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  1. Everyone struggles at some point. Every single person. Those that don't are either incredibly talented, extremely disciplined or have a high-tolerance to prolonged stress. They have my admiration. One thing to remember is that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Every student doctor has a way to learn, abilities and areas to improve. My advice is to have confidence in yourself. Remember that you were selected for a reason. A university believes you have the abilities required to be a physician. Don't compare yourself to others. Learn about yourself. Accept your weaknesses. Work on them. And don't give up. Good luck!
  2. HoopDreams

    INDS 123J1 Research fundamentals

    In our class, some PhD's still had to take it. Maybe it could change. Writing won't hurt. Best of luck!:)
  3. HoopDreams

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    @Pepperonee First, congratulations on your admission, it's wonderful news. 1) The French requirement is scaring me a little bit. I don't know any French yet. McGill has often been criticized in the Province because patients find it unacceptable that they can't be treated in French, during their hospital stays, at a time where they are extremely vulnerable. I think language is a sensitive issue in Quebec, for very obvious historical reasons. No one will criticize you for trying to speak French, for making an effort, for trying to communicate with the patient. Nonetheless, a quarter or so of the class doesn't speak French at all and will be able to successfully completely their training. Some staff can't speak French either. While I do not think it is essential to understanding medical sciences, it is an 'easy' skill to acquire and you will be highly rewarded from speaking French because patients will feel listened and at ease. Approximately what percentage of the class cannot speak any french and had to learn it throughout the medical program? I would say 25%. Given that McGill now has LFME, how much French do we need to know for the pre-clerk years and how easy is it to pick up? LFME is simply meant to help you get out of your Powerpoint slides and get a touch of real clinical experience. They will try to place you in settings where you will have the most enriching experience. Since you are mostly doing observation, your lack of French mastery shouldn't be an issue. How much French do we need to know? You need to be able to talk with a patient, using the basic words. is holding a basic conversation enough or do we need to do charting in french as well? Charting will be done in the language of your choice. Are the hospitals in which students are placed English-based or French-based? The hospitals don't have an official language. The patient dictates the language and that's where the language issue comes from. 2) Is a car necessary? No 3) I'm thinking of buying a 1 bedroom condo. Which streets in downtown would you recommend? I would recommend renting first and then seeing how you like it and where you will end up for residency. The McGill campus is surrounded by multi-residential buildings. Anything close to a metro station is good. Good luck !
  4. HoopDreams

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    I honestly do believe it is better to dedicated your medical school years to medical school activities. If you do have extra-time, use it to relax, enhance your curriculum or simply spend time with friends and family. It is extremely hard to compare it to undergrad but I think the best way to put it is : every week is comparable to your final exam week. Congratulations on your acceptance and looking forward to meet you!
  5. My suggestions would be : Back-up plans : 1 year masters Working Research Combination of all of the above Pre-reqs : Online universities (Athabasca) Local university (Apply as visiting student) CEGEP (Check application deadlines) Combination of above (Check with McGill that they recognize the course you are taking) Also, if you did retake them, did they affected your cGPA or just science GPA? If you re-take them, McGill looks at the GPA of the degree you are using to apply. Therefore, the GPA of classes taken outside of your degree do not affect your degree's GPA. Check the rules for other schools. Best of luck!:)
  6. HoopDreams

    Your insights are highly appreciated

    No, you are not a loser and shouldn't think of yourself that way. Can you improve ? Everyone can. Remember that you made it to the very last step and still didn't get rejected. That's impressive. Message me if you would like to practice MMI at some point, I would be happy to help, no fees.
  7. Congrats, you deserve it
  8. HoopDreams

    How Do You Guys Manage Fitness With School?

