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  1. So, I live up north in BC and have a bit of a hard time getting together for MMI prep with other people because of that. As such I was thinking that a good way to prep for MMI would be to use either skype or post videos of timed answers and have people respond and/or make response answer videos. I am only going to do this though if there is any interest as there really isn't any need for me to do this without outside input. Anyone interested in skyping and/or video practice holla at ya boy lol. Seriously though let me know.
  2. I would agree here that consulting with the patient on the reason is the logically most important first step, the reason could be something like endo which can cause excruciating pain due to cramps. Although the thought process needs to go deeper than that. What would your response be given each possible answer. They are going to ask you probe questions remember, so try to think of a path for each possible answer she could give. If it's for sex remember that the creed of medicine is to do no harm. Preventing pregnancy is great but the pill won't protect you from STIs. As a physician it is your duty to make this connection and ensure that you inform the patient of this and give them proper medical advice about safe sex. If it is for endo then again you have a duty to inform the patient about their condition. As well remember that there are many different types of pills that all have different hormones or combinations of hormones and that they might cause adverse reactions. Many times girls have to try multiple pills before they get one that works well for them without causing mood swings or causing them to have adverse physical reactions. So it is not a question of this MIGHT be a multiple visit thing, it will be, even if just to follow up and make sure that the current pill is working. As well there are many ethical concerns here. Is there a possibility of an abusive family, and that is why she doesn't want them to know, sure. Jumping to that conclusion though, in my opinion can show short-sightedness. It is important to ask about this possibility in a subtle and non-confrontational way, but most likely she is just a sexually active young girl who doesn't want her parents to know (the more likely scenario in my opinion). There is also a possibility that she is in an inappropriate relationship, but as with the aforementioned parental issue, this is unlikely in my opinion. I would address both of these as being in your thought process but don't make them the main point of your answer. You only have six to eight minutes and wasting it on trivial lines of thought is going to hurt you. To me the major issue ethically here is on autonomy, and do no harm. Is this girl at an age where she can make an INFORMED decision regarding her health care without the input of her parents? Could be argued either way <--- this should be the major part of your answer in my opinion. If we give her the birth control what are the possible outcomes? Does this breach our duty to do no harm? If we DON'T give her the birth control what are the possible outcomes? Does this present more harm than the latter possibility? To me these last few questions make up the most important part of the answer.
  3. Hopefully sans the gun violence, does that make us the murderous androids then?
  4. To anyone reading this that got rejected I sympathize. I was rejected last year and the year before because my NAQ score was terrible to start. I managed to get an interview this year, so I know firsthand that it is possible to fight back and make up the ground that you need to get an interview. Doing so takes an incredible amount of work, I will admit. I was doing like 19 hour days during the canada winter games :S. Please don't feel discouraged and apply directly to international schools (which I did). I think if you give it some time and thought you will realize that doing so isn't the right choice for your future. Also, I never once lied about my EC hours, and maybe that was to my disadvantage the first couple years but I didn't want to get in on false information. I just felt like it would forever cheapen my accomplishments that way. I am not saying that it doesn't happen, because I am sure that it does, the question is do you want to give up your integrity by stooping to the level of people that lie? Stay positive and keep working at it, if you are really determined they will see that as your application improves from year to year.
  5. Congrats to everyone who gets invited today. I will see you down there!! To any still waiting to hear best of luck tomorrow. Now...how to prep for the MMI? Hmmmmm
  6. Congrats to all who have made it to this point. Hopefully tomorrow brings some good news!!
  7. Congrats to all who have made it to this point. Hopefully tomorrow brings some good news!!
  8. At this point if you aren't chewing your fingernails off you are probably doing okay lol.
  9. I think you are right, it is just very hard to get work experience where you are really working toward one of the evaluation areas. For some people they have connections into healthcare for some of us this isn't the case. Just IMO i think it is much easier to find volunteer experiences where you are exhibiting leadership than it is to find a managerial type job, and the same goes for the other areas as well. Well i don't mean to spread false assumptions but just because you scored a high NAQ doesn't mean that it came from your work experience per se. Did you have really strong ECs? I don't mean that it isn't weighted at all or even equally, just that the majority of jobs (at least up here in the north) don't tend to be ones that lend themselves toward one of the five areas they are looking for. I think that someone who works let's say at a coffee shop or a department store or in a warehouse probably won't end up with the same NAQ score as someone who volunteers with aimhi or BC cancer agency etc.
  10. as far as the work thing is concerned i can tell you it doesn't weigh in heavily. I have worked full time since i was 15 and had two jobs while going to school (40 hours a week most of the time). My NAQ to start even with volunteering in africa etc. was only an 18. I wish work experience weighed in more heavily, but it doesn't.
  11. As far as NAQ is concerned i think that each area is scored on a set scale. Let's say 8 points for each of your five experience areas and ten for research/publications (I don't actually know if this is true or accurate). If you have a 10/10 on research thats great but if you only score 3 on each of the areas of experiences then your total score is still going to only be a 25. I think the best way to go about it is to get one great experience in each area. For me my first year was terrible (NAQ 18) so for that year i did one experience that i put in each area and my NAQ went up to 25. I think the point is to try and get experience in every area and not just focus on one experience. That is just my thought on it though. So far this year I haven't heard back yet so I am hoping that my NAQ went up enough that i got an interview, I missed it by 0.9 last year .
  12. Ugh well i guess that it's time to sleep and see what tomorrow brings :S best of luck to everyone!
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