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  1. I honestly wonder if there is an advantage to having your file reviewed in an earlier batch. U of T has stated on numerous occasions that when you receive your interview invite has no correlation to your competitiveness, and that it instead relates to when they got to your file review. In addition, if you haven't heard back yet, its highly likely that the admissions committee has yet to review your file, or are in the process of currently reviewing your file (unless they hold your application in an "interview waitlist" pile). This all being said and known, I feel like it may be easier to score an interview if your application is reviewed in an earlier batch of detailed file reviews. As interview invites are sent out in batches on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, the number of available interview spots decreases. Therefore, would they not have to start being more picky and selective on who they award an interview to in the later batches? Or do they have a certain file review score threshold that they will give an interview to any applicant who meets or exceeds that score?
  2. Not knowing what you will be doing the following year, and having friends get in and move on to med without you is definitely hard to deal with. However, just try to focus on doing whatever you can, whether you're back at school or working/volunteering during a "gap" year, to improve yourself as an applicant, but also more importantly as a person. As for my references, they stayed the same between my first two apps. This current cycle, only one of my three has changed. I believe the two that have stayed throughout my applications are strong references, so I do not believe it is a matter of my LORs not being strong enough. One reference did wait until the last minute to submit last year however, so that may have been a factor... nonetheless, that reference has been changed for this current cycle. What you really need to analyze is how strong your non-academic admissions criteria are. In an application population that is always increasing in terms of academic achievement, great GPAs and MCAT scores don't really help people stand out anymore. It's really the components of your application that will decide if you interview or not (depending on the school). I believe the main difference between my first year application (to U of T) and my second year one was the quality of my essays and 3 ABS statements. While I think they were written stronger and better in terms of writing in my second application year, they likely were less personal, and didn't hit the 4 clusters as well as my first year applications ones (I think). I am quite happy with mine this current cycle though. A lot of work went into them, and they underwent many revisions, so my fingers are crossed.
  3. I am sorry to hear about the rejection from UBC. It's never a pleasant feeling. But you are right, every failure is a learning experience and a motivation to improve. Try to stay positive! You said that you had opportunities last cycle, so I'm assuming you had multiple interviews. Although UBC didn't work out this year, you may very likely get another chance at the other schools you interviewed at last year. I shall keep my fingers crossed for you
  4. Is anyone else finding it hard to stay motivated as a re-applicant? I just find that as the days pass by during this cycle, I become less confident in my application. I suppose I should provide a little exposition. I first applied two years ago to Ontario schools. Luckily I scored an interview at Toronto, but was rejected in the end. The following cycle, I reapplied with a higher cGPA/wGPA, more items on my ABS, more long term commitments on my ABS, more effort put into my essays, etc. In short, I felt that if anything, my application was overall stronger than the first year. However, I did not score an interview, despite being rejected from Toronto a few days before the last interview date, which makes me feel as if my application was being held on some sort of interview waitlist in case someone cancelled last minute... I guess what bothers me most is that with each year that passes, I feel more discouraged. My fear is that the interview I got in my first application cycle was my one chance to get in, and I didn't seize it... I do hope that third time is the charm for me, especially for Toronto. It is my dream school In any case, I will still keep trying to improve myself and my application, and re-applying each year, as medicine is my goal and passion. However, one does begin to wonder if they are cut out for it as each application cycle occurs and passes.
  5. The only time they included GPA, Casper and the ABS in their pre-interview scoring was 2 years ago. However, back then they still only looked at your “top 3” for each ABS section, and it was their first year of using the Casper. So it’s anyone’s guess what formula they used to calculate your pre-interview score.
  6. Your GPA is a little low, and your CARS score is okay (for Mac standards). However, if you do really well on the CASPer, you very likely have a chance at an interview.
  7. I am glad that the ABS is being brought back into uOttawa's preinterview assessment this year. Hopefully it draws emphasis away from what seems to be a near standard of needing at least a 3.96+ GPA to be accepted into the english steam
  8. I spoke to admissions again today, for an unrelated reason to my call with them on Thursday. Without me inquiring about it, the lady on the phone mentioned that some invites will be sent out until the end of this week, with some files held on to in case of cancellations. This sparked some follow up questions on my end. When I asked her when we can expect to receive notice, she said most likely closer to the end of the week. So maybe we'll hear back on Thirsday or Friday? I'm expecting invites Thursday, and regrets Friday. I was also told that the ad coms have nearly completed all file reviews with only a few left to review/finish. So I'd expect file reviews to either finish up today or tomorrow, and then we will be informed following that. So with that all being said, it's likely we'll be in limbo for the next couple days, so try to stay positive and good luck everyone!
  9. The only insight I can give is that when I spoke to admissions today, I was enthusiastically informed that file reviews are still on going, and that there are still "quite a few spots left." Now I know that's not much to go on, but the person's tone of voice over the phone energized me with hope. I wouldn't count out U of T until the 31st.
  10. I called admissions today as well and was told the exact same thing. I was informed that file reviews are still ongoing at this point, and that invites will be continued to be sent out up until the end of March, with some held on until up to the interview dates in case of cancellations. Also, although I was told that they cannot release information on the number of interview spots left, I was assured that there are still "quite a few spots left"
  11. I have a feeling that by the end of either today or tomorrow, our fates will be known.
  12. This is relieving! Can it be assumed that those who received invites today for this weekend's interviews are people residing within Toronto/the GTA and thus, people who wouldn't need to make last minute travel and accommodation arrangements?
  13. I think if you read your own words, then you should still feel confident about your file being reviewed fairly this late in the cycle compared to someone who has their's reviewed earlier. The ad coms and file reviewers very likely try to review each application as equally and objectively as possible and make conscious efforts to commit to that (just as you do). Also, U of T has interview spots that are still open because they review files so late into the cycle. I'm sure that the amount of spots they have left open for this file review batch is relative to all other file review batches at any point in the cycle. If not, then the randomized process would be unjust and if that was the case, I doubt it would be the method U of T would go about application review.
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