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  1. obiwankenobi

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    I was bad waitlisted and I received my email at 7:18. I don't know if that means I'm high on the bad waitlist.
  2. obiwankenobi

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    What bin do you think they got up to for French stream? 4, 3.5, 3?
  3. obiwankenobi

    Bad wait-list question

    I'm on the bad waitlist, and I've already accepted that I have to reapply. I don't know if I should feel hopeful
  4. obiwankenobi

    western acceptance stats

    Still, I think it would be nice to tell us if they will consider P/S. They can still manipulate the cut offs after--it would just help people who are considering a rewrite based on one section.
  5. obiwankenobi

    Complete Graduate Degree

    I have a choice between starting the PhD program and the Master's. If I were to start the PhD program, I would continue it if I don't get in next year. But you're right; I think I'll just do my Master's.
  6. Take it from me. Interviewed and bad waitlisted in third year. I'm glad I didn't slack off with my grades!
  7. Hey guys, I know that some schools require you to finish your graduate degree before matriculating. If I enrol in a doctoral program and am accepted the next year, but I drop the PhD and finish with a Master's, would I still be eligible? Technically I finished a grad degree. EDIT: Never mind. You can't reclassify degrees.
  8. Hey guys, I heard that you can only interview three times at Ottawa. I looked at the site, and I can't find this information. Is it true?
  9. obiwankenobi

    French Stream Rejection

    Moi aussi ! Je pense que j'ai bien réussi l'entrevue. On verra
  10. obiwankenobi

    French Stream Rejection

    Haha you're right I guess I'm just getting a bit antsy!
  11. For those who were rejected from the French stream in previous years, did it come as a surprise? Did you expect that result, given your interview?
  12. obiwankenobi

    Official May 8 Countdown Thread

    It's funny to think that our fates have probably already been decided...
  13. obiwankenobi

    Just Graduated from Undergrad, what now?

    Lucky for you, I think there has been talk of dropping the UBC English requirement. What's your weighted GPA for Toronto and Ottawa?
  14. If you go to a DO school, you'll still be a DO in Canada. DOs have full practice rights in Canada, as long as you go through the appropriate accreditation process. I believe that residencies for all specialties except neurosurgery are cross-recognized. However, if you want to practice in Canada from an American residency, you will be under supervision from a couple of months to a year.
  15. obiwankenobi

    Official May 8 Countdown Thread

    ONE MORE WEEK! We're in the final stretch premed101ers!