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  1. HoopDreams

    OOP - need some advice on the application

  2. HoopDreams

    Using "I" and "My" in the CV??

    I would put myself in the shoes of the person reading the CV. On the other end, they will be reviewing about 100+ documents. Each under the same format and involving very similar extra-curriculars : eg. hospital volunteering, research assistant, teaching assistant, the classics. Therefore, I would keep it concise and simple. I highly doubt your chances will increase if you write : 'I work in a team' vs 'Teamwork'. I would not overthink it. Your involvement is far more important than the reason for inclusion in my opinion. Best of luck!
  3. Transfer credits You need to have a minimum of 45 new credits completed in the program that serves as the basis of application. In your case, you want to complete 45 credits in kinesiology without counting any transfers. You can't apply this year since right now, you only have 24 credits completed. Assuming that you will complete 24 more credits this year, you can apply next year. The credits must be completed before November 1st. The GPA that will serve as the basis of your admission is the one from your new degree. Transfer credits do not count as a part of your new GPA. Precaution At the moment of your application, you would have been out of CEGEP since a few years. Note that McGill requires you to re-take certain pre-reqs after 8 years. Make sure you have those re-taken or get exempted from them. It could impede on your next application cycle. Continue working hard and apply next year. Hope it's clear! Best of luck
  4. HoopDreams

    Research Publication

    It is a great thing to add on your CV. But I wouldn't call it a 'significant advantage'. A lot of students with publications don't get in while some have none and make it. Your CV is taken as a whole and you are assessed using other components as well (eg. Casper). Good luck!
  5. HoopDreams

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    I will add two precisions to this post because there are nuances to make. The statements below are based on the latest information made public. 1 - McGill will never favour one CEGEP Assuming that Marianopolis has more students going to medical school, it's not because they have a better education. It's most likely because more people from Marianopolis are applying to medical school. It's like a vicious cycle because high school students get told that going there increase their chances. It does not increase nor decrease the chances. Marianopolis attracts more people that want to go to medical school More students from Marianopolis apply to medical school Marianopolis is over-represented in medical classes High school students look at stats and think they have to go there for CEGEP. To be able to compare CEGEPs, you would need to look at : How many people from that CEGEP applied to medical school How many people from that CEGEP actually got into medical school Now going to a private school is not just about them grabbing your money. If you are paying, I assume you have nice classrooms/libraries, better professors/students ratio, etc. I would look into that instead and maybe organize a tour at different CEGEPs to see their facilities and curriculum. 2 - Medical school in Québec is the cheapest in North America As a Québec resident, it is not true that medical school is expensive. It's only slightly more expensive than what Marianopolis will cost you. Marianoplis costs you 5.500$ per year so 22.000$ for the DEC. McGill medical school costs you around 7.000$ for year so 28.000$ for the MDCM. This is tuition fees only of course. This excludes meals, housing, living expenses, etc. It doesn't really matter, you would have to live anyways during the next years. Both for CEGEP and university, you can have access to student loans from the Government of Québec. Once you are granted an admission at McGill, you will have access to a line of credit of about 300 000$. Moreover, they make it a priority that your financial situation should not prevent you from attending medical school. After, you will have licensing fees and a lot of extra costs, as described by @MedCoachMD. But the line of credit can be repaid after your studies so don't stress about it. I think that what @MedCoachMD is trying to say is that if you value your education, tuition fees should not be the main determining factor. In my opinion, a public CEGEP can offer you the same quality of education and chances of getting into medical school for a fraction of the cost. If you have the financial resources to go to Marianopolis then you may have access to a nicer environment. But maybe that being surrounded by a larger number of potential medical students will motivate you ? Or will it increase the stress because of a constant feeling of competition? As you can see, the debate between public and private schools is eternal. Just remember that a bad student at the best private school is still a bad student. You make what you want out of the resources that are available to you. Professors only help you, they won't replace you or study for you, no matter what school you attend. Take-home messages : Go to the CEGEP that is the best for you : closest to home, more convenient and where you will be getting the best grades. Don't listen to rumours and just focus on your studies and pursue your interests. Don't be ashamed of thinking that a private CEGEP is expensive and consider it when weighing the pros and cons. Money should never prevent you from pursuing medical studies in Québec as an in-province applicant. Student loans, line of credits and bursaries are there to ensure that money is not a stressing factor during your studies.
  6. HoopDreams

    Schools that need CASPer test

    It depends on your status. IP at 3.7 is competitive. OOP at 3.7 is a long shot. Apply.
  7. HoopDreams

    Should I take the MCAT?

    I think that re-doing some pre-reqs will require less effort than the MCAT. And you already did them so you know it will be easier. Taking the MCAT is not an easy task. Also, a lot of candidates get in with your pre-req GPA. It's up to you
  8. HoopDreams

    Should I take the MCAT?

    The MCAT is basically re-doing all the basic sciences. And you don't even know how well you will perform. Instead, I would simply re-do some of the basic sciences instead of studying for the MCAT. Best of luck !:)
  9. I totally agree. At the end of the day, the LOC should be the last resort. I took it because I simply wanted free credit cards that I use like debit cards. You never know where life will lead you. Taking debt on early in life can be stressful. Don't spend because it's there. I've seen many people 'upgrade' their lifestyle because they had 300K$.
  10. HoopDreams


    For McGill, A is 85 + A - is 80-85 Therefore, your A and A+ grades both count as A which translates into 4.0
  11. HoopDreams

    DMD application 2019

    If it's your dream, you should apply every single time you are given the opportunity. There is one thing you need to learn about this process : no one knows. Some 4.0 students don't get interviews while some 3.4 get in. Why? How? Who cares? If you don't apply, your chances of getting accepted are 0%. If you do apply, your chances of getting accepted are more than 0%. Apply.
  12. Since you are missing 2 pre-requisites, you have two options. Source : https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements-edu/basic-science-prerequisites 1 - Ask for exemption if applicable 2 - Take the 2 missing chemistry classes You still have time to enroll in a CEGEP or add these two classes to your current curriculum. You will be able to apply because you can have 2 pending pre-reqs maximum. They will have to be completed by Jan. 2019. Good luck!:)
  13. HoopDreams

    OOP Chances?

    I found that worrying about your chances is not worth it. Even if someone said you did not have a shot, what's the point? You should apply no matter what. An acceptance results from a mix of hard work, dedication and lots of luck. Keep up the good work !
  14. HoopDreams

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    1 - How they do it on 4.0 Applicants are required to report their grades in a complex Excel sheet. For every course you have taken, you will report it. It is called the Academic Workbook. When doing so, you can use a guide to help you out : https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/files/medadmissions/mdsr_workbook_user_guide_en_v2_0.pdf The guide provides a table that converts non-McGill letters to McGill letters for grading. 2 - Do I have a chance ? No one can tell you that. 3.5 candidates get in while 4.0 don't. It's a process and luck certainly plays a role. Focus on what you can control. If you want to know more, look at this year's admission statistics.
  15. HoopDreams

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    Extremely happy for you! You're a stranger but I was coming back here hoping to read this message this summer ! So excited to be your classmate ! Ps. The trust I have in my gut feeling has been reinforced, thanks to you :p