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  1. makes sense if they have a late birthday and started applying in 3rd year undergrad.
  2. which ipad did you end up going with?
  3. helicase

    IP vs OOP

    nope, they don't have any provincial preference at any point! hence the very high volume of apps (also compounded with no published cutoffs)
  4. helicase

    Queens Waitlist 2018

    not until you get the 'class is full' email
  5. Yes, that quote just means that they're not going to look into the difficulty of the course. And as long as you get an actual grade (ie not pass/fail), it'll count for your wGPA as long as you're taking 3 courses per semester/6 courses per year between Sept-April.
  6. helicase

    Most important physics topics - planning to skim review

    Imo it's like the core stuff you absolutely should know. Like for the OP who wanted to know just the essential physics info, going off this would be a good idea. Also it's great review in the days before your exam.
  7. helicase

    Most important physics topics - planning to skim review

    Kaplan quicksheets (google them)- overview of everything
  8. Queen's uses sequential cutoffs. First GPA, then MCAT- so as long as you pass the GPA threshold and subsequent MCAT threshold you make it to the next stage.
  9. Sounds good- a better score definitely can't hurt if you have the time! best of luck!
  10. I think you should definitely spend more time on interview prep. Your best chance imo is still UBC- they are a very transparent school in terms of how they score/admit. You will likely interview again and should really put solid time into preparing and analyzing why you're only scoring average. If you happen to interview at Queen's, they too will look at the interview significantly to decide admission. Like there doesn't seem to be a real concrete reason for you to retake the MCAT at this point?
  11. UBC gives post-interview feedback re whether you're average or not, right? What feedback have you been getting? It seems to me that the interview is the problem given that you're IP in BC and got two invites in a row.
  12. I mean MCAT is likely a relatively small portion of the post-interview scoring at UBC. I know anecdotally of people who got minimums/near minimums on subsections and still got in.
  13. I mean with Queen's interview invites it entirely depends on how they eval your EC's once you pass the GPA/MCAT thresholds.
  14. Your MCAT should probably be fine as long as you don't have anything lower than a 125 in your science sections.