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    helicase reacted to Meridian in Plan moving forward (3.69 GPA, 514 MCAT)   
    break down your GPA for each year and indicate if full course load each year
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    helicase got a reaction from HotAwkwardNerd in queens interview with 125 in c/p?   
    The cutoffs change year to year- no harm in applying. 
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    helicase reacted to xiphoid in 2 YR GPA vs Cumulative   
    To clarify, they take the higher of the two calculated GPAs. The lower GPA is dropped and won't negatively affect your application.
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    helicase got a reaction from clever_smart_boy_like_me in First week of classes ?   
    You really won't know until you get your schedule. There may be some mandatory classes/orientation on the Friday if you were planning on leaving early. There are also likely social events happening after the first weekend which you may not want to miss. Regarding actual course content it'll  not be significant yet !
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    helicase reacted to clever_smart_boy_like_me in Waitlist Thread 2019   
    Story post to follow in the 'Non-trad success stories'.
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    helicase reacted to Premed_Girl in Waitlist Thread 2019   
    Also accepted off waitlist (and also interviewed off the waitlist)!! 5+ years of undergrad, 1 master's degree, multiple MCAT retakes, 3 research labs and countless hours of sleepless nights later and I finally made it! First-generation doctor in my family .. I will write more later but please be proud of yourselves however far you've come!! I never thought that I would make it but here I am!! 
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    helicase reacted to chiynadoll in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Did not think I would ever post something good here... Honestly thought I had a better shot in Ontario than UBC. Rejected pre-interview from UBC for 3 cycles but interviewed elsewhere. This is my 4th cycle. To those who did not receive ideal news today, please don't give up! 
    Timestamp: 11:56 PST
    Accepted VFMP (1st Choice)
    Early or Regular Deadline: Regular
    AGPA: 86.6% (Last year AQ 25)
    MCAT: 131/128/132/131 
    Year: BSc Hons 2017
    ECs: Please see previous posts in the interview offers thread for further details or PM me. 
    Clinical research coordinator for 3 years (2 abstracts, 2 papers in the works, all 2nd author), BBT barista for 4 years, cat shelter volunteer for a year, owned a restaurant for a short while, freelance makeup artist since 2012, various minimum wage part-time jobs, since 2009, recreational sports - nothing with achievements of sorts, was VP of a social club in undergrad... not a lot of volunteering tbh. I did fill out the extenuating circumstances box. PM for details or dig through old posts. 
    Other than time spent at my CRC job over the last 4 cycles, nothing else changed in my ECs. I just wrote them differently. Was rejected pre-interview in 2015 with NAQ of 21, 2016 with 17, 2017 with 25, and finally probably just made it over the threshold this year with maybe a 27 or so. 
    Geography: IP
    I absolutely bombed 1 station. It was my last one, the interviewer just didn't care anymore, and I focused on the wrong part of the question for too long. Probably did mediocre on 2-3 of them, particularly if I felt like I couldn't relate a personal story to it. Some of the stations were on topics I was already very passionate and had strong opinions on so I had an already thought out answers for. Some stations I just had facts to bring up. It was difficult to really showcase yourself at UBC compared to other schools but I guess that's the challenge. 
    I'm happy to chat if anyone wants to know more. Just drop me a PM. 
    Will also be looking to hire a replacement for my current job, so if clinical research in a hospital is something you're interested in, and you're in Vancouver, look out for a posting through UBC Careers (external) or PM me.  
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    helicase reacted to Matty66 in Post-Interview Chances   
    I believe last year Queen’s sent around 184 offers. Add that to the approximate number of people removing themselves from the WL, i’d say that the top ranking 200 out of the 500 interviewees are likely to get an offer (40%).
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    helicase reacted to metacarpal in Class Size?   
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    helicase got a reaction from HotAwkwardNerd in Post-Interview Feelings - First Weekend   
    I mean that's probably a bit of an exaggeration. You will still have time do to whatever leisure/hobby/extracurricular activities you wish- especially in first year!
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    helicase got a reaction from struggling2getin in Post-Interview Feelings - First Weekend   
    The timing has been the same for the past few years now, as far as I'm aware!
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    helicase reacted to erythrocyte in Post-Interview Feelings - First Weekend   
    First time interviewing at Queen's.
    Overall impressions: 
    MMI: It was like others have said in the past, it felt different than practice prompts at home. Walking out of it I was like "maybe I didn't do such a bad job", felt iffy on 2 stations but tried to work through them as best as I could, and one of them there's a point that now I'm like "I can't believe I didn't bring that point up what the heck is wrong with you". 
    Panel: Quite conversational, was probably my favourite of the two. Very warm and friendly. 
    I understand post-interview feelings mean nothing, but I've been ruminating on it since I left the interview. Hoping it diminishes over time.
