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  1. "meet a minimum core average of 65%, or 2.50 GPA on a 4-pt scale, calculated on all attempts at first-year prerequisites (Biology, Chemistry, English, and Mathematics [Calculus])" those are the core courses. So last 30 + first year prereqs
  2. correct, first year prereqs and the prereq courses are the same
  3. 3.7 gpa (combined last 30 + core). When looking at the GPA they don't look at them individually, they combine it
  4. This is not an official exact conversion table that UBC uses but it may give you a good estimation. https://students.arts.ubc.ca/advising/academic-performance/gpa-equivalency/
  5. The previous years the averages was 75-85%, definitely give it a shot, nothing to lose
  6. Current pharm student here, feel free to ask or pm me any questions you guys have!
  7. They are all practically the same. The only differences is the different lab sections for each STT (so different lab times).
  8. If you are eligible to enroll in the STTs (one of the standard time tables) then you are enrolled. What leads you to have doubts?
  9. Did you accept a choice 2 program prior to the pharmacy ?
  10. Same, I accepted my choice 2 and switched over to pharm and haven't paid anything.
  11. You have great points for both job prospects. You have a clear picture of the reality of both professions, and I feel you just have to ultimately decide which would best suit you. As a volunteer in a hospital and pharmacy, I have a pretty good idea what each profession entails. Personally, I don't see myself doing nursing even though its more practical, just because I don't think I will have an enjoyable life doing that. It really comes down to which profession would make you wake up each morning, motivated to work. Keep in mind this is the pharmacy forum, so you will get biased answers .
  12. just received mine too! Good luck to the rest of you guys!
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