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  1. I find it interesting that they lowered the MCAT cut-off. I didn't think it was a major barrier for most applicants.
  2. Would anybody who did MOTP like to chime in? Did you find the program worth it overall? Was it worth it from a financial perspective? What was one of the greatest challenges? I'm contemplating whether I should enrol in the program. It's alluring: a signing bonus, medical school paid for, increased salary during residency, amazing benefits, and opportunities to specialize after 3 years of service. But I am aware that the salary is much lower than private practice and that you are subject to the whims of the military. Plus you have to move frequently!
  3. I apologize! Yes, you are correct.
  4. I believe that if you're from Québec, the cutoff for the French stream is 3.87
  5. Ottawa requires us to send a physical copy of their acceptance documents. The deadline is May 28th. Does anybody know if this means postdated on May 28th or received by this date?
  6. Je ne savais pas qu'il y avait différents niveaux. De quoi parlez-vous ? J'ai passé les deux versions, et j'ai trouvé que la difficulté était semblable. Mais puisque l'on est évalué en fonction des autres candidats, il se peut que l'on obtienne plus facilement une bonne note en français, vu qu'il y a moins de candidats.
  7. Can anybody from previous years confirm that this is what offers look like?
  8. Can anybody from previous years confirm that this is what offers look like?
  9. Check under Student Center to see if you also have an offer there. If so, that probably means that the offers are legit.
  10. What explains this discrepancy? Does the funding model in Quebec reward those specialties more than in the ROC?
  11. Only American schools take into account trends in GPA. Canada is very formulaic; your GPA is your GPA.
  12. I would consider retaking the MCAT. For the schools you listed, only UBC and Dal assess overall MCAT competitively, and both only look at your best score anyway. A higher CARS will increase your chances at Mac and make you eligible for Western and Albertan schools. Are you eligible for the weighting formula at U of T? With 4 years under your belt, you could drop the grades of four credits, which is huge.
  13. The MCAT doesn't matter for Toronto as long as you meet the cutoffs. And he would have written that regrets post after having received his new score. I can see how one could make that mistake.
  14. Yes, that new MCAT score, with the 128 CARS, opens many new doors. You can now apply to Calgary and Alberta, you meet the cutoffs for Western, and you are in the competitive range for Mac (given you smash CASPer).
  15. Which menu is it? I'm looking at the supplementary application for medicine, and I can't see a "Documents" tab.
  16. One year of solid performance will give you a GPA that meets the cutoffs for Western and Queen's. You would have to improve your MCAT, though---are you SWOMEN? Since you have a PhD, you are considered IP for UBC. Calculate your GPA using UBC's formula to see where you stand.
  17. Actually, Québec schools for residents have by far the cheapest tuition If only I were IP for Québec...
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