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  1. Just wanted to write a post to you guys because a year ago I was in your shoes and I know how it feels. Here is my best advice based on what I went through, feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions: - First off, it sucks. I know it does. This is a big day and a lot of people are happy and even more are pretending to be. Please know that it is always better to be unmatched than to be stuck somewhere you would hate. - Allow yourself a few days of being sad/pissed and then starting getting on it. Is there anything you like in round 2? If so apply and start calling people. If not start forming a plan. Meet with PGME and make sure there are no red flags. Hopefully this was just a case of being screwed by carms. - The first big choice you have to make is whether to graduate or (if possible) take an extra year as a student. Taking the extra year as a student is great because you can still do electives. I chose to graduate, but because I liked path/rads doing observerships was not different than electives. If you like patient based specialties delaying graduating may be best. - If you do graduate get an educational license and start shadowing/observing as much as possible. Do a month at one place, a month at another etc. Always look to do research. I committed to a few research projects and they were big for me. Also, please realize your best chance next year is your home school. Definitely. So spend time with them. - There is actually way less time than you think. Interviews are out in November, thats not a lot of time. You have two goals: Observerships/electives and research. Finally, realize its not the end of the world. Not matching isn't like it was 5 years ago. There are record numbers of unmatched people and its growing. Its likely a problem with the system and not with you. I just matched to my number 1 pick and taking this year was 100% worth it, wouldn't change a thing :).
  2. Is this actually true?? Apparently my school was told it was a match violation
  3. I've heard from a few people that some schools notify their students early if they went unmatched (day before). Has anyone ever heard of this? Would be nice to know this and get out ahead of it. Thanks!
  4. Thanks, just found this link: https://www.carms.ca/en/match-process/match-timelines/pgme-offices/ It appears PGME does view the list and that the final list isn't until the 15th of Feb.
  5. Any idea when program rank lists are submitted? Does the PD have final say? Is it sent directly to CaRMS or would PGME get it as well? Thanks!
  6. Yeah I think you are right. For those who committed to path I think it will be easy as always. My guess is many people may be using it as a backup just in case. There was a time if all you did was one elective you matched to path, maybe you might need a bit more commitment than that this year. Hard to know though.
  7. The odds of it actually being competitive this year is slim I hope. Just maybe they will fill all the spots. With the number of unmatched last year I think more are backing up. I'm the only one in my school applying to path.
  8. Wow that is certainly surprising to me. Maybe a lot of people backing up? Do people know first hand if there are a lot of people going for path as a first choice? Really hoping it isn't some anomaly of a year
  9. Thoughts on path competitiveness this year? Unmatched spots?
  10. Do you think there will be unmatched path spots this year? I've applied to all programs in path across Canada and have a fair amount of experience. Still kind of terrified.
  11. My home school so not sure if they have sent interviews out to everyone else. Anatomical Pathology: Interview at MUNAnesthesiology:Cardiac Surgery:Dermatology:Diagnostic Radiology:Emergency Medicine:Family Medicine:General Surgery:Internal Medicine:Laboratory Medicine:Medical Biochemistry:Medical Genetics:Neurology:Neurology - Pediatric:Neuropathology:Neurosurgery:Obstetrics and Gynecology:Ophthalmology:Orthopedic Surgery:Otolaryngology:Pediatrics:Plastic Surgery:PM&R:Psychiatry:Radiation Oncology:Urology:Vascular Surgery:
  12. Question, I went unmatched last year due to gunning for radiology and not applying broad enough. Was told absolutely zero issues with my application just awful luck. I discovered path after not matching and love it. I have a 2 week elective done in it and am essentially doing a year of observerships/research in it at my home university and in ontario. Do you think path programs would automatically look down on me for not matching initially?
  13. Thanks! I have started my pathology observership at my home university and its been going well. I was even given a desk space and a computer and told I was welcome to come in every day until the match. So I am certainly going to make us of that. I've just been shadowing staff/residents, attending teaching, and working on a research project. I am also travelling to another province to complete a month observership there with a contact from the pathology department here. One piece of advice I have is that observerships seem to work for pathology as they aren't much different than an elective. But, I know in some specialities and elective student would have much more responsibilities (like internal) than an observer, making the observership less valuable.
  14. Just to provide an update, I had some great conversations with my home university pathology PD. He agreed to let me do a 3 week elective before I graduated and was impressed with my work (having a legit elective done in my fourth year will be good for my next application). He even told me if I could even find one year of funding that he would take me on as a resident this year and fund the rest. Unfortunately this wasn't possible due to budget cuts but he agreed to set me up with observerships here and with some contacts he has in ontario. He said pathology doesn't judge it against you and that I largely went unmatched due to a fear that maybe I wasn't committed. I am also starting a research project in path and doing some path skills courses. I am going with path and will back up with rads and family. Hope this maybe helps someone else. After not matching I realized you home university is far and away your best chance as (normally) they want wants best for you and they don't want you unmatched on their records.
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