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  1. Thanks! Good luck on whatever day you write
  2. Truth: Its okay, but you have to change now. Finish your 3rd year and 4th year with 3.9+ (or 4th/5th if 3rd is not possible) - Sounds crazy? Browse through the forums and you'll see its been done. If they can do it, you can too. Good luck.
  3. Hey there! I was in this exact position (almost) last year (126 CARS) and did the following: I spend all of May and June on CARS and July on the other 3 (keep in mind, this is my 3rd time writing), and wrote on Aug 19th, Things I did: 1. READ TPR/EK LESSONS: SO MANY people told me this was a waste of my time and it wouldn't help. Not true. Read the notes and decide for yourself what parts of the strategy are feasible for the score you want (I wanted a 130, so killing passages was not an option, hence i removed the step of reading questions before the passage - to save time). Do the exercises they give you too - it all helps. 2. Practice. I spend a month on pure practice, from EK101 (even though it was based on the old MCAT, I found it helped) to section banks that i got from TPR, to skipping through practice exams to only do verbal (although this does limit the amount of full practice tests you can do after studying all subjects) 3. When you practice, USE THE STRATEGIES from TPR/EK/whatever. I used TPR and find their way of narrowing down where your mistakes are to be a great resource. - Identify the questions you got wrong and spend time finding out HOW you ended up there instead of the right answer (not just why you were wrong) - Make lists of things that challenge you (ie. one of the things I did was make a list of tough words I saw repeatedly in passages) and make a plan to tackle them Lastly, on the day of the exam, don't let anything interfere. Remember that 100% of CARS is passage based, so the ONLY thing stopping you from doing your best is confidence. Also, C/P can be very hard and I have always been demotivated by how badly i did on it... and this makes CARS even harder. Focus on CARS - med schools do. After 3 months of studying (2 for CARS, 1 for everything else review) my score went from from: CP/CARS/BIO/PSYCH 127/126/130/129 to 129/130/128/128 (yeah i lost some Bio and Psych - but I made Canadian cut offs ) Hopefully this helps! Good luck.
  4. For ABS, can we use the Type/Level Box in Extracurriculars to list responsibilities?
  5. Hey guys! I'm finishing up my ABS, but wanted to clarify between Volunteer and Extra-curricular. Whats the difference? I'm tempted to put all my ECs in university (clubs, events) under volunteer because the description says you can list responsibilities, but Extra-curricular just asks you to write type of activity/level of performance (which I understand is just individual activity, team activity or club activity). Can anyone clarify this for me?
  6. Hey guys, I need to order a new transcript for Dal. Does the 15th deadline apply for receiving or issuing the transcript? Im not sure if it will reach before the 15th.
  7. I haven't played sports or music in years! I am interested in bodybuilding and may compete in the future (hopefully in 2018!), but that's about it What are some things that you guys enjoyed most during UG (that would support my med application as well )?
  8. Hey guys, I'll be starting my 5th year of undergrad in September, and was wondering what you might recommend I get involved with next year. In the past 4 years, I have worked my way up to being the President of one of the largest science based organizations on campus, started and am currently the Chair pf a well known organization's chapter at my school, tutored for 4 years (as well as mentoring), shadowed a family physician for 2 years, volunteered in hospitals/disability clinics for 3 years and recently filled the void of research in my application with a Work/Study position (hopefully with my own project!). Next year however, I will be stepping down as President, one of my largest responsibilities and and looking for something else to invest my time into. Any suggestions? I enjoy charity work, but mostly stuff with large amounts of people to work with. Looking for something to add to my resume, as well as something fun! List your ideas, and I'll try my best
  9. Wow. I cant help you much, but im in exactly the same position. 2.96, 3.67, 3.92, and doing my fourth year (hoping for a 3.97 because of one course that will be an 80). And we legit have almost the same ECs and I wrote the MCAT (127/128/130/128 - gonna rewrite asap). I don't know much about whether specific schools look down on it, but I have quite a few friends who were excepted in Canada after a 5th year (I'm gonna be doing a 5th year too!). i know this isnt much help, but we have so much in common
  10. Don't rewrite my MCAT? I was thinking I should to get a chance at UWO and potentially at Mac (my verbal currently at 127) Would a 1 year masters and 5th year be optimal for my situation? It would boost my GPA and give me masters experience.
  11. Chances aren't I'm from Ontario, currently going to UWO. MCAT: VR: 127 PS:128 Psych:128 Bio: 130 Also, should I rewrite?
  12. Hey guys, I'm in my 4th year with the following stats: 1st Year: 2.96 2nd Year: 3.67 3rd Year: 3.92 4th Year: 3.99 Extracurriculars: Shadowing for 2 years, volunteering in hospitals, President of large school organization, executive on well recognized organization, tutor, mentor - No research done Should I take a 5th year with a thesis? or would a masters help? Aaaand I know what the title says, but lemme know what yall think of my chances
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