    EDIT: Forgot to mention the 1st year QMed students. They made the experience so so so so so much better, helped alleviate stresses, and I really love the amount of effort they put forward to make the experience more enjoyable. The interview weekend video was hilarious, can't wait until they post the link so I can watch it again .
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    helicase reacted to uhoh99 in One interview....pretty stunned right now   
    So update for any interested parties. I matched to Family Medicine! Always liked living life on the edge, but I'll admit this was cutting it close. I can still accomplish my goals through this route, just have to take a different path than initially intended.
    Thanks for all of the advice. 
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    helicase reacted to xiphoid in Please switch spots!!!   
    Not to mention that you then run into the issue of applicants currently in school having midterms or other exams during weekday interviews, which I personally think would be a far more widespread problem. The way interviews are currently run at Queen's just would not work on a weekday, since first years organize the interview weekends apart from the actual interviewing/MMI. This year's first interview weekend falls right in between our three final exams. You can't just cancel an entire five days of classes for students to do weekday interviews when the schedule is already pretty tight.
    The entirety of medicine requires individuals to make personal sacrifices. Sometimes it just sucks that the timing happens on a certain day as something else that is very important (e.g. a doctor I worked with in the past missed the birth of his own child and his sibling's wedding because of being on-call/patient deteriorating rapidly), but that's the system you need to consider if you're planning to enter it. I would definitely talk to current clerks, residents and staff who also observe the Sabbath before you make the decision to pursue medicine should you be accepted down the road. While it seems people at other schools have been able to make it work most of the time (again, most, not all), keep in mind that Queen's has a much smaller class size (100 compared to Mac's 206) and therefore fewer clerks to switch with and also fewer clerks to schedule in the first place. If your religion is so important to you (nothing wrong with that, it's a personal opinion), then maybe it's worth considering if the career you think you want to pursue is compatible with what you believe in. (I think that all comes down to personal opinion again - how flexible you want to be with your faith and how much you believe medicine is compatible with your religious practices.)
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    helicase got a reaction from BalkanRelations in Queen's interview timing/format?   
    This is correct! At 5 minutes, there will be a follow up question which you will have 2 minutes to answer. You will not be given the followup question until the 5 minute mark.
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    helicase got a reaction from Poloma in Queen's interview timing/format?   
    This is correct! At 5 minutes, there will be a follow up question which you will have 2 minutes to answer. You will not be given the followup question until the 5 minute mark.
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    helicase got a reaction from HotAwkwardNerd in Queen's interview timing/format?   
    This is correct! At 5 minutes, there will be a follow up question which you will have 2 minutes to answer. You will not be given the followup question until the 5 minute mark.
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    helicase reacted to chiynadoll in Queens Interview Invites/regrets 2019   
    I second this! My first 2 MCATs were 31/45 on the old one, and didn't make cutoffs for ANY school, including UBC in province (which currently has an IP cutoff of 500 if I'm not mistaken). Now at 522. Whether you studied, gave it your all, had issues come up around the time of the exam, mental/physical health, etc. really plays a role in your performance. 
    Result: Invite
    Interview Date: Second weekend. I'm out of the continent on the first.
    wGPA/cGPA: 3.85
    Year: Finished undergrad, now working
    MCAT: 131/128/132/131 -> 522 
    ECs: Message me or find an old post of mine where I went in to detail. Very diverse, random, and filled with hobby related entries. 
    Geography: OOP (although I vaguely remember theres no IP/OOP distinction)
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    helicase got a reaction from HotAwkwardNerd in Is my MCAT sufficient?   
    most likely yes!
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    helicase got a reaction from Hello2857 in Research and Internship Courses and 2Y GPA?   
    Not sure if that matters? You would just be enrolled in 3 separate courses. 
    Your wGPA would be based on the last two years where you were full time. So I believe if your final year you had less than a full course load, your wGPA would not include those courses. 
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    helicase got a reaction from HotAwkwardNerd in Research and Internship Courses and 2Y GPA?   
    Not sure if that matters? You would just be enrolled in 3 separate courses. 
    Your wGPA would be based on the last two years where you were full time. So I believe if your final year you had less than a full course load, your wGPA would not include those courses. 
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    helicase got a reaction from HotAwkwardNerd in Research and Internship Courses and 2Y GPA?   
    Yes, that quote just means that they're not going to look into the difficulty of the course. And as long as you get an actual grade (ie not pass/fail), it'll count for your wGPA as long as you're taking 3 courses per semester/6 courses per year between Sept-April. 
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    helicase reacted to xiphoid in non Grad 3.4 2yr wGPA?   
    If the higher of the two GPAs that Queen's calculates (either cumulative or 2 most recent years) is a 3.4, your application will most likely not make it past the GPA and MCAT screening. Queen's admissions is sequential, meaning both your MCAT and GPA need to meet the cutoff for them to even open your application, so nothing in your application will even matter. For reference, UofT, which generally has an average of 3.96 for accepted students, will not consider applicants with lower than a 3.6. GPA is really fundamental, so if you don't meet it, there is nothing you can do to help your application other than raising your GPA. Grad students are generally given a GPA bump which is why you'll see some of them get in with undergrad GPAs in the 3.5/3.6 range, but they'll also have their grad school GPA in their application which are usually very high for these applicants (3.8/3.9 or higher). 
