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  1. HaliDent2020

    Dalhousie Invites (Invite/reject)

    Are you on the IP waitlist as well? Do you mind sharing your stats? Im wondering what the cutline was for us waitlisters
  2. HaliDent2020

    Dalhousie Invites (Invite/reject)

    yup lol they sent the letters out last thursday..
  3. HaliDent2020

    Dalhousie Invites (Invite/reject)

    Congrats on your acceptances!! I am IP waitlisted. Does anyone know how the waitlist at Dal works...how many waitlisted IPs are ever accepted? Is anyone turning down a spot?
  4. HaliDent2020

    Dalhousie Invites (Invite/reject)

    via email to everyone
  5. HaliDent2020

    Dalhousie Invites (Invite/reject)

    Jo-anne said sometime this week (by email).
  6. HaliDent2020

    Dalhousie Invites (Invite/reject)

    They will send them out via email + letter next week. Best of luck everyone
  7. Dalhousie interview invites are sent out today lets share our stats Invite/reject IP/OOP GPA DAT(RC/ST/PAT) my stats: Invite IP 3.9 22/19/23 For those who are interested in the past stats: For the information of potential applicants, the following is provided showing the characteristics of the applicants and entering class of 2014/2015. Number of applicants: 425 Number enrolled: 38 (23 males, 15 females) Age of Students: Range: 21 - 31, Mean 23 Residence: Atlantic Provinces - 25; Other Canadian Provinces - 1; International - 12; Mean DAT, reading comprehension - 23; Mean DAT, PAT - 20.5; Mean DAT, science average - 18; Mean University final two year - 3.7; Mean University higher sciences average - 3.7.
  8. Does it matter if you have job shadowing experiences or not?