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  1. wait no are you serious? i'm having a heart attack here plz
  2. I meant sample size n=1 haha. I'm just reporting what I know
  3. N=1 but exactly none of my verifiers were contacted when I got my invite
  4. of course. I've been told a couple times, I've deleted my comment, and I'll be more careful about this from now on. apologies and thanks for the heads up folks Hopefully @OwnerOfTheTARDIS will unquote me as well. definitely. and it's why i posted my personal approach to the MMI which seemed to have worked for me. okay see, this I don't 100% agree with. I'm not sure why my post gave off the vibe that I'm attempting to show off, but I'd like to assure you I'm not. I noted several times I did not glide through this app cycle at all and had trouble at a couple of my interviews, but it seems i was quite apt at the MMI since the prompts are more conversation starters than anything else. should I refrain from sharing what I felt was a reasonably successful run and my personal approach to it? If all I posted was "I felt great!" like the first few posts of this thread it likely would have frustrated those who had a bad experience all the same, but at least future applicants who stumble here would realize the MMI is not a death sentence. I'm not saying folks should not practice. certainly people who prepared for months probably will perform better than I. I'm saying that from an anecdotal, N=1 perspective, mock MMI sessions may hold less value than other strategies. In any case I'm not trying to start a fight with anyone and certainly don't want this turning into one of those back and forth argument threads that stuff like this spawns. I was in the wrong to write the initial post, but I felt it necessary to explain my intentions.
  5. thanks for the heads up but maybe don't quote it lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. ah okay. yea i wouldn't worry about it. just have a chat with them and talk about what you need them to know; realistically who has 20 different stories to tell 4 interviewers anyway?
  7. fyi I think the name MPI confuses people into thinking it's a variation of MMI, but it's really a variation of a traditional interview that has more assessors and shorter time per assessor. so treat it as that - build rapport with your interviewer, repeat stories if necessary and appropriate, etc. and remember, the interviewer is there to help you get in and advocate for you to adcoms, not the other way around. don't get too stressed about little details like this
  8. good luck on Canadian apps, but I'd caution being overly optimistic as Canadian schools are (for some reason) notoriously difficult to get into even with good stats. Still try, but if you find yourself unable to gain admission I'd also begin considering states schools. With your stats and good ECs you'd have no problem getting in somewhere in the US.
  9. take a deep breath buddy, you aren't going to be denied entry because your photo was shitty. it's mainly to ID you since so many will be attending interviews. e.g. interviewer A thinks "oh that kid with the mohawk did some nice work but i don't remember his name"; well now he has a face to put down comments for. i used my facebook photo lol, was too lazy to get anything formal taken or even scanned. worry about other things but not this
  10. Are you sure? I ended up having my half course on graphic novels (senoritis, taking easy courses, don't judge) approved after I sent in the syllabus to prove that it wasn't a total fuckaround class. maybe ask again and submit syllabi? unless you're already matriculated elsewhere
  11. just received a confirmation for the feb 12 md/phd. should be coming out soon for you guys as well!
  12. nope, and i wouldn't worry haha. that sketchy surveymonkey link is probably giving them hell to dig through tbh
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