    Now that you've added specifics about your GPA: Is your 3rd year GPA only from one semester? If you can keep it at that for next semester, as well as in your last year, your 2 year GPA will be good for Queen's. If you've applied this year as a third year applicant, I don't think you'll make it to file review.
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    helicase reacted to Neurophiliac in Interview Invites & Regrets (2018/2019) – Dim The Lights And Here We Go   
    TIME STAMP:  11:06 AM PST
    Interview Invite or Regrets:  Interview Invite
    Early or Regular Deadline:  Regular Deadline
    GPA or AGPA (if applicable):  ~84%
    MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB):  514 – (130 / 125 / 130 / 129)
    Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD):  BSc in 2014
    Geography (IP/OOP):  IP

    Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.):
    Founded and lead a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for variety of causes via annual musical concerts, with the last 2 events focused on contributing to schizophrenia (5 years and counting); founded and led another charity aiding developing nations via Save the Children fund (6 years); extensive leadership and volunteering with UBC Department of Physics and Astronomy (8.5 years and counting); long-term ER volunteer and volunteer trainer and program coordinator (8.5 years and counting); long-term St. John Ambulance volunteer and Divisional Administration Officer (2000+ hours over 5 years, and counting); independently provide guidance and support to immigrants and families as they adjust to life in Vancouver/Canada (9+ years and counting); lots and lots of capacity to work with others including skin cancer research/holding workshops for high school students across Metro Vancouver, volunteering with med students and residents via UBC Department of Emergency Medicine, working closely with refugees and youth with physical and/or intellectual disabilities, and more (combined 3300+ hours); and lots and lots of diversity including clinical research as a volunteer, shadowing pediatric surgeons, toxicology research as a volunteer, epigenomics research at Michael Smith Labs, loads of piano and competitions, oil painting, and more.  I also work 3 jobs right now, 1 full-time and 2 part-time jobs; full-time is being a research assistant at UBCH working on a project focused on treatment-refractory schizophrenia (over 2 years); part-time jobs include tutoring students in grade 4-12 in math and academic reading with a company, and also tutoring for the MCAT with a company.  1 Publication (1st author) on the application (had a poster publication/presentation on June 7th haha, and a few are expected to come during this summer).  Lots of awards (mainly from high school) and one high performance activity for winning multiple awards with St. John Ambulance.

    As you guys can tell, I put a lot of details above, primarily to help current applicants who unfortunately didn’t hear good news and also prospective applicants.  I will be writing a huge post to share my own personal story and to give a few tips on how to improve NAQ on the application, all intended to encourage those who have not received an invitation.  You are all qualified, brilliant, hardworking, and dedicated individuals.  Some of you I know very well, and others I do follow.  You all have unique characteristics that are deeply appreciated and sincerely needed in medicine.  It’s heartbreaking when some people dwell on thoughts of giving up on medicine when it’s been a dream for so long...  I want you to know that I do empathize with you all, but just in a different context as I’ve had my own personal challenges.  I have no right to tell you “don’t be sad” or “just pick yourself up and try again” because it’s unbelievable how much more difficult it is to do it than to say it; believe me, I know this.  But, all I do ask is to please try.  I’m hoping my story can be your motivation, your inspiration, your encouragement to try just once more. 
    If anyone has any questions at all and would like to chat more privately, don’t hesitate to PM me.  I’m always here to listen.
    To those who have received invites, never take it for granted and always be grateful for what you have; lessons I’ve learned one of the hardest ways possible.  Of course, huge congratulations to all of you lovely folks – I cannot wait to meet each and every one of you 
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    helicase reacted to Health_in_Perspective90 in Interview Invites & Regrets (2018/2019) – Dim The Lights And Here We Go   
    TIME STAMP: 1:06PM (EST) - MD Interview ; 1:34PM EST - PhD Interview 
    Interview Invite or Regrets: Invite (PhD - Friday ; MD - Saturday) 
    Early or Regular Deadline: Regular
    GPA or AGPA (if applicable):  Unavailable (OMSAS of 3.95) 
    MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 515 ; 127/127/130/131
    Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): BSc hons (2014), MSc (2016), Cert. Cul. Arts (2017) ; Working research professional since Fall 2017 
    Geography (IP/OOP):  OOP
    Extracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): I am unaware of my NAQ score.  It was not provided to me following an interview invitation. For more details on EC's, etc feel free to PM! In general, my CV has been research focused. However, I've made sure to take the time to pursue my passions (culinary arts, wood crafting, metal working). 
    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the interview! 
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