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  1. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    Too late to contact PIs for research?

    If you’re willing to volunteer your time, definitely still worth it. If you need a paid position, you’ll probably find the search much more difficult.
  2. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    Wrong Major? What am I meant to be?

    So I don't think liking biology or chem or psych or philosophy necessarily correlates to whether or not you will like medicine. I have classmates who enjoyed and majored in all of these subjects who all say that they are very happy in med school. To me, it's more concerning that you don't like the subjects based in memorization (as opposed to chem/physics which I would describe as being based on concepts and patterns). Med school is almost entirely memorization and even understanding the physiology/pathology behind diseases doesn't necessarily help you memorize syndromes or names of medications. If you don't enjoy/don't excel at this type of work, med school could be a very frustrating or even miserable experience for you. Maybe talk to some people with careers in chemistry and physics to see what career paths are more in line with the type of learning you enjoy and have been doing amazingly well in?
  3. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    High School Activities ABS

    If you have nothing more recent/better to fill the spots, I see no harm. Especially if you’re applying as a third year, you could be like 20? You just haven’t had as much time to acquire post high school activities compared to other applicants. I had several high school activities on both my third and fourth year applications and got interviewed 3rd year and accepted 4th year.
  4. I did take a prep course, since I hadn't taken bio chem yet and had personal health issues affecting my second semester of o-chem and physics. Studying just through the prep course and on weekends for about 2 months, I got 98th percentile. However, I was near the 100th percentile in CARS and Psych and near the 80th-90th percentile in the science sections even though I majored in biology and took tons of chem courses. So things didn't turn out how I expected at all.
  5. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    Preparing meals in med school

    I’m fine with a 5 day week, but on some rotations (especially surgical) a ‘day’ can be 6am-6:30pm plus whatever the call schedule is. And for some sub-specialties call only goes to 11pm so you don’t get a post call day.
  6. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    Need some advice with my case

    Based on your post history and recent account creation, I'm pretty sure you're just a Caribbean adcom shill. Please don't go to the Caribbean - there are so many posts on this forum on why that is a very risky investment with relatively poor prospects. I think you have a great chance at Western and Queen's, unfortunately multiple F's in your first two years probably rule out all the other Canadian med schools. Good luck!
  7. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    Working in med school..?

    Keep in mind that even if you can handle working, any income often reduces your bursary eligibility and amount of student loan grants, making it a waste of time.
  8. Customer service, sports, and some types of volunteer work and many other activities can highlight ability to work with others. Just emphasize any groups based activities in your application, or consider trying to join something new if that’s an aspect of you application that’s really lacking. I would say a significant number of med students are introverts - it’s easy to forget in view of all the parties and social activities because introverts don’t generally publicize when they aren’t going out.
  9. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    OOP Chances

    NMP is entirely designated rural, SMP has about 10/32 seats designated rural. The 510 guy was waitlisted on his first app and then rejected from the wait list with a below average interview, but presumably wouldn’t have been waitlisted at all if they didn’t consider him admissible. No idea whether he improved or how the other’s interviews went. Keep in mind that I’m IMP and generally got to know other distributies far better than any VFMP people. I haven’t mentioned any VFMP scores because I don’t know any - not because they were all super high. The 508 SMP might have been.
  10. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    OOP Chances

    My friend had a 510 (124 cars) and another had a 512 and both got into NMP. A first semester roommate got into SMP with a 508. Definitely not an ideal score, but not unreasonable.
  11. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    OOP Chances

    Beyond meeting the cutoffs, MCAT is only evaluated post-interview so if you don’t get an interview, it’s not looked at.
  12. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    Give up on the dream?

    Where are you in province? Would you consider moving somewhere for better advantage? Additionally, some schools (UBC for sure) look at every course you’ve ever taken (minus your lowest year) so the non- degree courses would still count. I think your GPA is really going to hold you back from getting any out-of-province interviews and if you’re from Ontario, the lack of homeschool advantage most places will really hurt you. For example, schools in Sask and Manitoba were far less competitive back when I was applying and residents of the northern territories are considered in-province for BC, Alberta, and Sask. sorry if any info is outdated, but if you’re willing to move, it might be worth checking out different schools and residency policies.
  13. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    Shadowing Experiance

    A naturopath might be worth shadowing out of curiosity and because so many patients choose to see both a naturopath and MD, but homeopathy is such complete crap that I see no value in shadowing it at all. But it’s up to you.
  14. OwnerOfTheTARDIS


    What ethical implications? Interview prep and advice on applications can be provided without breaking confidentiality agreements. There's quite a few people on these forums who offer help and many people, especially those from smaller schools without good pre-med advice, benefit from it.
  15. OwnerOfTheTARDIS

    Baby shower gift

    No more than $50, especially if you’re still a student. If you buy a $200 gift, good chance it will be way more expensive than almost everyone else’s which could be awkward. Then again, I’ve never been to a baby shower at a banquet hall.