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  1. Thank you for your inputs everyone Just to clarify, I'm not a Toronto native trying to take advantage of loopholes or anything as some have suggested. I did move to London from another country. I understand Western's reasons for its SWOMEN rules and having been in London and Western for some time now, I do respect that and I don't plan on challenging them. I just emailed the Admissions asking if they are planning to give consideration to applicants in my situation later in future and they told me about the appeal process which I didn't know about earlier. Why did they say that, i don't really know. I assumed SWOMEN rules are very stringent too. Anyhow, I'm not applying to Western until next cycle and I haven't decided if I'll go through with this process but thank you all nonetheless!
  2. Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone here had or knows of anyone who successfully appealed to be considered as SWOMEN applicant without attending high school in SWOMEN communities Basically, I immigrated to Canada with my family just after I graduated high school (outside Canada) and we've been living in London since then. I was advised by the Admissions office to submit an appeal. I was wondering if anyone knows of any success stories ? I'm debating if I should go ahead with the appeal or not ? Thanks!
  3. Hey! Thank you very much for your comment. It was really helpful! According to last year's syllabus, 3140 now has a 35/50% split for the midterm and the final with the remaining 15% coming from completing online modules so hopefully that makes the course a little easier haha.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm going into my third year of Med Sci this fall. I'm still debating between doing an Honors Spec in IMS vs. Phys so I applied for an Honors Spec IMS + Major in Phys to keep my options open. I really enjoy physiology and I noticed that a lot of the 4th year physiology courses require Physiology 3130Z lab as well as Cell Phys 3140A. I keep hearing mixed reviews about those courses especially the 3130Z lab course and I can't find the syllabus. Does anyone have any honest review of those courses especially in terms of time-commitment, evaluation, assignments ..etc ? I heard that grading can be really tough in 3130Z and I'm not quite sure what kind of assignments or exams are given in the course ? A lot of people told me to avoid Cell Phys but it seems to have improved this year and it's also a prerequisite for most 4th year courses so I don't want to limit myself but I also want to avoid any GPA-killers if I can since my second year didn't go so well. Thanks!
  5. Hello! I've been a long time lurker of premed101 but I don't usually post on the forums. I just finished my second year at UWO with a huge GPA drop. I knew second year was notorious for killer courses but I didn't expect my GPA to drop significantly. One course that completely killed my GPA was Genetics and now I have an embarrassing 62 sitting on my transcript. I finished the year with a 3.48. My first year was a relatively solid 3.81. In addition to the increased difficulty of courses, I passed through some personal problems which led to decreased motivation and discipline. I think the very science heavy course load got to me. I'm pretty demotivated right now and I was wondering if I should start thinking about a 5th year to make up for this year ? and how do med schools look at the GPA drop when it comes to applications ? My final question is related to research. I secured a position for this summer before my GPA suffered but I was wondering if that 62 will hinder my chances when it comes to applying to paid research positions ? I used to be pretty confident emailing my transcript to professors but now I'm not so sure because my second year has a combination of 70s, 80s, a 92 and now that 62. So I'm just looking for general advice especially in terms of GPA repair and how to rebound. I wasn't sure where this post should go so I can move it to another more appropriate forum if I have to!
  6. Hello everyone I'm in 2nd year Med Sci and I just got my marks for Orgo and Biochem 2280A I'm very disappointed in Orgo (74). I was doing well in Biochem until Brandl's section hit me hard and I ended up with a 79 I'm severely lacking motivation now. I feel that my average (low 80s) won't be competitive for any of the Med Sci modules except IMS. I was kind of looking forward to the thesis experience My first year GPA was 3.82 . The highest I could get this year is 3.8 if I 4.0 everything else I'm starting to wonder if I shoulf consider other modules or programs with better prospects because I feel that I won't be competitive enough for Med applications at the end. I can't seem to hit that 3.9 cGPA
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