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  1. Thank you very much, it was really interesting but I am still wondering if it is the best choice compared to behavioural neuroscience because when I checked behavioural neuroscience is under the psychology faculty at Concordia.
  2. Hello, I recently got accepted in kinesiology at moncton university in new brunswick and I did not get in to exercise sciece at concordia so I am down to my second choice which is behavioural neuroscience. I have trouble deciding where to go and i am scared to make the wrong decision and then be stuck not being able to go to med school. Please help me decide between going to moncton in kinesiology for a year and then apply to a university in montreal in kinesiology or just going to behavioural neuroscience. I am going to apply to med school after regardless but I want to know which one I should take. Thank you for helping me!
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