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  1. OOP changed to Awaiting a Decision Regarding Interviews
  2. But last year the earliest time stamp was 2:20
  3. I got my rejection at 3:16 last year.
  4. obiwankenobi

    Interview Invites date?

    Anybody receive anything?
  5. obiwankenobi

    Interview Invites date?

    No stats posted so far
  6. obiwankenobi

    Reference Lettre

    Really? This is what is on the current site: For application to the Doctor of Medicine Program you will submit the contact information for two referees as part of the Secondary Medicine Application. Please only select individuals (ie. coach, co-worker, employer, leader of volunteer organization or club, professor, supervisor, research supervisor, teacher, etc.) who know you in a supervisory or professional capacity and who presently know you well enough to speak to your moral and ethical character. Your referees will be contacted later on in the application cycle to complete their reference letters in the form of a series of standardized questions. Referees absolutely cannot be relatives, family members, friends, close family friends, or personal physicians.
  7. Does anybody know when Alberta will ask our references for letters?
  8. obiwankenobi

    Prereq GPA

    Is anybody having problems with the calculated prereq GPA? Mine says 0.04, which is obviously wrong. I only filled out the minimum 7 prereqs.
  9. obiwankenobi


    SWOMEN stills need the total of 383 for P/S, C/P, and CARS.
  10. obiwankenobi

    IP status for 2 Alberta Universities

    Alberta changed again? It was recently at 3 years!
  11. obiwankenobi

    test casper

    Haha je suis content pour toi ! Es-tu résidente du Québec ?
  12. obiwankenobi

    test casper

    Si je passe Casper en français en octobre pour McGill et Ottawa, puis-je le repasser en janvier lorsque je postulerai aux universités francophones?
  13. obiwankenobi

    CASPer done...thoughts?

    I don't feel too good about it. For some reason, even though I know spelling doesn't count, I always have the urge to correct it!
  14. obiwankenobi

    ABS format

    Is anybody else having problems with formatting after having used a Mac to edit the PDF?