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  1. The cutoffs change year to year- no harm in applying.
  2. Yes, it will sound much more choppy compared to other schools that let you have more space- should be fine!
  3. You really won't know until you get your schedule. There may be some mandatory classes/orientation on the Friday if you were planning on leaving early. There are also likely social events happening after the first weekend which you may not want to miss. Regarding actual course content it'll not be significant yet !
  4. Correct. There is a tone that goes off after 5 mins where the follow up question will be asked, and then a tone indicating the end of the station (at 7 mins)
  5. I mean that's probably a bit of an exaggeration. You will still have time do to whatever leisure/hobby/extracurricular activities you wish- especially in first year!
  6. The timing has been the same for the past few years now, as far as I'm aware!
  7. that is correct. There will be a time indication at the 5 min mark, and at the end of the station.
  8. This is correct! At 5 minutes, there will be a follow up question which you will have 2 minutes to answer. You will not be given the followup question until the 5 minute mark.
  9. there are still PT interviews happening which is also MMI style, as well as others who also have Ontario med interviews!
  10. Not sure if that matters? You would just be enrolled in 3 separate courses. Your wGPA would be based on the last two years where you were full time. So I believe if your final year you had less than a full course load, your wGPA would not include those courses.
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