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  1. Thanks Leaning towards Ottawa right now, but I won't make the final call until next week. I know other people are still deciding between waitlist offers too, so I'm sure there will still be some movement in June! My timestamp was for the interested email. The official offer came 2h later.
  2. I'll be declining my offer (IP) soon. Good luck!
  3. I got an offer for Hamilton campus at 12:24 pm today!
  4. I'm in the English stream! And my wGPA was 3.964 I think. That person last year was a troll I think.
  5. Don't worry, the times were either random or alphabetical. My waitlist email came at 8:21 and I'm still on the waitlist.
  6. After checking the policy again, I think I'm wrong and it's only UWO that requires you to be in the final year of the second degree. I'm still unsure about the other Ontario schools, so let me know if you end up finding out more info!
  7. If you choose to start dental school, I think it's considered a second undergraduate degree and you can't apply to medical school until your 4th year of dentistry. It'll probably be really tough to get competitive marks in dentistry (3.90+ GPA) in order to apply to med.
  8. Accepted IP 3.97 25 AA/20 PAT 3rd year Interview: above average (Still waiting on other news) Edit: declining the offer
  9. Tbh I think that's just wishful thinking. They've said they'll tell us the the scores when they're ready, and they've also said that the decision will come out on April 29. Yes, last year was an anomaly but it was only 1 week earlier than intended - so maybe we'll get it on April 22, but I still think it'll most likely be the 29th.
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