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  1. Neurophilic

    Interviews 2019

    Maybe they do silent rejections lol
  2. Neurophilic

    Interviews 2019

    Unfortunately they're probably closed now. Its 7 PM there now
  3. Neurophilic

    Interviews 2019

    Or theres been some technical error and not everyone has recieved their interview email. Not unheard of.
  4. Neurophilic

    Interviews 2019

    I'm assuming you still haven't gotten anything yet?
  5. Neurophilic


    Ah I see. I would include prep time. Your best bet is to indicate an average amount of hours per month. I would imagine your team would prep a few weeks in advance.
  6. Neurophilic


    *c. Time spent performing this activity. (Choose one.) ___ hours per week ___ hours per month Done only once Done once every 2 to 3 months Done once every 4 to 6 months Between parts c and d all of that is addressed
  7. Neurophilic


    *d. What has been your accumulated time commitment to this particular activity? (I.e., How long did you participate or have you been participating in this activity?) (E.g., If you have been in summer employment [June to August] every year for 3 years, your accumulated time commitment would be 9 months.) You need to read instructions. This is clearly stated on the document itself.
  8. It all comes down to money no matter what they try and make us believe.
  9. Sounds like you've already answered your own question
  10. If you go directly to the carms website you can find out exactly how it works and why there are spots left open despite many people going unmatched.
  11. Neurophilic

    Meeting CASPER cutoff

    Wonder if those casper cutoff emails went out yet.
  12. Neurophilic


    Before you decide to go abroad I think you should take a hard look at the realities of coming back to practice in Canada if that's what your plan is. Check out match statistics from Carms. To summarize them, it's very difficult to come back and that's the understatement of the century. GL
  13. Hey don't feel down about your stats. Your GPA is fine for DO so don't fret on that. If you can do better on your MCAT that would be great. Aim for something around 510 or better and you'll be golden. Unfortunately, DO's do not drop any courses out of your GPA, however they will look at your grade trends over the years. If you've got a positive trend, you will be looked at more favorably. They also do like to see you excelling in senior level science courses. What's important when it comes to American apps is how you write you applications and personal statement. They give you a significant amount of space to portray yourself so do so in a strong manner and you will get in. Note, however, you will have a more difficult time gaining admission compared to an american, simply because of bias but it's nothing you can't overcome. If you want to get a better idea of the competitiveness of your stats, I suggest straying away from the forums and checking out AACOMAS. They provide an excellent annual document outlining stats for applicants and matriculates to DO schools.