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  1. Are you on the IP waitlist as well? Do you mind sharing your stats? Im wondering what the cutline was for us waitlisters
  2. yup lol they sent the letters out last thursday..
  3. Congrats on your acceptances!! I am IP waitlisted. Does anyone know how the waitlist at Dal works...how many waitlisted IPs are ever accepted? Is anyone turning down a spot?
  4. Jo-anne said sometime this week (by email).
  5. They will send them out via email + letter next week. Best of luck everyone
  6. Dalhousie interview invites are sent out today lets share our stats Invite/reject IP/OOP GPA DAT(RC/ST/PAT) my stats: Invite IP 3.9 22/19/23 For those who are interested in the past stats: For the information of potential applicants, the following is provided showing the characteristics of the applicants and entering class of 2014/2015. Number of applicants: 425 Number enrolled: 38 (23 males, 15 females) Age of Students: Range: 21 - 31, Mean 23 Residence: Atlantic Provinces - 25; Other Canadian Provinces - 1; International - 12; Mean DAT, reading comprehension - 23; Mean DAT, PAT - 20.5; Mean DAT, science average - 18; Mean University final two year - 3.7; Mean University higher sciences average - 3.7.
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