators, the Research Coordinator manages the planning, development and implementation of the Momentum Health Study (momentumstudy.ca), in the BC-CfE research program involving gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (herein MSM). This study is part of a national CIHR-funded ENGAGE team grant in gay and bisexual men’s sexual health (www.engage-men.ca). ORGANIZATION: The BC-CfE currently employs a team of Statisticians, Programmers, Data Managers, Clinical Research Assistants, Data Analysts and Data Entry Clerks who work collaboratively on cohort-based epidemiological and clinical studies. The BC-CfE is a world-renowned HIV/AIDS research centre including Research Laboratory, Clinical Trials, Drug Treatment Program, Epidemiology and Professional Education Programs. JOB QUALIFICATIONS: Education, Training and Experience Degree in health sciences, health administration or business management (Masters degree preferred) Two years of related professional experience in a health research setting Experience in organizing/coordinating research projects and/or grant based programs Understanding of principles of data collection, preferably using electronic questionnaire administration (CASI, ACASI) Experience with reporting and communication systems Knowledge and/or experience regarding issues and concerns of gay, bisexual, queer, Two-Spirit, and other men who have sex with men Experience working with diverse and marginalized populations Experience working or collaborating with community agencies or community-based organizations, especially organizations that serve gay, bisexual, queer, Two-Spirit and other men who have sex with men Skills and Abilities Knowledge of epidemiology, public health, health services research, or related fields Knowledge of research design, methodology, and ethics Ability to use organizational and management tools, and to coordinate research activities Financial management, budget, and reporting skills Proficiency and experience using Microsoft Office software Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, including ability to communicate clearly and effectively in-person and by telephone; tact, diplomacy, and flexibility in dealing with research participants, research staff and study investigators Ability to build and foster effective teams Strong analytical and planning skills Deadline and detail oriented Ability to work independently and as part of a team JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Conducts day-to-day operations of the study office in the community, including supervising other study staff and interacting with study participants Ensures project is administered according to research study and ethics protocols, and study records are maintained properly Manages and maintains approval from relevant Research Ethics Boards, as necessary Coordinates team meetings, setting agendas and taking meeting minutes Prepares, edits and distributes regular study status and other management reports, including periodic study newsletters Prepare manuscripts, abstracts, posters and presentations based on study findings Serves as project liaison to other departments and outside organizations related to specific projects Coordinates recruiting and interviewing study participants, developing and conducting tests and surveys, gathering or abstracting data or making presentations Manages day-to-day study finances; assists in developing and maintaining budgets and financial reporting Coordinates study activities with research partners in other institutions, including the CIHR-funded ENGAGE team grant (www.engage-men.ca) Coordinates community engagement and knowledge translation activities, including management of the study website Performs other duties as required Please include in your letter of submission: Curriculum Vitae Cover letter describing relevant experience in HIV/AIDS and/or with gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men health; please highlight any health research and/or community-based research experience CONTACT: c/o Human Resources Coordinator, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, 608-10801 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1Y6 FAX: 604-806-8464, e-mail: hr@cfenet.ubc.ca APPLICATION DEADLINE: Applications will start being reviewed May 31, 2019 until position is filled
  2. Hi Folks! For anyone looking for a bit more research experience, a Physician friend of mine is looking to hire a part time coordinator. If you're in the queer community or interested in LGBTQ+ and gender and sexuality issues, this might be a great fit for you! The deadline to apply is June 7th! Research & Project Coordinator - Contract Position 1 day/week 3 month trial, with possibility of extension $30/hour to start, paid monthly, 8-10 hours per week Experience At least 2-3 years research/educational experience in healthcare, including basic knowledge of terminology in health sciences (e.g. physiology and pharmacotherapeutics) Experience discussing (with the research authors) LGBTQ+ health issues, gender and sexual identity issues, and sexuality. Skills Excellent English writing skills Assertive communicator within a research team Comfortable working with software including Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Google Docs, FaceTime/Skype, online calendars and a statistical software (SPSS preferred). Accurate note taking during meetings/discussion. Literature review planning and strategy. Able to communicate effectively in writing and by phone with healthcare professionals and administrative staff to e.g. coordinate speaking engagements. Familiarity with presentation of academic credentials e.g. CCV format and interface (or willingness to learn and express experience learning something similar). Works independently, tracks tasks completed and time worked. Asks for help or clarification when needed. Tasks Project management support for researchers (primarily manuscripts, presentations and grant applications) Help manage formatting and timelines for manuscript submissions Organize and update websites (WordPress/Weebly) Updates CCV and common CV Manage email correspondence with high volume for Dr. McCracken Triage and respond to speaking requests Assist with and recommend Knowledge Translation opportunities (e.g. create meaningful figures for research findings) Track and prepare invoices for own work completed This position works with and supports Dr. Rita McCracken and Dr. Marcus Greatheart, family doctors and primary care researchers based in Vancouver, BC. We anticipate all work done by phone and online, thus applicants are not required to live locally. Please send letter of interest and CV by June 7, 2019, to: marcus@greatheart.ca
