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  1. HoopDreams

    DMD application 2019

    If it's your dream, you should apply every single time you are given the opportunity. There is one thing you need to learn about this process : no one knows. Some 4.0 students don't get interviews while some 3.4 get in. Why? How? Who cares? If you don't apply, your chances of getting accepted are 0%. If you do apply, your chances of getting accepted are more than 0%. Apply.
  2. Since you are missing 2 pre-requisites, you have two options. Source : https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements-edu/basic-science-prerequisites 1 - Ask for exemption if applicable 2 - Take the 2 missing chemistry classes You still have time to enroll in a CEGEP or add these two classes to your current curriculum. You will be able to apply because you can have 2 pending pre-reqs maximum. They will have to be completed by Jan. 2019. Good luck!:)
  3. HoopDreams

    OOP Chances?

    I found that worrying about your chances is not worth it. Even if someone said you did not have a shot, what's the point? You should apply no matter what. An acceptance results from a mix of hard work, dedication and lots of luck. Keep up the good work !
  4. HoopDreams

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    1 - How they do it on 4.0 Applicants are required to report their grades in a complex Excel sheet. For every course you have taken, you will report it. It is called the Academic Workbook. When doing so, you can use a guide to help you out : https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/files/medadmissions/mdsr_workbook_user_guide_en_v2_0.pdf The guide provides a table that converts non-McGill letters to McGill letters for grading. 2 - Do I have a chance ? No one can tell you that. 3.5 candidates get in while 4.0 don't. It's a process and luck certainly plays a role. Focus on what you can control. If you want to know more, look at this year's admission statistics.
  5. HoopDreams

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    Extremely happy for you! You're a stranger but I was coming back here hoping to read this message this summer ! So excited to be your classmate ! Ps. The trust I have in my gut feeling has been reinforced, thanks to you :p
  6. HoopDreams

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    I'll let Ambassadors correct me if I am wrong but here is my humble insight on your questions. CEGEP You can choose any CEGEP you want. Let's assume you are correct about the fact that more Marianopolis students get into medical school. That can be explained by different factors. One of which is that more students going to Marianopolis are applying to medical school. Therefore, the success rate comparing applications/acceptances would be a better indicator than the absolute number of admissions to medical school. As you may know, no one has access to such information. I know it's a boring answer but the best CEGEP is : the best CEGEP for you. That means : close to your house, easily accessible and where you will have friends. EC Get involved in things that you are passionate about : sports, reading, travelling, cooking, anything. Volunteering in hospitals is good. But you can do it in so many different places. There isn't a one size fits all CV. Just try to be the best of yourself. That will engage you in passions. Good luck !
  7. HoopDreams

    Secret work and omission of employment

    Well no matter what it can be, I would be honest about it. May it be gambling, marijuana or pornography, these industries are part of our society. If the position is that unusual, it will most likely help you stand out. As long as it was legal work, I would include it and name the company.
  8. HoopDreams

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    My gut feeling is that you will 100% get in since I am sure at least 2 people will give up their spot. It must be exhausting to be waiting since November. Applying, interview release, post-interview wait, waitlist, etc. A lot of people are waitlisted elsewhere and when they do get in, they will give their spots. Some accepted IPs in Québec are waitlisted elsewhere (Canada/US) and they may drop McGill if they get an offer. Also, the deadline for deferrals is July 1st 2018. Based on previous years, movement continues for about 5-10 spots between June 1st and the last day of school. My advice : 1 - Get ready for the worst but ... 2 - Start your immunization 3 - Prepare your official transcripts 4 - Hope for the best. Good luck!
  9. HoopDreams

    3.7 GPA

    I read from your past posts that your GPA was largely lowered by 9 credits completed at the UofT. Then, you pursued another major at Concordia and got about 3.98/4.3 (3.9/4 at McGill scale). I would try to see if there is any way to re-take the 9 credits at UofT while doing a master's. I feel that would be the safest and most strategic approach.
  10. I also found that writing a letter form your 'interviewed self' to your 'accepted self' extremely therapeutic. Your story demonstrates the strength of your character. Thank you for sharing it. Hoping our paths will cross one day!
  11. HoopDreams

    Biochemistry Honours vs. IHI

    Choose the major you would complete if medical school didn't exist. The one where you would be interested in getting engaged, pursuing research and staying motivated. While McGill gives a little advantage to professional programs, little is known about its impact. In your case, it is a though call but please don't do it because it would : look good on my application. Good luck !
  12. HoopDreams

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    Not a Med Ambassador but got the information easily on the website. MED-P is only open to students that are currently finishing CEGEP. MDCM is only open to students that are currently finishing university or that hold a bachelor's degree (or more). Thereform, you can't apply to both. Deadline : November 1st of the year before the year your are seeking admission. Will grades from Fall count : All the grades that will be finalized after November 1st, will not count specifically for your admission. BUT, you are required to submit them once you are accepted and a significant drop in either Fall or Winter grades can lead the Faculty to reconsider the offer they made you. Exception : If you have pending pre-reqs, they will have to be completed by January 15th of the year your are seeking admission and they WILL count for the post-interview ranking. My advice: work hard, read the McGill website and get familiar with the process in advance. Good luck!
  13. HoopDreams

    5th year/Masters/Year off ?

    Your GPA seems fine I would personally not try to change it. Instead, focus on your MCAT and pursue ECs that you are passionate about. Good luck!
  14. HoopDreams

    About the basic science Prerequisities

    You should be fine in my opinion. To be sure, mail them. Best online university? I think you should see which one offers you what you need (lab and/or theory) at the best price.
  15. HoopDreams

    Med-P 2018

    You got in Congrats!