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  1. helicase

    Is my MCAT sufficient?

    most likely yes!
  2. helicase

    Competitive GPA?

    It is a cutoff tho
  3. helicase

    Competitive GPA?

    they actually copied and pasted quite a bit from the old website.
  4. dw verifiers being contacted and interview offers are definitely not correlated
  5. helicase

    UBC vs McGill Medical School

    Lol at least wait til you have interviews. If you’re confident you’ll get them then I’d spend this time practicing for those.
  6. helicase


    Sounds very cool, and I'd say competitive. Make sure you write your ABS well.
  7. helicase

    Competitive GPA?

    That's definitely competitive. It's a cutoff, not ranked.
  8. helicase

    Reference letter due date

    November 1st! Just make sure the info is on OMSAS, and email has been sent before Oct 1
  9. I too just met with them similar to @Monkey D. Luffy. I did not give them explicit instructions re page length or anything.
  10. helicase

    Queens ABS

    You are probably overthinking this. Think about who you are and the activities you're displaying and how they represent the qualities that you want to display as representative of yourself as a future doctor.
  11. helicase

    MCAT Cutoff???

    You should be good!
  12. helicase

    MCAT Cutoff???

    126 seems to be the cutoff based on recent cycles, but no harm in trying!
  13. It’s awesome that’s youre interested in medicine so early! There is really no wrong way to go with extra curriculars, do stuff that interest you that you would consider continuing and growing in for the long term. Leadership is another great thing to develop in your senior high school years. Make sure you keep your grades up but also have fun and keep your interests open you may end up liking something more than med!
  14. UBC’s app has an early deadline, OMSAS does not.
  15. helicase

    Rate my ECs?

    It's not a red flag that you don't have employment. It's really hard to rate your EC's outside of the admissions committee- just focus on spending time writing your descriptions with action words and reference to the canmeds roles and hope for the best!