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  1. PM me if you'd like advice specific to your situation. As someone who's gone through 4 cycles over 5 years I may have something valuable for you.
  2. Neurophilic

    5th year or GRAD school?

    Do the 5th year. A Master's will not help you for Canadian Med schools trust me.
  3. GPA is too low. Don't bother applying. With that GPA they'll only look at you if you've got a Master's and 3.6 may still be too low. Regarding salvaging the low GPA, a Master's won't do anything for you in Ontario. If you're from another province you could get an acceptance in your home province depending on which it is but not in Ontario. Honestly, your best bet is a 2nd undergrad.
  4. Neurophilic

    AMCAS SCALES for Canadian Schools

    Yup that's the actual scale
  5. Neurophilic

    Interviews 2019

    Maybe they do silent rejections lol
  6. Neurophilic

    Interviews 2019

    Unfortunately they're probably closed now. Its 7 PM there now
  7. Neurophilic

    Interviews 2019

    Or theres been some technical error and not everyone has recieved their interview email. Not unheard of.
  8. Neurophilic

    Interviews 2019

    I'm assuming you still haven't gotten anything yet?
  9. Neurophilic


    Ah I see. I would include prep time. Your best bet is to indicate an average amount of hours per month. I would imagine your team would prep a few weeks in advance.
  10. Neurophilic


    *c. Time spent performing this activity. (Choose one.) ___ hours per week ___ hours per month Done only once Done once every 2 to 3 months Done once every 4 to 6 months Between parts c and d all of that is addressed
  11. Neurophilic


    *d. What has been your accumulated time commitment to this particular activity? (I.e., How long did you participate or have you been participating in this activity?) (E.g., If you have been in summer employment [June to August] every year for 3 years, your accumulated time commitment would be 9 months.) You need to read instructions. This is clearly stated on the document itself.
  12. It all comes down to money no matter what they try and make us believe.
  13. Sounds like you've already answered your own question