  3. After creeping around the forums for years I'm so glad I finally get to post one of these! Timestamp: 11:56 AM PST Result: Accepted - VFMP (1st choice ) Early or Regular Deadline: Regular AGPA: 85.1 (not the strongest so I do feel a bit sheepish seeing some of the incredible stats for some who weren't successful this attempt) MCAT: 513- 127/129/127/130 Year: 2011 Undergrad. 2013 Masters. Non-traditional student. ECs: A lot of work experience and extracurriculars, some typical and others not, but generally long term and service oriented. Coordinated programs for university -level international and refugee students. Coordinated multi-faith programs, did some mentorship programs in uni, danced for three years recreationally, sang in community choirs for 5, involved in student government throughout my undergrad, sat on the boards for 2 non-profits, taught sunday school for 8 years, was a TA during my masters, volunteered and worked at summer camps, volunteered at a retirement home for 2 years, volunteered at an AIDS service organization, did an international medical volunteer trip, currently coordinate a large HIV research study and more. Geography: IP (but I only moved to BC for my job in 2016) Interview: I felt generally good with the interview. I think I put my best foot forward in every room and If I wasn't sure about something I said so. A couple stations tripped me up for sure but that's to be expected. But considering my GPA, I'm thinking my interview along with my references was my saving grace. This was my 3rd time applying for medical school and first time at UBC and first interview. The past application cycle was harrowing as I only applied to UBC knowing full well how risky it was to put all my eggs in one basket. But I also understood that it was realistically my best shot given my GPA. From being an international student struggling with being away from home among other things, failing a course, having to work 3 jobs during my masters because of international fees and taking almost any job that came my way so I could make ends meet to applying for a job across the country after failing to get a job in Ontario, this has been quite the journey and I'm so glad I finally made it. To anyone doubting themselves, don't. Be realistic about your odds and always strive to improve your stats each cycle. Also do things that you truly enjoy (not things just for your application) because that's where your true potential comes out. And if things aren't exactly what you hope for them to be, that's okay. Bloom where you are planted...the world has a way of working to fit around you. Congratulations to everyone who made it and can't wait to meet you all later this year!!
  4. So proud of you! I don't know if I've seen anyone want it as much as you! Looking forward to meeting you in the fall!
  5. Hoooo shizzz! I've got a oral presentation at a conference the next day! Not sure I can avoid checking my email for a whole day! Oh dear! Good luck y'all!
  6. Does anyone know if there was a change is who is considered a SWO applicant? I got a rejection saying that my 10 VR did not meet the cutoff for non SWO applicants. However I've lived in Hamilton and Guelph for the past 9 years. Completed both my undergrad and masters in Guelph and while I graduated from High School in Hamilton, I didn't do all four years in SWO. Is this something new (the 4 years of high school requirement) or did I totally miss it when I read the requirements at the time of application. I was so sure I was an SWO applicant. I wouldn't have bothered applying if I wasn't sure. I've emailed back for clarification. Any help or advice on how to proceed would be appreciated.
  7. Hey Threescore, I volunteered as a host for CFRU 93.3, the Guelph campus radio. It was a great experience that helped me learn new skills and talents that I have (apparently I have a great radio voice lol). I hosted a radio show feature about mental health and international students for a few months. I would say go for it. Every experience is useful.
  8. Currently feeling stuck! Completed my application to 5 of the 6 med schools in Ontario, done CASPer and now I'm waiting. I didn't feel extremely confident in my chances but I figured I'd try anyway as I'd waited for so long to apply as a domestic student. Here are my stats: 25 years old New Permanent Resident 3.33 GPA on OMSAS Scale. I had a tough couple of undergrad years in the middle due to some personal issues (ended up failing a required course and had to retake it) but I pulled through with a 3.94 in my 4th year. This wasn't enough to pull my GPA to be competitive, even with a 3.81 in my first year. My GPA meets the cut-off for all the schools I applied to except for Western where I thought I had a good chance (found out after the fact that my brilliant 4th year 3.94 would not factor into my GPA because I repeated a course that year). I feel like with my GPA, I'm certainly going to be rejected by all the schools. Did coursework based Masters program (3.93 GPA) in order to qualify for Permanent Residence as I was an international student. Applying as one wouldn't work for me for obvious reasons, mostly financial (can you say $95,000/year?). Unfortunately this GPA doesn't count for much and I realized after the the fact that I would have been better off taking an additional undergrad year to further boost my GPA. MCAT: 10/10/11 (VR/PS/BS) - Not bad..not sure if it's competitive enough in this year's pool Diverse range of ECs from volunteer work with an HIV/AIDS resource centre to being appointed to the Board of 2 Charities. I feel like I'm an ideal candidate holistically, apart from my undergrad GPA and it seems the only way to boost my GPA is another undergrad degree. That seems like quite an undertaking but I'm seriously considering it because there's nothing I want more than a career in Medicine. The problem is, I want to take my second degree in something that actually interests me (health-related) and has good career prospects (which is difficult to find with an undergrad degree these days) in case I'm still unsuccessful in the next round of med applications. I've looked at Physician's assistant programs and while I would make a great candidate, I would still need a super high GPA to be considered. It just seems like I'm not going to catch a break with that GPA. So I'm wondering what people who are taking another undergrad in a health-related field are doing? What can you say to someone who feels like his clock is ticking but doesn't want to give up? Is there any hope?
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