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  1. I'd recommend not reading the textbook at all. Just memorize the notes, as this is what most profs test on. Reading the textbook just fills your mind with useless information and decreases your mark.
  2. Can any current Queens students tell me a few good reasons to go to Queens for med, and what research opportunities there are?
  3. ^ is anyone interested in practicing traditional style interviews?
  4. Information states that the panel will have a 1 page copy of your ABS. Does this mean they only get the titles of my ABS and not the description? Any current med students at Ottawa know the answer to this?
  5. Is anyone who is from Victoria interested in meeting up to practice, perhaps at the University?
  6. Has anybody else not heard anything from their verifiers? It seems like a lot more are getting contacted this year
  7. Don't worry about it mistakes like this happen! If you contact them im 100% it will be fine. You will not be dropped from the applicant pool!
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