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  1. Bonjour, Je viens de finir un bac connexe de 3 ans à McGill. Ma cote lors de mon application était de 33.696. J'ai été admise dans un programme de pharmacie à l'extérieur du Québec. Ce serait un plan B solide et c'est une profession qui m'intéresse aussi, donc je pensais accepter mon offre et continuer à appliquer en médecine. Penserez-vous qu'il serait possible d'être convoqué en entrevue aux universités francophones après une seule session (dans l'éventualité où j'aurais un gpa parfait) considérant que le programme en pharmacie est très bien coté? Ou ça prendrait plus longtemps pour monter la cote? Savez-vous quelle est la cote minimale pour la catégorie universitaire? Merci!
  2. I've been looking for the testing solutions guide to CARS (It used to be free online on Student Doctor Network) but I can't find it anymore, and all previous links are no longer working. Does anyone know if it's still possible to access it? I remember it as being a very helpful ressource to studying for CARS. Thanks!
  3. One of the student volunteers at the interview told me she heard back in mid June so we'll likely know around that time (but I haven't confirmed this with Carol).
  4. @LethyPharm this is my overall GPA. My pre req average is in the 80s and was around 3.5 for the last 30 credits.
  5. I got an invite too! I have a 3.54 GPA and I'm OOP, if the stats help anyone!
  6. If I qualify for AGPA calculation, will they only consider the AGPA for admission? Or will they also take into account my overall GPA?
  7. Hello, I'm wondering what would be considered a competitive GPA for an OOP student? I'm OOP and currently have a 3.5 GPA. I have one year left of undergrad so have the possibility of improving my GPA in the fall semester... Would I have reasonable chances if I apply? What grades do successful OOP students typically have? Thanks!
  8. Hello, 2 questions: -Is the fall semester GPA during the year of application considered for interview offers? (IP student) -If an MCAT score is submitted (and is advantageous) is it considered pre-interview, or post-interview only? Thank you!
  9. Is the OOP cutoff for the french stream also 3.6? (If I'm a quebec resident)
  10. Thanks for the advice PreMedJen! I have already purchased the Kaplan books and all AAMC materials, shouldn't that be enough?
  11. Wow I'm very glad to hear that! I just started working on CARS and decided to start with the AAMC question pack to get an idea... I fell on the Picasso passage and got very discouraged. I'm glad not all passages are like this!
  12. Thanks all for your answers! As hartk48 pointed out I was confused with the practice tests from the old mcat. More length practice would have been great, but I will get the questions packs instead. Would it be a good idea to do a practice test early on, to get a feel for the test & see my strengths/weaknesses? Or wait until the very end?
  13. Hello, I was looking for full-length aamc practice tests on the aamc store and found 2 practice tests and one "sample test" (a full length test that doesn't give you a score, only tells you how well you did). However I was under the impression that more aamc practice tests were available? Am I wrong? If there is more, does anybody know how to access them? Thank you!
  14. Is there any PharmD/PhD program (analagous to the MD/PhD) in Canada? I have never heard of any, but maybe someone has? I have a strong interest in organic/medicinal chemistry and I think I would find the pharmacy school curriculum very interesting, especially the parts about about drug metabolism, drug interactions and side effects, pharmacology, etc. But from my limited knowledge, I find the job of a pharmacist (I might be wrong, and forgive me for saying this) somewhat monotonous and unfulfilling. I was thinking that, if I could do research on the side (or focus on research, and work as a pharmacist on the side), it would make pharmacy much more enjoyable and rewarding to me. Ideally I would like to do research in drug design and development/medicinal chemistry. If there is no PharmD/PhD program, is there a possibility to do significant research in this field, as a pharmacist? Or is a graduate degree (masters or phd) required? Thanks!
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