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  1. Maybe they've decided to host more interviews because of the greater number of qualified applicants.
  2. obiwankenobi

    How long after your undergraduate can you apply?

    That's for American schools. In Canada, I believe that most schools consider an MCAT score for five years.
  3. obiwankenobi

    Course-based Masters GPA?

    And NOSM gives you +0.2 GPA for a master's. But they don't look at the grades.
  4. obiwankenobi

    Course-based Masters GPA?

    None of the Ontario schools do. However, some schools like UBC, Alberta, and Calgary look at them.
  5. obiwankenobi

    Class Size?

    Really? I wonder what's causing that. A toxic program? A change of heart in regards to their career? The difficulty of university?
  6. I feel like a wave will come tomorrow
  7. This really indicates how subjective this whole process is. Should interviews be based on how well you can sell yourself? I don't know how I feel about Canadian medical schools in general distancing themselves from more objective criteria.
  8. I took English 255. The exam requires almost no studying; if you know how to write a decent essay, you're golden. However, I think there are a few titles and authors that you have memorize.
  9. I have that concern too! I keep worrying that I said something that would constitute a red flag, but when I objectively consider my answers, I know that I didn't. It's definitely just nerves. As long as you didn't say "I hate *insert ethnic group here*", I wouldn't worry about it
  10. Your MCAT score will give us a better idea of where you stand. If your score is high enough, you have a shot at Western, Queen's, and McMaster (if CARS is good). Your GPA is a bit low for Toronto. What is your GPA for Ottawa? I would go for it! You have all the ingredients, save the MCAT. And in the meantime, you have a high-paying job. I sure wish I had that option while waiting for a medical school acceptance
  11. obiwankenobi

    Studying for mcat with limited time?

    Although few questions rely directly on discrete factual knowledge, I think that you really need to know the ins and outs of the content before you can apply critical thinking. Depending on your current level of knowledge, learning the content to this level can take time. So I suggest you take a practice exam to assess your base level. And I agree; active learning is much more effective than passive content review.
  12. obiwankenobi

    Should I retake my MCAT??

    If you're applying to schools in Ontario, I wouldn't take the risk nor exert the effort. Toronto only uses the MCAT as a cutoff, and you only need straight 125s. Queen's is a blackbox, but they also seem to operate on a cutoff basis, and applicants with your score have been admitted. Because of Western's new sketch, they have lowered the cutoffs to be considered (it's unknown how they factor the MCAT postinterview), and, again, you meet them, at least the cutoffs for this year. Ottawa does not require the MCAT. And finally, a 128 CARS is competitive for McMaster. If I were you, I would use the summer to improve my extracurriculars.
  13. No, they are tight-lipped as always.
  14. A long silence. I called and they said that they weren't finished with invites yet.
  15. During a medical school interview, should we mention possible career goals? I heard that it's frowned upon to say, for example, "I want to become a neurosurgeon" because that sounds naive. Should we just say that we want to keep an open mind upon entering medical school?