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  1. Yes, Camp Make Friends (cheesy I know) is usually labour weekend, getting home Sunday night so you can recover on Monday
  2. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    50% off Lasik Eye Surgery?!?!

    That’s it! I forgot about the vacuum! Even though I had tons of numbing and couldn’t feel my actual eyes, I found the vacuum borderline painful in a weird, almost surreal way. My my surgeon had given me a blanket (the OR is cold) and stress balls to squeeze so I was fairly comfortable overall. Also, just so you know, I had to bring up the discount and they initially had no idea what I was talking about and I had to email a link to the website, so don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself.
  3. I think last year we got ours in late June?
  4. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    50% off Lasik Eye Surgery?!?!

    I believe it's for all Canadian med students (through the CFMS), and only at Lasik MD. Here's the link: https://www.lasikmd.com/corporate/cfms. I had it done in September, zero regrets. The procedure itself was more unconfortable than I expected and the 24 hours afterwards was admittedly more painful than I expected (felt like I had sand in my eyes, the painkillers helped but I was still pretty uncomfortable). I then had some fairly mild dry eye for about 8 months (totally manageable with basic lubricating eye drops), but now have perfect vision and no regrets. It is so nice to be able to no longer deal with daily contacts or glasses fogging up/getting rain on them.
  5. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    Note-taking ... do we really need a tablet?

    A laptop and OneNote worked perfectly for my first year. I personally feel that there is way too much info and way too many slides to effectively take notes by hand, at least at UBC which has a large lecture component. But it probably depends on the person and school.
  6. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    Backpack colour

    Sadly the vote doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure that last year, the Calgary students (who start in July) received their backpacks like a week after the voting finished no way for production to happen in such a short timeframe
  7. I’ve talked about it pretty extensively with the IMP and many people at NMP. Most I’ve talked to are in agreement with me and we’re planning to write a group letter to the administration. Although I’ve heard the 4 months in Vancouver are for class bonding, my experience was that most other people had little interest in investing the time to get to know people from other sites. And with the couple people I did get to know, it’s hard to put in the work to maintain friendships with people you might never see again except at graduation, especially when you didn’t know them that well to begin with.
  8. It is hell. I managed to get one of the 20 spots on campus and had to sleep with earplugs in almost the whole semester because of randomly people screaming in the middle of the night in the parking lot behind Fairview. We also had black mold and plumbing issues. A friend paid $1600 a month for a bachelor suite because it was the only thing they could find for 4 months. Another friend lived in their car for a month because they couldn't find a place until September 15th. I personally see no benefit to making everyone start in Vancouver (I really don't understand the rational) and it's incredibly stressful then needing to move during the 2 week winter break, especially for people assigned to Prince George or Kelowna where weather can making moving difficult or dangerous. I think UBC needs to reevaluate why they put the distributed students through this experience.
  9. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    MMI topic answer format/structure

    I liked to start with something like, "it looks like there are two conflicting values at play here", or "there are three people who have a stake in this issue and all have a unique perspective that should be considered" for ethical stations. Non ethical stations I didn't really have a strategy and just did what felt natural in the moment. If I was really stuck for an approach, I would treat it like a high school 5 paragraph essay and try to come up with a 'paragraph' introduction to start my response that highlighted three bullet point issues to discuss during the station.
  10. Better hope you get into U of A or McMaster, the UBC FLEX course is death 95% of the class has no real interest in research and we're forced to engage in scholarly (usually research) oriented projects throughout 1st, 2nd, and 4th year. Edit: this is mostly a joke, UBC is great and I don't mean to discourage you, I just hate FLEX
  11. A lot of people in my class are obsessed with the iPad + Macbook combo. A few who bought a Surface in the summer have actually bought an iPad as well because they were disappointed with the Surface performance don't know exactly why it didn't work for them. I personally wanted to save money so I just use my old Macbook air and added this: https://www.amazon.com/Intuos-illustration-production-CTH-490-B1/dp/B013SMIUB2/ref=zg_bs_3228285011_41?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=QBZ1B41W4KGHHH1757WS it's a ~$100 writing pad that is plenty sufficient for the anatomy lectures where I want to be able to draw on pdfs/slides. I have never taken a lot of handwritten notes so I didn't need anything fancier.
  12. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    UBC Video?

    The admissions video has just been uploaded:
  13. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    Which Site and Why

    It drops to 4 students/instructor in IMP clinical skills. They try to keep all family practice placements 1:1.
  14. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    Which Site and Why

    Yeah! Around the first week of November, all of the distributed site students had an opportunity to go visit their site. The weekend is usually organized by the 2nd years who host 1st years at their homes so no one has to pay for a hotel, Friday night and Saturday are full of fun activities and evening parties, and Sunday is left free for people to view apartments and look for housing. If you ask, there is even usually a 2nd year happy to drive you around on Sunday if you need help getting around to see housing options. The exact schedule I describe is approximate and could change year to year, but the site visit itself is very consistent. There is usually even funding split evenly between everyone attending their site visit to help keep ferry, drive, and flight costs down.