    I think it is a challenge but I see students, residents and staff do it. If you can be consistent, this will be the key. I try to go 5x per week, even though sometimes it will only be for 40 minutes. My approach is use it as a study break ; work-out instead of watching a Netflix episode. On a final note, I don't know a single student that failed because there wasn't enough hours in a day to study. The real challenge is self-discipline and we are all trying to improve that in our lives. Best of luck!:)
  9. HoopDreams

    2nd Degree: Course load for eligibility

    You have to be careful with that rule. You need to have completed 45 credits in the new undergraduate degree by November 1st of the year that you apply. As long as you have completed 45 credits by the time you apply, they don't care In my case, to meet that requirement within the first year, I took full-time semesters for Fall, Winter, Summer. Currently, unless I wrong, your plan is : Fall 2018 : 12 credits Winter 2019 : 12 credits Fall 2019 : 12 credits Winter 2020 : 12 credits Therefore, by Fall 2020, you will have 48 credits completed. You're good.
  10. HoopDreams

    Good luck to all McGil interviewees this week.

    Unless it changed, you won't be allowed to walk around with a water bottle in every station. Water will be available outside the stations.
  11. A year ago, I was in your shoes. I did not know if all the years of studies I had worked towards were worth it. If all the volunteering, wishing and dreaming was going to lead me somewhere. An interview is unpredictable and I could very easily throw it all away. I just want to tell you all to have confidence in yourself. You were selected for a reason. You all have the potential to become medical students. This year or next year, don't give up. Whatever you are feeling is normal. Everyone feels this way. Every single person in the room you will be in. Here is my advice for interviews : There is no definite answer key for scenarios. Complete the required task. Don't be afraid to verbalize your thought process. No one is trying to trick you. Don't overthink the scenarios. One bad station happens to everyone. Actors and interviewers will sometime seem 'distant' because they have to remain neutral. Don't take it personally. If you have completed a station and are satisfied within time, you don't need to force yourself to add more information. I guess all I am trying to say is : I truly wish you all the best on your interviews. May our paths cross soon!
  12. HoopDreams

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    Yes and no. Yes The reason that you don't get interviewed is always : you overall ranking was lower than their cut-off. For that, they will give you your rank for each component (CV, Casper, etc.) There is a link to inquire about that information. No They will not tell you about why you were ranked X/200 for each component. It just was ranked by them that way. For example, you won't know why your CV is only #85/200.
  13. HoopDreams

    Second interview - Advice?

    Hi there, First, I admire your dedication and efforts to not give up after numerous interviews. Sometimes, devotion to something that didn't work turns out to be a source of anxiety. The fact that you have interviewed before should help you but the fear of doing something wrong could also be stressful. I think you are over-thinking this process. Since the shift to MMI, you will rarely get asked a question such as : why are you the best future doctor ? Instead, they assess the required skills through different scenarios. And even if you do get asked about it, there is no need to be arrogant or exaggerate your credentials. Give an honest response about how your skills and experiences have helped you. That is really not unique to medical school. Any traditional job interview would entail such a question. If a friend asks you, why do you think you are ready for medical school? I am sure you would be able to answer. Once again, the goal is not to seize your whole persona in 8 minutes. Every station tries to assess specific skills. You don't need to try to cover all CanMeds components in every sentence you say. You need to be able to develop of a bond with these actors quickly. Just like any healthcare professional can become friendly with a patient without 15 minutes. Just like a waiter becomes friendly with you when you go grab a coffee. There is no need to fake anything or exaggerate traits. I am sure you have that humanity within yourself. You have to stop worrying. Just be yourself. Act naturally. How would you react if you saw an old lady that needs help carrying her bags at the groceries? You don't need to pretend anything. You would be nice and help her. I am not sure if that helps. Some strategies could include : Filming yourself and seeing how you behave; Try to talk out loud when practicing so that you improve your confidence; Try to do mock interviews with friends and families and get feedback from them. Best of luck !
  14. I don't think it is worth it in your case, for McGill. For other schools, maybe it is. Working 2-3 more years to improve your GPA from 3.7 to 3.9? I think you can spend that time improving many other aspects. There is also a lot of luck involved. As you may know, many 4.0 applicant do not even get interviewed. Best of luck!:)