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  1. helicase

    Asking for a reference letter

    I mean you could always send them your CV just in case, especially if you are requesting the letter over email. Some people like to have it for reference.
  2. helicase

    OMSAS Verifiers

    If they are verifying you in a business capacity put the business address down- the pool in this case.
  3. helicase

    Interview Chances

    Yes correct, if they have only 90 credits they don't qualify for the adjustment. No worries! Also remember to include unstructured/unconventional activities you may have spent time on- babysitting, helping with family business etc.
  4. helicase

    Interview Chances

    Yes, there is an 85% adjusted GPA cutoff for OOP. Is 82% their adjusted GPA? They should really spend time on their descriptions of activities. Make sure you exhibit growth and allusion to the canmeds roles. The way they are written can vastly change your score even given two profiles with similar experiences.
  5. helicase

    Someone HELP me

    This so much. A big part of MCAT studying is constantly reflecting on why you're performing the way you're performing and then going back to tackle your weak spots. There's no 'one size fits all' approach to improvement.
  6. helicase

    Days a week at QMed

    I'm p sure the answer to this would be the same as when you asked last year..
  7. MCAT will not make up for EC's at UBC. That being said, definitely include life experiences that you may not think to add as an EC. The UBC help guide provides examples of this- being a parent, helping on the family farm/restaurant etc.
  8. I don't know if you necessarily need a 515+ for Queen's, but your 125 CARS may hold you back.
  9. helicase

    Ontario Med School Seats

    Location doesn't matter for Queen's either.
  10. perhaps also consider rewriting the MCAT to open more doors?
  11. helicase

    chances at getting in?? Queens Med

    ah ok. 3.7 may be cutting it close without a grad degree. I have seen people interview with 3.7 before, but of course the cutoffs may change year to year.
  12. Great start! Keep your GPA as high as you can, although remember schools have various GPA weighting formulas. You're definitely right, any research will hone your basic research skills and will open doors for clinical research etc. in the future. Your EC's also look great, keep pursuing activities that interest you and have a few that you can grow in over time (i.e. volunteer-->lead volunteer--> coordinator). Don't be afraid to pursue hobbies/interests that don't seem to be 'typical premed' activities. best of luck, you're off to a good start!
  13. helicase

    chances at getting in?? Queens Med

    What is your weighted GPA for Queens? Your EC's look pretty solid, you have some good research experience. Definitely include things that aren't science/health related in your ABS- sports, music/art, other hobbies you've spent considerable time on. Queens definitely seems to like a 'well-rounded' ABS.
  14. helicase

    2Yr GPA Eligibility?

    I believe they would just take your most recent 2 full-time years (3 courses/semester; 6 courses/year (Sept-Apr)), whenever those may be, for your wGPA.